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In The Dark

By Ashley Hind

In The Dark
EPUB, 21 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907726668
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 1st June 2010

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary

Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars - 2 vote(s).

An erotic short story with bondage/restraint, master, slave, spanking and lesbian themes.

She has been left alone, blindfolded, near naked and tied to the bed, while her boyfriend goes out to buy something to use on her. Above the silence she hears the creaking of floorboards outside her room, then the unmistakeable sound of her door swinging open, telling her she is no longer alone. Is it her boyfriend sneaking back, or maybe one of her female housemates? Maybe it is an unknown intruder. Whoever it is, they will see the excitement darkening her knickers and know she is completely at their mercy... 

All I could see was darkness. If I lifted my lids the lashes brushed and caught against the satin of the sleep mask he had used to blindfold me. He had adjusted the elastic fastening to ensure that, although soft, the eye patches clung to my cheeks and brows and shut out the afternoon light. In the end I just kept my eyes closed, perhaps for extra perceived security against my precarious situation. This was the third time that he had tied me, but it was only the second time that he had left me in the dark, and this time I didn’t know when he would be coming back.
I was alone and prone, my face pressed flat to the sheet because my pillow had been taken and placed beneath my hips to lift my bottom from the bed. I was naked except for my satin knickers and these felt like inadequate covering, only barely held in place by bows at each thigh. 
My wrists were encircled by leather cuffs and secured by straps to the headboard. My legs were not so secure; the bedstead had a low end and he had peeled my stockings down until they were inside out and only clinging to my feet and ankles, and then tied each one to the slightly raised balls of metal at either corner of the frame. I could release my legs then, with a struggle. But I was powerless to free my hands and guard against the possibility of someone coming into my room and finding me in such a vulnerable position.
Although I had assumed the place was empty I couldn’t be sure, and it certainly wouldn’t remain so as the afternoon progressed. I shared my house with four other girls, all of us students, and they would be returning home from their studies during the next few hours. The doors to our individual rooms acted as fire doors, and as such were unlockable, but of course Adam knew this, and knew that the vulnerability to potential surprise discovery only added to the thrill of being tied up and left.
I had felt this unique helplessness once before. The previous week he had secured me to the bed, face up, and then slipped the sleep mask over my eyes. He had sucked my bare tits hard and then teased my knicker-clad pussy with firm, wet strokes of his tongue, his spit seeping into the fabric tightly covering my slit. Then he had whispered for me to stay quiet and wait for him. 

Ashley Hind

Ashley Hind began writing part-time in 2009. As well as contributing short stories for Xcite and for Mischief Books, she has also written three full-length novels: The Intruder, Taken, and Butterflies.

Ashley is married and lives in Dorset, England.

Find her on Twitter: @AshleyHind1

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Valentine on 22nd March 2012 10:20PM

There are those misguided persons in the world who believe that sex is crude, rude and vulgar. Every single one of them should, as opposed to living in the dark, be required to read In the Dark by Ashley Hind. Her take on a simple afternoon of sweaty, heated passion is artistic and psychological. In such a short work, a reader might expect slam, bam, thank you ma'am. But no! Ms Hind gives suspense a strong run, along with the mental anguish of a captive who is so uncertain about what's to happen next, well you'll just have to read it, that's all. In the Dark gets a full Five Hearts.

Reviewed by: Raunchy Reader on 10th April 2012 7:40PM

This is a hot little read. Very sexy, a little bit sinister, but no doubt that it's hot. It keeps you reading right to the end.

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