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Hot Tales of Gay Lust

By Landon Dixon

Hot Tales of Gay Lust
Paperback, 208 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907761454
Format: 198mm x 126mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 10th January 2011

EPUB, 208 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907761461
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 10th January 2011

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Gay, Mixed Themes
Series: Xcite Best-Selling Gay Collections

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

Hard, raw man-sex; in the bedroom, on the job, in prison, in washrooms, on the road, outdoors; two men, three men, more men; leg worship, ass worship, bondage, spanking, reaming. This is man-on-man action at its most scorchingly erotic, no holds barred, all taboos broken. There’s room for love, but cock lust is the name of this game.

Raining Men: Raymond Searles has been putting in some long hours at work, to the detriment of his home life. One night, he sees something out in the pouring rain that shakes him out of his rut – two men putting on a very public display of their soaking wet lust. Raymond watches. Then acts. Putting his already precarious personal life in even more peril.

Field of Reams: A drifter stumbles onto a field being picked clean by a group of itinerant workers, who then proceed to clean up on one another in the open-air shower facilities. Where do I apply? He’ll have to pass the rigorous interview process with the Boss-man, however, before he’s accepted into this workers’ paradise.

Body Guard: Rodney is hired as a bodyguard for the latest pop tart to top the charts, Countess Trollop. And he’s soon the one singing with pleasure, as wild concerts are followed by even wilder backstage after-parties. Until the Countess reveals a startling secret about her success, which leaves Rodney with more than just a beautiful body to guard.

The Fucking Edge: He’s as immoral as the huge piece of meat he drives into other men’s asses and mouths. But when the tables are turned, there’s no telling how such a man used to dishing it out is going to react. Until it’s too late.

Some Like It Rough: Decker likes it rough, wherever he can find it, with whoever will take it. But one night, he picks on the wrong man, and gets a taste of his own punishment.

Pumping Ivan: Ivan “The Terrible” Teldov rules his gym with a pair of iron dumbbells. And he’s just as tough when dishing out the training tips, to his very admiring, perspiring patrons.

Security Meltdown: He thought he’d test their security techniques, and learned a few techniques of his own, from them. Being the Security Chief at Manguard can be a very arresting experience.

Room Mate: Len and Tim are new roommates. Len has just discovered something about himself, and he’s not sure that he doesn’t want to find out more – with Tim’s help. What are roommates for, after all?

Foot Bridge: The new guy on the road repair crew has attracted the boss’ attention. He looks like he’s built more for office work than highway work; except from the waist down – where he’s built just right, to the boss’ way of thinking.

Dropping A Load: Trucking was no easy business back in the spring of ’38. But that didn’t mean you didn’t always keep your eyes open for a little roadside diversion. Just so long as you weren’t caught with your pants down.

Campus Rumpus: Jeremy is assigned the laborious task of trying to drill the fundamentals of chemistry into the college’s starting D lineman. But out on the field, it’s a whole ’nother ball game.

Penal System: When you’ve been in stir for as long as Louie has, you judge a man by his crotch. And when they shoved the latest recruit into Louie’s cell to become his mate, he vowed to go the system one better – and make the guy his bitch.

Dirty Dick: Most dicks make it a habit not to get involved with their clients. “Dirty” Dick Stenner, however, is just the opposite, in (Sam) spades. Sometimes, he even goes so far as playing both ends against the middle.

Scuba-Doo: Jake and Ethan are on vacation in beautiful Hawaii. And when Ethan catches Jake dreaming about Leeza, the beautiful scuba diving instructor, he shows the horny young man just how many meanings “Aloha” really has.

Mob Scene: I was grinding a taco down to size when he alighted on the stool across from me. ‘You a dick?’ he purred. ‘I’ve been called worse.’ So begins this tale of mobsters, pornsters, and male-sters, set in swinging San Fran circa the 70s.

Beau For A ’Bo: 1933. The Depression. Times are hard, like the men. When a hobo saves a young man from a boxcar banging, he wonders if it was worth the effort. Then finds out for sure – no pain, no gain.

Heavenly Body: His girlfriend gave him a telescope for his birthday. And the stargazer opened up a whole new erotic universe for him, close to home.

Office Poly-dicks: Barron had been with the firm only six months, but even in that short time, he’d impressed the partners with his intelligence and work ethic, his clean good looks, warm brown eyes, and heavily-muscled physique. One partner, in particular, had quickly become the studly overachiever’s biggest fan.

Road Trip: Chad and Cody were as close as two boys could get. So they resolved to make perhaps their last summer together a memorable one. An epic road trip was in order. And on the road, they discovered they could get even closer yet.

Dark Journey: The man had a proposition: ‘You can drive as far as you can hold off coming.’ It was going to be a bumpy ride.

Rear Guard: Everyone had a good laugh when they handed him the ‘shit’ job – guarding the washrooms of the largest city park against unauthorized penal and anal activity. But ‘shit’ patrol was just what this security guard was trained for; and he didn’t disappoint.

