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Corporate Affairs

Mixing business with pleasure

Edited by Elizabeth Coldwell By Alanna Appleton, Lynn Lake, Viva Jones, Elise Hepner, Marlene Yong, Dominic Santi, Alice Candy, Blair Erotica, Zombie Ferguson, Morgan Black, Giselle Renarde, Brighton Walsh, Jodie Johnson-Smith, Roxy Martin, Garland, Jeanette Grey, L. A. Fields, Maria Lloyd, Tony Haynes and Elizabeth Coldwell

Corporate Affairs
Paperback, 224 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908086662
Format: 198mm x 129mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 6th June 2013

EPUB, 212 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908086679
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 20th September 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Mixed Themes

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Discover what happens when lovers mix business with pleasure - working nine to five has never been such a thrill!

Taking passion out of the bedroom and into the boardroom, this collection of twenty erotic stories explores sex in the workplace. In a world of mergers and acquisitions, hostile takeovers and breakfast meetings, colleagues grow closer than is professionally necessary, luscious lingerie lurks beneath a staid pinstriped business suit and bosses learn that sometimes it’s more fun when their secretary is on top.

Intimate Negotiations by Viva Jones

When Jenna and Daisy attend a business convention hoping to get funding for their new line of lingerie, they meet handsome investor Kieran Devlish, who requires more than a Powerpoint presentation. As they model their first collection for him, Devlish agrees to a deal, but at a price. He hasn’t counted on their determination, however, or their unorthodox negotiation techniques …

The 13th Floor by Alanna Appleton

Working in a large corporate office building, Melanie Finn has been receiving mysterious internal emails headed 13th FLOOR. Unsigned, they seem to be the work of a prankster, but one who has sussed Melanie’s secret desire for punishment and humiliation. Several colleagues may be suspect, but she’s unable to work out which one it is. Giving in to her desires, she accepts an invitation to the unoccupied 13th floor after working hours. Confronted by a shadowy figure whose identity she’s unable to determine, she bends across a stool – and her bared bottom takes a punishment she has only ever imagined.

Corner Office by Dominic Santi

Life can be very interesting when you and your wife both work in the upper corporate echelons of the same company, especially when her way of paying you back for ruining one of her pet projects by putting on a very intimate show with the mailboy, performed when you have a perfect view from your corner office…

The Blue Folder by Jodie Johnson-Smith

Imogen hates her job as a temp, and longs for the day her ice queen boss, Gwen, lets her go. That’s until she has to deliver the blue folder to handsome web designer, Dan, and discovers a hidden erotic side to Gwen she never suspected – a side she can’t help responding to, with Dan’s more than willing help.

Picture of Lily by Zombie Ferguson

Stacy was warned about the picture on her boss’s desk. She gasped when she finally saw it. Not many people have photos of their spouses in the throes of an orgasm, let alone framed, sitting on their desk. Who was this Lily? Stacy would soon find out...

Thin Ice by Brighton Walsh

After having been a sports reporter for more than a decade, Alex has worked with nearly every cocky, drop-dead gorgeous athlete, and is immune to their advances. Or so she thought. When Gavin walks in for his interview and quickly sweeps her off her feet, she’s taken off guard, caught up in his charm and his charisma. But even after a night of undeniable passion, Alex is left with a sinking feeling in her gut and a guilty conscience. Can she come to grips with mixing business and pleasure before Gavin’s out of her life for good?

Stand 69 by Elizabeth Coldwell

Working a stand at the book trade fair is hard work, particularly when you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes. At least the hot guy on Stand 69 is brightening Kate’s day, and when he offers to show her his expertise at foot massage, business rapidly gives way to pure erotic pleasure …

Client Visit by Lynn Lake

Most of the partners at the prestigious legal firm Karen worked at didn’t even know the names of their articling students, so working so closely with Brenda, a senior partner in the firm, was an honour. And when Brenda commented on how pretty Karen was, working with the beautiful, mature woman became both an honour and an absolute pleasure.

Reaching for the Stars by Morgan Black

Sally didn’t have long to catch the attention of the delectable Oscar. He was due to fly back to the USA. His long fingers had caressed the bronzed statue, how she wished she were that statue. She had to have him between her thighs, have him touch her and inside her, powering into her like a hammer drill? Her chance came she grasped it and with determination the preparations began. She was ready and wonton for a night of sheer pleasure. Would he be impressed with the stars and stripes she had prepared for him?

