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Harsher Measures

A collection of five erotic spanking stories

By Laurel Aspen, Roz MacLeod, Stephen Albrow, Korben Rushe and Eva Hore Edited by Miranda Forbes

Harsher Measures
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EPUB, 60 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908006547
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 19th October 2010

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Mixed Themes

Rating: 4 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed spanking themes from Xcite Books.

Harsher Measures – Laurel Aspen

Just because there’s an age gap in my relationship with Sophie doesn’t mean I’m just a dirty old man. We’ve two people of a like mind who enjoy a few “harsher measures” in our fantasies. What’s wrong with that? As you’ll find out, she loves a good spanking almost as much as I love giving her one...

Pride and Preference – Roz Macleod

When Nick comes back into Lindsey’s life, she wonders if their affair would continue or if things had changed beyond repair. Their chemistry had always been explosive and she hadn’t stopped thinking of him over the past two years. But when they get together again, will things ever be the same?

Domestic Discipline – Stephen Albrow

Amy knew she was playing with fire when she decided to play on Peter’s jealous nature. Having started a new job at a building firm she thought it would be fun to flaunt her assets and get her husband all wound up. Little did she know just how much he would enjoy making her pay...

The Vendetta – Korben Rushe

Rachel is a professional Domme and she does her job well. When she gets the unexpected chance to get her revenge on the woman who ruined her life so many years ago she makes sure she enjoys every second.

My Husband’s Other Life – Eva Hore

Melissa was shocked when she found her husband’s tapes of the therapy sessions. Seeing him dominate his patient so well stirred all sorts of mixed reactions deep within her. However, Michael is not so happy about having his experiments discovered...

These stories have also been published in Naughty Spanking Two ISBN 9781906125899

“All right, young lady,” I said angrily. “I’ve had quite enough of your continued selfish mood and bad temper. It’s high time you had those knickers taken down for a hard and painful hiding.” To my amazement, rather than a petulant response, I received immediate acquiescence.
“All right,” she said quietly her voice quavering with crestfallen resignation, almost as if she’d being expecting this dictat and avoiding my forthright gaze, “I suppose I have been asking for it.”
“Very well then,” I said solemnly, “I’m in a rush for work now so shall punish you this evening, that’ll give you 12 hours to think about your behaviour.”
Sophie looked petulant. “And 12 hours to imagine what sort of penalty you’ll inflict upon my poor bare bum,” she said miserably, no doubt recalling her first chastising encounter with ‘harsher measures’, several months previously.
That particular reckoning had involved a part of the body previously unvisited for such purposes. I’d bade Sophie, naked but for a pair of high heels, approach an upright armless chair and made her kneel up on the seat cushion facing towards the rear. Hands clamped between thighs and calves, chin up, naked rump pertly outthrust. It took a considerable effort of will on my part not to be distracted by her deliciously bouncy boobs, resting lightly upon the chair back. Initially not in the least surprised to have her bottom rendered hot and sore with a slipper Sophie reacted with unfeigned outrage and fear when I proceeded to lightly whip her fulsome bosom. Although only employing a light suede-thonged flogger, her breasts were soon visibly marked and stinging, tears coursing down her woebegone face. Beautiful brown eyes wide, Sophie implored me, promising anything – a blowjob, a tit fuck – if I would only stop this torture.
Later, during dinner in a posh restaurant, I’d praised Sophie for her fortitude. Cupping her still sore breasts – the absence of a bra tantalisingly revealing erect nipples beneath her silk shirt and causing a voyeuristic adjacent diner to come close to choking – she smiled wanly and ruefully admitted to becoming powerfully aroused despite the discomfort.

Eva Hore

Eva Hore’s work is seen in magazines such as Hustler, Forum, Desire, Australian Penthouse, Leg Sex, XL Magazine, Naughty Neighbors, For Women, Playgirl, Erotic T, Three Pillows and Swank Magazine. Eva has anthologies with Xcite Books in the UK, Delicate Friction, Best Lesbian Fiction 2005, Skin Deep 2, Mammoth Book of Erotic Fantasies, The Collective, Best Women’s Erotica 2006, The Perfect Valentine, After Midnight, Just Watch Me with Cleis Press, The Sexiest Soles, Misbehaviour. Gay Quickies, Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions, Reality or Fantasy with Dark Roast Press, The Long Weekend and Other Stories with No Boundaries Press, The Best of Eva Hore with JMS Books and The Big Book of Bizarro.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Jenny Wren on 10th April 2012 7:44PM

This is a book for those that like the harsher side of spanking. The stories have interesting themes, everything from a therapist\'s office to a construction site. With interesting characters and tempting women, all asking for discipline, the punishments that are doled out will satisfy the most intense spanking aficionado. One not to be missed if spanking is your passion.

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