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In The Saddle

A collection of five erotic stories

By Primula Bond, Kaycie Wolfe, Kirsten Schubinski, Kristina Wright and Penelope Friday Edited by Miranda Forbes

In The Saddle
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EPUB, 53 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908086136
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 30th November 2010

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Mixed Themes

Rating: 4 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed, sexually explicit themes including bondage, voyeurism and sex with a stranger. 

In The Saddle by Primula Bond

Invited to spend a weekend in the country by a man she barely knows, inveterate townie Angela knows it’s going to be a complete disaster, until she finds the estate’s tack room. Aroused by the scent of leather, she can’t resist lewdly riding a saddle like it’s a bucking bronco – only to be caught trespassing by a stable hand intent on punishing her for her naughty behaviour.

La Cage Aux Folles by Kaycie Wolfe

Sex therapist Merril helps other people mend their lives, but her own needs more than a little work. Escaping from the cage of her failing marriage seems like the ideal solution to all her problems, but not before she’s dealt with her self-absorbed, cheating husband in a highly appropriate fashion.

Travel Broadens The Mind by Kirsten Schubinski

The bus journey took her through rebel country, where kidnappings are rife. She never believed it could happen to her; now here she is, chained in a cell and being looked after by a jailer she has never seen. How will she react when he starts to treat her as a lover, rather than a captive? 

After Hours by Kristina Wright

Natalie’s had a rough week at work, and Ryan is sure the way to relieve her stress is with sex on his office desk. Initially afraid they’ll get caught in the act, Natalie soon relaxes into the moment – then Ryan produces a length of rope so he can tie her in place...

Under The Oak by Penelope Friday

Head girl Ella meets her horny, self-assured classmate Jamie under the oak tree. It’s not long before she discovers he knows exactly how to knot a school tie, leaving her fastened to the tree with her bottom bared for a spanking, in an erotic game that twists and turns to a deliciously unexpected conclusion.

These stories have also been published in Tie Me Up ISBN 9781905170944

I stomped grumpily into the nearest shelter while I decided what to do. Instantly my nostrils pricked with pleasure. The place was suffused with my favourite smell. Leather. The room was lined with gleaming saddles and bridles, shiny metallic buckles and snaffle bits, belts and harnesses and whips. 
And in the darkest corner sat a huge Wild West style saddle strapped to a kind of wooden bucking bronco. It was big and wide as an armchair. It had a huge, ornate pommel rearing up in front. That’s for people like Clint Eastwood to idly rest their hands. I glanced out of the window. I was in the middle of nowhere. I looked back at the saddle. God, it looked so comfortable. I walked over the wooden floor, scuffing up sawdust, climbed aboard the wooden horse and swung my leg over the saddle. The flat leather seat felt warm as an animal.
I wriggled into place, hemmed in by the high back and the fat pommel as if I was about to ride into battle. Now I was astride it, my legs spread wide to get comfortable, my skirt stretched taught over the tops of my thighs, my knickers pressing on the wide seat. No wonder cowboys had bandy legs. If I pressed downwards, my pussy squashed against the leather, spreading the puffy lips open. Just flimsy pink silk separating them from the musky saddle. Think of all the bottoms, mostly male, that had straddled this seat. The soft balls hiding inside those button flies, the cocks resting there, safe from the chafing.
I moved slightly, and the headless bronco dipped forwards, tipped back, started rocking. A kind of grown-up’s rocking horse! My legs were flopping about, feet dangling in the air, but I didn’t want to stop. My cunt quivered faintly with the motion. The leather was heating up under me, as if I really was astride a sweaty mount, and it creaked as if speaking. 
Outside, the wind rattled the stable doors and knocked over a bucket, but there was no one else here. Well, those lanky girls might come trotting back any minute. That oaf sweeping the yard was probably long gone. I glanced out of the window, imagined his dark, sardonic (or was that satanic?) face staring in at me, grasping his broom or whatever between big, dirty hands. 

Primula Bond

Primula Bond is an Oxford educated mother of three boys and has lived in Oxford, London and Cairo.  She currently lives in Hampshire and works part time as a legal clerk for criminal defence lawyers as well as writing freelance features under her real name.  Her erotic novels include Country Pleasures, Club Crème and Behind The Curtain and dozens of short stories published by Virgin Books.  Her novella Sisters in Sin is published by Avon and Xcite Books at Accent Press have published numerous short stories, a solo collection Random Acts of Lust , and her novella Out of Focus.  Primula also offers a critique service for aspiring erotic and romantic writers through Writers Workshop. 

Find Primula at:

Her blog:

Her on Twitter @primulabond.


'Primula Bond's effortless writing style makes her...a pleasure to read'. Forum

'One day all erotic novels will be as good as this.' Bastei Lubbe

'Explicit and remarkable..tremendously well written..a winner.' ETO

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Pat E on 10th April 2012 5:58PM

You can find here some of the most wonderful stories I read of late and some not as gripping.

Let\'s start with the awesome... I have just discovered Primula Bond and commented favorably on her exciting contribution the Eye found in Men at Work (an Xcite collections) and was eager to read more from that author. She did not disappoint! The quality of the descriptions in the title story and surprising way to play the exhibitionism latent in so many of us works marvel.

After Hours by Kristina Wright and Under The Oak by Penelope Friday were just made of pure sexy. If you want to get hot and bothered both stories will rock. The short format may not give all the room needed for those two authors to explore their ideas but they did a fantastic job to set and develop those scenes, so I\'m going to look forward to more from both Wright and Friday.

The second story in this compilation, La Cage Aux Folles written by Kaycie Wolfe did not work so much for me because too much happened in too short of a time, forcing you to appreciate the compelling story without the fun of the sex or eroticism that should accompany such a transformation. I\'d really want to read this in a longer format and relish the transformation all the way through.

I liked Travel Broadens The Mind by Kirsten Schubinski though. She really pulled me in. If only she could have concluded the story with more action...
I want to discover this author other work and hope to maybe invest in longer stories from all of these folks.

Overall, a great introduction to these authors with some great stories for your reading pleasure!

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