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Random Acts of Lust

By Primula Bond

Random Acts of Lust
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Paperback, 288 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907016356
Format: 195mm x 125mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 24th March 2010

EPUB, 288 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907726439
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 24th March 2010

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Mixed Themes

Rating: 3 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

The author of Behind the Curtain, Club Crème and Country Pleasures takes a wicked delight in teasing the erotic out of the everyday ... all over again.

Poppy wants to bring sex back into her marriage by letting her old friend Stella remind her husband how it's done.

Suzanne loves her fiancé, but fancies his father more.

Florence can't resist her hunky stepson and his skills in the kitchen.

Two girls seeking the perfect man on a singles holiday find each other instead.

Chloe’s first photography commission not only introduces her into high society but into her first threesome.

And as for Sister Benedicta and her novices;

It's a jungle out there. Cougars and their sisters stalk in their stilettos through galleries, hotels, convents and shadowy palazzi; or entice and seduce their prey in the scented privacy of their own homes. Their natural habitat can be anywhere from New York, Venice or Amsterdam to Luxor and London. These women are photographers, landladies, travel guides, nuns - even the naughty chair of the PTA. But they're so subtle, sophisticated and sexy that the boys, men and girls, barely know what's hit them.

Sister Benedicta’s cool white hands were already up under Olivia’s sports shirt, stroking up her hot skin, under her bra strap, pressing her breasts, but Olivia couldn’t feel any part of Sister Benedicta’s body. As they sucked on each other’s tongues she fumbled with her habit but all she found was endless buttons and folds and hooks and swathes of material, and she started to rip at it.
‘Stop, my little cherie, stop. Don’t rip it!’ Sister Benedicta batted her away. ‘I can’t go back into the convent naked!’
Olivia felt as if a bucket of cold water had splattered over her. She let go and rolled on to her back. She was shivering with excitement and frustration and fury. A pulse was throbbing between her legs. ‘Why the hell do you want to go back into that prison, anyway?’
‘Open your eyes. Watch me, Livvie.’
Sister Benedicta was kneeling above her, blocking out the sun, and for a minute Olivia was dazed, but then she saw that with her long pale fingers her nun was undoing her buttons. Tossing aside the bib that covered her front, the apron, exposing more buttons round her neck.
‘Let me do these ones.’ Livvie knelt up behind and undid the endless tiny buttons down the back, and pulled her dress down, then unlaced the undershirt, and underneath that were surgical-looking linen bandages, binding and flattening Sister Benedicta’s chest.
Sister Benedicta turned round to face her. They were both shaking now, even though the sun was back, still fingering them. Livvie’s knees were buckling. Her pussy was weeping into her knickers. She took hold of the hideous grey bandages and forced herself to take it slow. The nun’s mouth was open, her white teeth biting into her lip, as Olivia unwound the cruel covering. Her own breasts bulged and swelled with excitement and then she whipped away the last bandage and there were Sister Benedicta’s breasts, firm and pale and soft, her nipples slowly changing colour from pale pink to an urgent, dark, red. 
‘Let me, now,’ whispered Sister Benedicta, and much more easily she pulled Olivia’s shirt off, saw her breasts bulging out of her bra, unhooked that quickly, and caught her breasts as they fell into her hands. The two women knelt in front of each other on the grass, feeling each other’s breasts, their breath coming in uneven gasps of longing.

Primula Bond

Primula Bond is an Oxford educated mother of three boys and has lived in Oxford, London and Cairo.  She currently lives in Hampshire and works part time as a legal clerk for criminal defence lawyers as well as writing freelance features under her real name.  Her erotic novels include Country Pleasures, Club Crème and Behind The Curtain and dozens of short stories published by Virgin Books.  Her novella Sisters in Sin is published by Avon and Xcite Books at Accent Press have published numerous short stories, a solo collection Random Acts of Lust , and her novella Out of Focus.  Primula also offers a critique service for aspiring erotic and romantic writers through Writers Workshop. 

Find Primula at:

Her blog:

Her on Twitter @primulabond.


'Primula Bond's effortless writing style makes her...a pleasure to read'. Forum

'One day all erotic novels will be as good as this.' Bastei Lubbe

'Explicit and remarkable..tremendously well written..a winner.' ETO

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Madeline Elayne on 10th April 2012 6:12PM

Have you ever had one of those days when the whole of the universe seems to be telling you \"why not?\" When you notice the cute boy at the front desk checking out your legs and flashing you a smile that\'s just a little bit too long, and you know that he would be yours for the asking? Or you think back on your school girl days and that moment when your best friend\'s hand accidentally brushed against yours and you wondered what it would be like to explore each other further, but couldn\'t bring yourself to even consider it?

Primula Bond\'s Random Acts of Lust is all about visiting the fantasy of those \"what if moments.\" The women in these short works of literary escapism all decide to throw caution to the wind and indulge in those naughty sexual adventures that all women fantasize about but most of us never do anything about.

Shadows, the book\'s opening story, is a somewhat sad one of a woman who sees an echo of her dying husband\'s youth in her stepson, and the two of them find love and solace in each other\'s arms. The mood of the book takes a decidedly upward turn from then on in. Each new woman introduced brings the reader further into a fantasy of sexual inhibition and desire. Who hasn\'t at some point wanted to pull the bitchy queen of the PTA off her high horse, tie her up and punish her until she repented her stuck-up ways, or take that sexy, innocent new university student home to teach him all the ways of the world that he\'s been missing out on?

The book is well structured, with the stories arranged in a delicious crescendo of sexiness ending in an amazing orgy scene that would leave anyone hot under the collar. Taken individually, each story definitely had points that drew me in, and a healthy allotment of steamy sex scenes, but there were also several points where awkward changes of points of view or scene changes jarred me out of the immersion that makes erotica most pleasurable. The dialogue was also a place where it was difficult to remain in the fantasy, since I often had to spend a lot of time trying to puzzle out exactly who was speaking and to whom. After most of those moments, though, the sheer steaminess of the sex scenes was quite enough to bring me right back into the action.

Random Acts of Lust seems tailor made for any woman who has ever had something (or someone!) turn them on, but decided against trying it, for whatever reason, only to wonder later \"What if I\'d just gone for it?\" If you happen to be one of those women (and honestly, how many of us women aren\'t?) then chances are there is something, possibly many somethings, in this book that will appeal

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