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The Secret Room

By Ashley Hind

The Secret Room
EPUB, 42 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907016806
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 5th February 2010

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary

Rating: 0 vote(s).

The texts she receives are anonymous but the message is clear: someone wants to spank her luscious behind. She should ignore the texts, whoever is sending them, especially since her prime suspect is Giles, the most conceited, cock-sure guy in the office; a two-timing, hateable egotist.

But the messages are too enticing to ignore: he is handsome after all, and reputably has other gifts that fill her fevered fantasies... If anyone can unmask the culprit for her it is Casper George, the outrageously camp office gossip and libertine.

He devises a game, The Secret Room, to play at one of his legendary parties. This will ensure that she ends up alone and blindfolded with her anonymous admirer. However, the game allows anything to happen and she has more than one surprise in store for her. 

THE FIRST TEXT said: ‘I want to spank your fat arse.’ 
It was sent anonymously, the number was not recognised and it gave no inkling as to who could have sent it. I stared at it all morning. I had to interrupt my work over and over to sneak my phone back out of my purse for just one more look. I have heard of scams whereby you receive such random messages and, driven by intrigue, you are compelled to reply, either by text or by calling, only to find yourself connected to some sex chat-line charging a gargantuan rate. Just having it stored in the inbox felt dirty and dangerous, akin to housing a virus in my computer, but still I kept it, because of that one key word: fat. 
I cannot deny that I have a big bum – I’m chubby all round, although pretty with it, or so I’m told. I carry most of my weight around my hips and arse and have done since my teens. Now I am 22 and a little more filled out and efforts to lose it are fruitless. Eating regimes just bore me and, more to the point, chocolate and alcohol are clearly essential for a girl to maintain a balanced diet! Although I am currently between boyfriends my figure has never hindered my success with the opposite sex and I am quite proud of my pulling power, wearing tight skirts and high heels to accentuate my big, round bum. So who was it that wanted to spank it for me?
It has to be said that the office I work in has more than its fair share of minor scandals and idle talk. Each coffee break has a swarm of us colluding in barely contained Chinese whispers to turn an innocent look, or one slightly suggestive remark into a full-blown affair between the unlikeliest of candidates. It is not a place for secrets, and it could just be that I have in the past let slip that I do harbour some desires to get bent over and spanked, particularly by a tall, muscular and aloof man; an untouchable bastard who just wants to use me. Perhaps that’s why I pondered so long over that text, and probably wishful thinking got me suspecting one person in particular: Giles Cavendish.
Accounts Manager, Giles, is as stuck-up as his name suggests and quite clearly loves himself. In truth I have had few dealings with him but he just exudes arrogance, and office talk backs up the impression I’ve formed of him. He is very tall and always dresses in sharp suits and expensive shoes. Some say he is handsome but I’m not so sure – he seems to sneer too much for my liking. He is certainly blessed with a fine physique, perhaps from rugby or rowing at the posh school he undoubtedly once attended, or from his days as an army officer, perhaps. I don’t like the man. I’ve caught him staring at my backside a few times, his expression one of leering disdain, a mix of lust and disgust, like he wants my arse but only for the roughest, most impersonal kind of fucking. I would pay him no further attention, despite his big hands and mane of wavy, blond hair, if not for something I once overheard. It was fairly common knowledge around here that Giles likes to get a little extra from his work colleagues, despite having a long-standing and apparently beautiful girlfriend. How many and who was unconfirmed, but tales abounded of this and that girl visiting his office after hours. One eavesdropped conversation bore the snippet that has fascinated me ever since. Apparently our Giles is very well endowed, but more importantly he ejaculates in bucket-loads, absolute gallons of the stuff, or so it was alleged. This thought always has me juicing in my seat, a thought that, to my shame, gets me picturing him while I rub myself, on my knees to take his huge load on my face and in my mouth, or better still bending over so he can fill my greedy puss with his spunk. I can almost feel the huge jets squirting inside me, over and over, hot and hard, and it always makes me come. And afterwards I shudder with the disgust of letting that bastard into my fantasies. 

Ashley Hind

Ashley Hind began writing part-time in 2009. As well as contributing short stories for Xcite and for Mischief Books, she has also written three full-length novels: The Intruder, Taken, and Butterflies.

Ashley is married and lives in Dorset, England.

Find her on Twitter: @AshleyHind1

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