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A Caning For The Goddess

A collection of five erotic stories

By Alexia Falkendown, Heather Davidson, K D Grace and Mark Ramsden Edited by Miranda Forbes

A Caning For The Goddess
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EPUB, 60 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908086334
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 20th January 2011

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary
Series: Perfect Punishments

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A collection of five sexually explicit stories with mixed spanking themes.

A Caning for the Goddess by Alexia Falkendown

Mistress Satina prides herself on disciplining the staff and pupils of her Slutmaid Academy with a firm hand. So when Adelaide and Serena forget to collect the oysters for her annual Yuletide party, what else can she do but put them through an extensive punishment ritual in honour of Nemesis, goddess of retribution?

Sleeping Beauty by Heather Davidson

Lying in enchanted slumber, Sleeping Beauty has waited a hundred years for a handsome prince to rouse her with a kiss. But in this wickedly funny version of the classic fairy tale, her rescuer is the glamorous Lady Della de Domme, and living happily ever after involves being spanked nightly by her new mistress...

Hard Times at the Nymphomaniac Rehabilitation Facility by K.D. Grace

Sadie's sexual appetite is out of control, and a spell at the Nymphomaniac Rehabilitation Facility is intended to put it right. It isn’t long before fellow inmate Carol is showing her how to bend the facility's strict rules, earning them both punishments that are more than worth the crime.

Truly Scrumptious by Mark Ramsden

He's an eccentric writer who dabbles in the occult and seems to have a happily open marriage. The girl he christens 'Truly Scrumptious' is looking for a father figure who'll spank her whenever she needs it, and loves to play around with other women's husbands. Could this be the start of something true and lasting, or does fate have other plans?

The Psychiatrist by Heather Davidson

Heather is diagnosed as having a problematic spanking fetish and referred to Dr Lambert, a specialist in the field. The attractive female psychiatrist believes the best way to treat her is with hands-on therapy, but is a bare-bottomed paddling really going to cure such a hardened spank fan?

These stories have also been published in Naughty Spanking Three ISBN 9781906373702

Mistress Satina’s Diary.
Strict discipline is my secret for success in running my select Slutmaid Academy. A strong hand is essential – be it to chastise aspiring Slutmaids’ bared bottoms or stroke their throbbing sissycocks. Behind the discreet satin drapes of my residence in Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Square, I whip and massage my postulants into shape, so that when they receive their Slutmaid Diploma they have that feminine poise and charm which sets elegant ladies apart from baser, grosser, undepilated males.
Aspiring Trannies spend a fortune on satins and silks, wigs and facials, stockings and heels, but without my training and make-over how-tos, accompanied by regular application of cane and dildo to their bared bottoms, they cannot achieve that feminine silhouette, beauty and poise that distinguishes my Academy graduates from a Widow Twankey in the Theatre Royal Christmas Panto or a hirsute transvestite looking uncomfortable in a misfit dress bought at the Oxfam shop.
It is not only my novitiates who require regular visits from Mistress Smack to their submissive slutbutts, but also my Tranny staff. Serena and Candy left mundane jobs en drab in the City to work en femme for me. They are a good support team for Adelaide, my collared bride and Academy Supervisor. But they are sometimes naughty Trannymaids and I need to slap a warming blush to their pretty posteriors with my leather tawse before caning their bouncy bottoms. I fear that they are now so addicted to the painful pleasures of my erotic flagellation technique that they have become gluttons for punishment!
I needed to discipline them last December during our annual Yuletide weekend house party for Academy alumni. We had squeezed ten Slutmaid graduates into our three guestrooms, (a bit of a squeeze, but what girl doesn’t squirm with pleasure when accommodating a tight fit). On the Saturday morning, Adelaide disappeared with two of our alumni for a fitting appointment at Axfords, Brighton’s famed bespoke corsetieres whose stylish Edwardian lace-ups turn even the dumpiest of Slutmaids into a sexy wasp-waisted, curvaceously bottomed siren. Adelaide had arranged for Serena to prepare the buffet luncheon while Candy ran a make-over workshop for the others. Unfortunately, neither remembered to collect the six dozen fresh oysters ordered from Sid’s Stall at the Open Market. I was very angry. I called Adelaide and my two Trannymaids to my office after lunch. 
“Your disgraceful mismanagement has ruined my reputation as a hostess. I shall punish you for your waywardness. This is a grave misdemeanour. You will endure the acute emotional discomfort of anticipating the sting of my cane before you are summoned to the Temple tomorrow evening to suffer the humiliation of having your bared bottoms whipped before our assembled Slutmaid alumni.” 
I adhere to an imaginatively stylized spanking ritual at both the Slutmaid Academy and in my private household. 
“It is Dark Moon tomorrow night and you will offer your bodies to the scourge of Nemesis, at our monthly Dark Moon ritual in the dungeon Temple. Candy, you will be my acolyte for the evening. I have caned you often enough in the Temple for you to know the routine. Put the heaters on, ensure that the wall sconces have fresh red candles, drape the marble altar with the black and gold altar cloth and purify the Temple with incense. Punishment ritual will start at 9 o’clock. All Slutmaid alumni must attend. I expect them to be properly made-up, wearing heels, black seamed stockings and their short-skirted black satin uniforms with frilly bouffant red lace petticoats that show their stocking tops and a hint of red slutknickers. That will be all! Return to your duties!” 
A spanking ritual is the essential core of all Domina/Submissive relationships. It is through the flogger, tawse and cane that a total bonding is forged between a Dom and her Sub. They respond to such heightened moments of sensual drama, feeling the deep impact of their close presence upon each other. 
Such a ritual can be formal, like my monthly Dark Moon Temple ceremony, or informal and intimately personal. In our private boudoir and bedroom sessions, Adelaide’s thrill comes not only from her willing and trusting submission to my safe and loving control, but also from the intoxicating power emanating from me that enters her receptively compliant body through the hypnotically thudding strokes of my flogger, the sharper focus of my tawse, or the thrilling pain of my cane. I am her mirror. She is the chalice for my energy which I channel into her with each stroke. We become one as her soft body responds to the flogger’s caress, tawse’s kiss and rattan’s sting. She tingles in breathless expectation and acceptance of the painful pleasure imparted by my lovecane’s endorphin-releasing sting to her heated cheeks and the cooling caress of my satin-gloved hand to her striped bottom and those moist pussylips so provocatively exposed between her parted legs. Through the portal of our shared ritual, we enter together into a realm of pure power that takes us to an erotic plateau of unforgettable and indescribable orgasmic intensity. 
We honour Nemesis each month at Dark Moon with a flagellation ritual in our ‘Dungeon’ Temple. As Nemesis is the ancient Goddess of the Scourge and Retribution, this is a uniquely auspicious occasion to mete out punishments for grave misdemeanours brought to my attention during the preceding month. I was pleased that on this particular occasion we had guest participation. They would have the good fortune to share our physical and spiritual ecstasies reached through the threshold of pain-pleasure as my collar bride Adelaide and Trannymaid Serena offered their bodies to the scourge of the Goddess in expiation for their misdeeds.

K D Grace

For K D Grace, penning a good tale is a physical act. When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. Her creativity is directly proportional to how much soil is under her fingernails or how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She’s having a mad affair with a pair of kettle bells at her local gym and an even madder affair with a stainless steel pole in the pole fitness studio just across the street. She’s fascinated with mythology and fairy tales, which inspires many of her stories. She loves to read. She loves anything that gets her outdoors. But she loves writing a story best of all.

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, K D is the author of sixteen novels and multiple novellas and short stories for multiple publishers.

She also writes romance under the name Grace Marshall. 

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