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Pleasure Haven

An erotic novella

By Genevieve Ash

Pleasure Haven
Paperback, 64 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909840454
Format: 203mm x 127mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 27th June 2013

EPUB, 67 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908766113
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 5th January 2012

Category: BDSM / Fetish

Rating: 0 vote(s).

An erotic novella with mixed themes including spanking, female submission and role play.

Trish lives a quiet, happy life until she meets Josh, and he turns her world upside down. Worlds apart, they record erotic audio books, their voices merged in a studio far away, until one day they are brought together in a small recording booth. Their attraction immediate, the close proximity and titillating words, make it impossible to deny their lust for one another. Although distance and commitments keep them apart, they become writing partners and manage to find ways to come together for both business and pleasure. When Josh decides to cross the Pond and visit Trish on her home turf, she takes him to a secluded cabin in the woods where “making up for lost time” takes on a whole new meaning.

Standing near the exit door at baggage claim, she saw him. He looked for her expectantly, as he huddled beneath the collar of his lightweight jacket. She laughed softly, knowing he was freezing and totally unprepared for the biting wind brought on by the latest Nor’easter. No problem; she would warm him up soon enough.

Pulling into a pile of slush at the kerb, she quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and raced from the car. Seeing her, he dropped his bags at his feet and opened his arms just in time for her to fly into his embrace. He kissed her mouth and she felt the warmth of his arms wrapping tightly around her. The tears stung her cold cheeks as she looked at his beautiful face. Pressing her cheek to his red nose, she let the heat of her skin seep into him.

Tossing his bag into the trunk, they settled into the car and she wove her way through the mess of vehicles in the arrival area. Smiling, a false sense of control filled her, because, this time, she was behind the wheel. Merging on to the freeway, she finally turned to look at him. Her hand dropped to his knee and he lifted it and pressed a soft kiss to her knuckles. The wetness of his lips against the hard nub of flesh reminded her that, soon, his mouth would be pressed against her wetness and she shivered.

‘Are you cold?’ he asked, smiling knowingly.

‘Just a bit,’ she replied while reaching for the dial on the heater. He took her hand in his and placed it on the steering wheel,

‘Hold on tightly, love,’ he said in a soft growl.

Trish could feel his purr vibrating in her core as she held on to the wheel, the tips of her fingers turning white. His hand pushed the soft cashmere of her dress, sliding it against her bare thigh beneath. The wool caressed her tenderly as it barely grazed her skin. No panties allowed; it was his rule, and Trish could feel the delicate hairs of the cashmere brushing against her clit.

Trying to keep her eyes on the road, she heard him take a deep breath. She knew he could smell her. The overpowering scent of her need filled the small, warm space. His hand moved gradually higher on her thigh and she squirmed in her seat, trying to hurry him along. How she needed him to touch her. As he reached the top of her thigh, he stopped and, digging his fingers into the tender flesh, he squeezed hard.

‘Spread your legs for me,’ he commanded quietly.

Trish clenched her thighs tightly together, afraid of the torrent that was about to be released.

Josh chuckled softly before forcing his hand between her legs. Trish could not stop the long moan that escaped her lips as the hard bone of his finger dug into her clit. As he wriggled his fingers, she could feel the sensations beginning to build deep inside her. Turning his hand, he spread his fingers wide and slid two of them into her tight cunt. Trish closed her eyes and, groaned deeply.

‘Eyes on the road, love,’ he said calmly as he pushed deeper inside her.

Turning her head, she looked at him, her eyes gleaming with desire. She felt him moving slowly within her and was glad the traffic was thin. Breathing deeply to find her centre, she tried to focus on the road.

‘Where are you taking me, Trish?’

‘I told you, it is a surprise,’ she said with childlike enthusiasm.

‘Well, as long as they have room service and a power shower, I’m good.’

‘Oh Josh, you are such a snob. And what if they don’t?’ she teased, whimpering softly as he continued stroking inside her.

‘Uh, you’re kidding, right?’ He looked concerned. ‘Please tell me they have wi-fi. We do have work to do remember?’

‘Yes, I remember,’ she said, giggling softly. ‘Don’t panic. It is very nice, just different than our usual choices.’ Trish knew that Josh appreciated the finer things in life, but hoped the rustic cabin would provide them with the quiet intimacy she craved. Their visits were few and far between and she wanted to make the most of every moment. 

Genevieve Ash

Genevieve Ash is a multi-published writer of erotic romance. Although she believes in the fairy tale, she realises that stories do not always end happily ever after. Her work takes you on a journey through the powerful emotions that love and passion bring, never giving up the hope that love will win. Find out more at

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