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Explicit Sexy Stories

Volume Four

By Tamsin Flowers, Landon Dixon and Tabitha Rayne

Explicit Sexy Stories
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EPUB, 39 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783751648
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 18th July 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle
Series: Explicit Encounters

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Some of eroticas best writers collaborate to bring you a trio of explicit stories. From sultry sex therapists, to forbidden gay encounters, this has something to wet anyones appetite.

This new series of raunchy reads is brought to your by Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand in 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013

The Relapse by Tabitha Rayne
Recovering sex addict Jim, tries his best to shock his therapist, Dr Leigh. Instead of being abstinent and following the rules, Jim has been a very naughty boy with an equally naughty girl he has met. He delights in telling the stunning, sultry doctor all the juicy details, hoping to prompt a reaction from her. Will he be punished for falling off the wagon? Or does Dr Leigh have something rather more interesting in mind ...?

Cowgirl Honeymoon by Tamsin Flowers
Sugar couldn’t be happier – she’d always dreamt of having her honeymoon on a ranch and now she was luxuriating in the joys of having a hot stallion between her legs both day and night. But when her new husband Kyle cries off sex because he's saddle sore, Sugar starts wondering about his motives. Is he punishing her because he never wanted to come ranching in the first place? Desperately disappointed, Sugar goes out riding with ranch hand Tex. As they trek through the forest, she can't stop thinking about what she wants to do with Kyle later - until her horse goes lame and she's forced up on to the same saddle as the cowboy. He seems to know what she’s thinking and being saddle sore isn’t a problem...

Golden Boy by Landon Dixon
They had nothing in common other than his daughter, but when Clyde extended his hand to the young man, Evan brushed by it, threw his arms around Clyde and hugged the older man warmly. Clyde felt the throb of the teenager’s semi-erect cock against his own, and he unconsciously clenched Evan’s tight, mounded butt cheeks, a wonderful, tingling sensation flooding his own body and loins. It was just the beginning of finding what they did have in common.

Jim checked his watch; he still had a couple of hours left of work and reluctantly made his way back to the office. As the hands of the clock dripped slowly round, Jim fantasised about the two women in his life; Selena and Dr Leigh.

At last, five o’clock struck and Jim tore out of the building without even shutting down his computer. He had wanted to nip into his favourite little sex shop to get a gift for Selena but realised his train was due. It was only a half-hour wait for the next but the thought of a hot woman ripe for fucking waiting at home urged him on. He did up his jacket and left the building. Ever since his first encounter with Selena, train rides had never been the same. As soon as the doors swooshed and thudded shut behind him, Jim found himself reminiscing about that night. Now he had an added dimension to his steamy daydreams; the sultry Dr Leigh had obviously enjoyed his stories and the thought of his sex-crazed images flying around her mind made Jim rock solid. By the time the train reached his stop, it was all he could do not to break out in to a run to get home.

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