Dick Work: Hershbeck is tasked the dirty job of investigating a sex toy theft. And things only get dirtier, when first the detective demands a demonstration of some of the leftovers, then takes the case, and another man’s case, into a nearby alley for an intimate interrogation.

Hazard Pay-off: “Hazard” was an accident waiting to happen, a one-man workplace safety and health risk. Sometimes, though, the worst goof-up can yield the best pay-off.

Cab Fare: You can’t always judge a man by where you pick him up.

The Pantyhose Bandit: There was a bandit loose in the neighbourhood, breaking into people’s homes and sniffing, fondling, and dressing up in women’s lingerie and high heels. Not everyone was frightened, though. In fact, one man resolved to do something to catch the culprit. To protect the neighborhood, yes; to get himself a piece of the perverted perp, damn straight!

Heavies: They were two hockey tough guys, one young and up and coming, the other older, a down and outer trying to make it back up. They shared hate, a passion for their profession, and so much more.

Raymond could see now that this might develop into something. He could remember a time when he and Jess didn’t have a place of their own to make love, so they had to improvise with whatever was available. That was also a time when the passion flared so hot and bright they had to improvise as fast as they could. Like those lovers down in the street below.
Raymond felt his balls tingle, his cock surge in his pants, watching the one man ravage the other man’s chest. That chest was smooth and slick and no doubt hot, getting felt up, the nipples getting tongued and sucked, no doubt hardening, expanding with erotic sensations thanks to the one man’s hungry mouth. Raymond slowly unzipped the fly on his dark-blue business suit and reached inside.
He shivered when he clutched his cock. He was even harder than he’d expected, pulsing with excitement, and need. It had been a long time, too long; since he’d done anything so sexually spontaneous. He glanced behind him at his open door. The outside offices were still dark, quiet, no one around to disturb him. He drew his erection fully out into the open, let it beat hotly in his warm, gripping hand.
The lovers were kissing again, arms around one another, heads moving, bobbing. Raymond took a tentative stroke of his cock, and shuddered with pleasure. It was a hot night, despite the downpour, and the pair below were wearing just jeans and T-shirts. And those were coming off fast now, the shorter man stripping off his tee, the blond pulling his the rest of the way off. Their skin shone in the light from the streetlamp.
Raymond stroked slow and sure, tugging on his erection with a practised hand. Then he groaned, when the men suddenly dashed off down the sidewalk, grasping their wet T-shirts in their hands. Raymond’s hand froze on his cock. Was this the end of the show?
No! He blew out his cheeks in relief, and amazement, when the men darted into an alley, began seriously stripping off their clothes, taking their lovemaking to a whole new level that rated at least some measure of privacy. Or so they thought.
Because now Raymond actually had an even better view of the sexy goings-on. The alley was almost directly across from his window, the men turned sideways now, one no longer partially blocking out the other, the streetlight still illuminating their activities, silhouetting things even more dramatically and erotically.
Jeans came off, were discarded on top of the damp T-shirts already lying on the slick alley floor. The men were just in their briefs, their soaking wet briefs. Raymond could see the prominent bulges at groin level. He licked his lips and swallowed, gliding his hand along his own straining erection just a little faster, a little harder.
The dark-haired man pressed the blond up against the alley wall, their naked flesh melding together, thinly-clad cocks squeezing together. Raymond groaned, mentally experiencing the wicked pleasure of two men’s cocks jamming, sliding against one another’s. For the shorter man was pumping his hips, pumping his cock into the other man’s cock, as they kissed, frenched, their outstretched tongues dancing together under the onslaught of water and desire.
Raymond loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt with his free hand. He slid his hand onto his chest, quivering when his searching fingers found a buzzing nipple. He cupped one pec, pinched one nipple, did the same to the other aroused pec and nipple, glaring down at the men in the alley, pumping his cock.
The dark-haired one pulled his tongue out of the blond’s mouth and began kissing and licking his way down the blond’s chest. He swirled his tongue around nipples, sealed his lips to one and sucked on it, did the same to the other nipple, the blond man writhing against the dripping wall. The brunette went lower, his hair plastered to his head, his tongue flicking out and tasting, basting hot, taut skin. He gripped the blond’s thin hips and swarmed his mouth-organ all over the tightened muscles of the man’s heaving stomach.
‘Jesus, yes!’ Raymond breathed, taking it all in, mesmerized by it all. He pumped his cock and rolled his nipples, watching with unblinking eyes as the man speared his tongue into the other’s bellybutton and squirmed it around.
The blond’s cock bulged his sodden briefs to bursting, right in front of the squatting man’s face. ‘Suck it! Suck his cock!’ Raymond hissed, his mind briefly flashing onto Jess, how that lovely man could suck so hard and so hot.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Jilli on 10th April 2012 3:59PM

I enjoyed the variety of scenarios and had fun reading it together with my husband. I will be looking out for more of such bundles.

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