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As Seen Through Windows

By Giselle Renarde, Veronica Wilde, Landon Dixon, Beverly Langland and J R Roberts Edited by Gwennan Thomas

As Seen Through Windows
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EPUB, 62 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909520684
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 25th April 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Mixed Themes

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As Seen Through Windows by Giselle Renarde

A lonely woman spends her days and nights watching the sexy female neighbour who lives in the condo building across from hers – including her stolen encounters with a gorgeously virile regular visitor.

The Breaking Point by Veronica Wilde

College girl Savana’s favourite summer jobs have one very specific perk – they allow her the opportunity to indulge her secret love of flashing. But when arousal distracts her from her work and leads to a clumsy error, she finds herself paying a painful, humiliating and utterly orgasmic price …

Cheaters Never Prosper by Landon Dixon

Her name was Mabel Hughes, and she wanted Janson to find out if her husband was cheating on her. Only, it being the Great D and all – times tougher than the steaks at Tony’s Diner – she didn’t have a lot of dough. All she had was what she carried with her under her threadbare dress, so she made a down payment with that – for the good of her marriage, see? Janson saw plenty, his professional bedroom eyes peeping out the solution to the dame’s dilemma and eyeballing a whole new heady problem that even he wasn’t holstered to handle.  

Temptation Lives Next Door by Beverly Langland

Alison is a twitcher, a birdwatcher of sorts, and the particular bird who currently has her enthralled is her neighbour, Lucy. Alison is a loner, a recluse, so the girl next door becomes an obsession, filling her life. She is dreading Lucy’s departure for university – but then the younger woman pays an unexpected visit. This is Alison’s fantasy come true, but can she cross the line into making it a reality?

Who’s Watching Who? by J R Roberts

What’s a girl supposed to do on her regular weekday off? Sit alone in her top floor apartment and admire the view? When that view includes a crew of sexy builders working on the construction site opposite, she slips into a fantasy involving her favourite. She certainly knows how to use her imagination, and his image, to arouse and pleasure herself. But someone is watching. And he needs pleasuring too.

These stories also appear in Watching Me, Watching You which is also published by Xcite Books.

The reason I think she sometimes watches porn is that I’ll often see her set down her laptop on the coffee table. She’ll stand up and slide off her panties, then sit back down and straddle the computer, in a sense, just open her legs to it. The first few times I saw her do this, I wished I had a better view. That’s why I bought myself a good pair of binoculars.

She starts slow, rubbing her naked mound in smooth, sweeping circles. If I’m in the right mood, I’ll even join in. Shola is a beautiful woman, and watching her touch herself always sparks a forgotten arousal in me. I watch her work her clit with her fingertips, round and round. Her pussy is so wet it glistens. Mine isn’t quite there, but I work at it, holding the binoculars with one hand, flicking my clit with the other.

I don’t get off – I haven’t had an orgasm since I was in my twenties – but that’s not really the point. I love watching Shola dance her fingers around her pussy, slapping her clit every so often and gasping in response. She has a drawer full of toys. Sometimes she’ll turn on one of her vibrators, press it to her clit, and come pretty much right away. Her face contorts beautifully as she comes. I almost think I can hear her across the courtyard, even though both our windows are closed and she’s rather far away.

Other times, she’ll place a dildo on the couch and straddle it. She works her clit while she lowers herself down on the thing. She takes her time because the fake cock is massive. Shola must be incredibly wet to take on a dildo that size in one smooth motion. I’d love to touch her pussy one day. I bet it would feel soft and welcoming, and so moist her juice would drip all the way down my arm. Something tells me she’d be tight too, but that wouldn’t stop me wanting to shove my whole fist inside of her. She’s beautiful, and so is her cunt.

I sigh as I watch her ride that big dildo. She works her clit while she’s bouncing, and I watch her pussy devour the thing. It’s purple, just like her corset. She rides it like a cock, like a man. She rides it the same way she rides Dirk, when he’s around.

Giselle Renarde

Giselle Renarde is an award-winning author of erotica and LGBT fiction. This queer Canadian writer has contributed short stories to more than 100 anthologies and authored dozens of books, including Anonymous, Nanny State, and the Wedding Heat series.

Her transgender lesbian romance The Red Satin Collection took top prize in the 2012 Rainbow Awards, in the category of Best Transgender Romance/Erotic Romance. Giselle's single-author anthology of transgender fiction and poetry, My Mistress' Thighs, received an honourable mention in the same category the previous year. Her work also appears in Tristan Taormino's Lambda Award-winning anthology Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica.

Ms Renarde loves a geeky girl and lives across from a park with two bilingual cats who sleep on her head. When she's not writing, she's usually up to something good... or up to no good.

Find her at:

Her website:

About her:

Her Twitter:

Gwennan Thomas

Gwennan Thomas has twenty years’ experience as a writer and editor in the book and magazine publishing business. Mentored by Xcite author and editor-in-chief Elizabeth Coldwell, she started out as a regular contributor to Erotic Stories magazine, and co-founded the Guild of Erotic Writers. She previously worked on the original Black Lace and Nexus imprints and joined Xcite as an editor in summer 2012.

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