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Pumping Ivan

A collection of gay erotic stories

By Landon Dixon

Pumping Ivan
EPUB, 53 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908006196
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 26th September 2010

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Gay, Mixed Themes
Series: Hot Tales of Gay Lust

Rating: 0 vote(s).

A collection of five sexually explicit erotic stories with gay themes including ménage and outdoor scenarios.

Pumping Ivan:

Ivan “The Terrible” Teldov rules his gym with a pair of iron dumbbells. And he’s just as tough when dishing out the training tips, to his very admiring, perspiring patrons.

Security Meltdown:

He thought he’d test their security techniques, and learned a few techniques of his own, from them. Being the Security Chief at Manguard can be a very arresting experience.

Room Mate:

Len and Tim are new roommates. Len has just discovered something about himself, and he’s not sure that he doesn’t want to find out more – with Tim’s help. What are roommates for, after all?

Foot Bridge:

The new guy on the road repair crew has attracted the boss’ attention. He looks like he’s built more for office work than highway work; except from the waist down – where he’s built just right, to the boss’ way of thinking.

Dropping A Load:

Trucking was no easy business back in the spring of ’38. But that didn’t mean you didn’t always keep your eyes open for a little roadside diversion. Just so long as you weren’t caught with your pants down.

These stories have also been published in Hot Tales of Gay Lust Paperback ISBN 9781907761454 eBook ISBN 9781907761461


I stared at Ivan “the Terrible” Teldov, the dumbbells in my hands curling up and down on their own. The gym owner-trainer was geared up for action in a pair of tight, black shorts and a tight, blue muscle shirt, his chestnut-brown, hard-rock body glistening with sweat. He was looming over a guy sprawled out on a weight bench desperately trying to wrestle a loaded barbell off his chest, urging the groaning man on in his subtle, profanity-laden, 120-decibel way.
Ivan leaned in even closer, big hands on big, bunched quads, square-jawed face inches away from the other man’s tear-streaked face. He screamed at the guy to push out that final excruciating rep, spit spraying out of his snarling mouth.
My cock was the hardest appendage on my underdeveloped 180-pound, 18-year-old body as I watched, bulging the mesh in my shorts. I was pumping iron, wishing I was pumping buzzcut blond muscle-stud Ivan instead.

Just before closing time, it was my turn to get the Ivan the Terrible training experience.
‘Round ’em out at the top!’ the big man barked, the gym empty now. ‘Like you’re bear-huggin’ someone!’
I clumped the dumbbells together over my head, hurriedly banging out another set of chest flies, hopefully to Ivan’s satisfaction. The man’s dimple-chinned face, bulging bronze body, and Drill Sergeant intensity were more than a little intimidating up-close, even after two weeks of getting yelled at.
‘You wanna feel it right here,’ he growled, reaching down and prodding my chest through my T-shirt. His warm, blunt fingertip ran along the swollen edge of one of my pecs, brushing over a nipple.
I shivered, the dumbbells jumping in my hands. I barely had the strength to bring them back together overhead to complete the set.
‘What’s next?’ Ivan demanded.
I scrambled upright on the bench. ‘Uh, like your plan says, I was, um, just going to do some sit-ups to finish off my workout.’
‘Quittin’ already?’
‘I’ve been here two hours!’
He snorted, tousled my curly mop of brown hair. ‘Crunch-time then, junior.’
The man of striated granite was actually only a few years older than me, but you’d never know it from the way he handled himself, and others. I lay back down on the bench and brought my feet up. He grabbed my knees, shoved my legs closer. ‘Go!’ he yelled.
I interlaced my fingers behind my head quicker than a perp on Cops, started crunching abs. Ivan grabbed the back of my head and pushed me higher, bumping my elbows into my knees.
‘You wanna feel it right along here,’ he snarled, letting go of my throbbing neck and yanking my tee up, poking my stomach.
I churned up and down like a madman, cock swelling along with my abs as Ivan traced my ribbed stomach with his fingertip. And when that thick finger trailed all the way down to my shorts, bulged the waistband and squirmed inside, I almost did a face-plant into my knees.

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