The Closet by Maria Lloyd

Lucy Penmon may just clinch the deal of her career as an interior designer if she lands this prestigious commission – the total refurbishment of Mr Walker’s country house. A creative free spirit, she is surprised at the attraction she feels for Mr Walker, a highly successful lawyer who is used to power and quickly takes charge. Her curiosity about her prospective boss, his home and a certain locked closet may cost her dearly, however – or reveal unexpected pleasures.

Power Games by Roxy Martin

Sexy Vincent Carlton calls Kirsten’s boyfriend into the office with free tickets to the theatre, Chris is oblivious to the price he will have to pay for them. Kirsten though, isn’t so dumb; with Chris away, she asks Vincent what he thinks he’s doing. Vincent confesses he is planting the seeds for his desires, but he doesn’t just want to have sex with her, he wants it all. Kirsten realises it’s a power game, and with a boyfriend with whom satisfaction is never guaranteed, she decides that she is going to be the one in charge.

Box by Elise Hepner

It probably wasn’t prudent for a corporate executive who works in the upper floors of a skyscraper to be afraid of elevators. But Lanie Fox did have kick-ass legs. When Charlie Wright, a sarcastic, sinfully sexy coworker, corners her after an awful meeting she’s determined to prove him wrong about her crippling fear inside the death trap. His promise to distract her involves more than his annoying commentary. In fact, his tongue isn’t doing a whole lot of talking. But they manage to find many uses for it – and Lanie’s fear melts away in lieu of his less than conversational convincing.

The Ties of Friendship by L.A. Fields

Julio and Chris share a perfect balance in sex, work and home life – but Julio’s sure Chris is sleeping with someone else in the office. When that someone engages Chris in a kinky bondage game that involves a tie Julio bought him, business and pleasure will never be the same again.

Striking a Balance by Marlene Yong

Amy has a problem. A successful executive, she is conscious of something lacking in her existence. When another member of the staff loses some vital information, she sees a way to fill the gap. But what are the risks? And into what unknown, possibly dangerous, territory would she be embarking?

Sassafraz is Burning by Giselle Renarde

When celebrity hot spot Sassafraz catches fire, the entire office watches it burn from their lofty glass tower. The event silences everyone, and reminds Isobel that anything can happen at any time. If Sassafraz can burn, so can she. In all her life, she’s only slept with one man. If the end came tomorrow, she’d regret not making a move on Ahmed, her co-worker crush. The fire says, ‘Do it now!’ and Isobel listens.

Just One of the Boys by Tony Haynes

When George is appointed Senior Sales Rep for the UK branch of Regal Lingerie, her first real challenge is a business trip to Amsterdam to meet her three European counterparts – Max, Robbie and Stefan. As the four arrange the meeting, the other three mistakenly take George for a man and, subsequently, arrange to visit a VIP strip club the first night of the trip. When she arrives and declares that she is up for a visit to the club, the boys are delighted; however, not as delighted as George, who ensures that it is a night they will all remember…

The New Girl by Garland

Meet Constance, the new girl. It’s her first day as a secretary at one of the biggest publishing houses in New York City and her coworkers are like characters out of a real life erotic novel. First there’s Claudia and Adam, two senior editors who have a big feud and even bigger sexual tension and let’s not forget Mr Fletcher, Claudia’s new boss and owner of the company. A spoiled rich boy who inherited the company from his father and who, according to everyone, “likes skirt”. Will the new girl be able to survive her first day on the job? Or is she in over her head?

The Game by Jeanette Grey

Everybody needs a diversion to help pass the time at work. Together with her fellow administrative assistant (and secret boyfriend) Andy, Mel enjoys playing a game they call ‘fucking or not fucking’. In it, they try to guess which of their supervisors are sleeping together to advance their careers. All that speculation leads to other games, though. Games wherein the two of them pretend that Andy is the supervisor – and Mel is the underling who is desperate to get ahead.

Negotiating Pleasure by Blair Erotica

Alia has an ambitious business plan that she needs to implement soon. The problem is money. She tries to negotiate to have a large corporation acquire her company on her terms, but they aren’t interested. With time slipping away, she meets one of the negotiators who suggests private negotiations might lead to a more interesting conclusion. He teaches her about the give and take of negotiating, and how pleasurable giving and taking can be.

Happy Birthday, Mr Vice-President by Alice Candy

It’s the boss’s birthday and his PA and her assistant decide he deserves a birthday cake to celebrate. He’s secretly delighted but, of course, buying birthday cake on company time when they should be working means they must be properly reprimanded. The two women are given a proper dressing-down in front of their colleagues that none of them will forget. 

She felt dejected. Just to attend the convention, set in a four-star business hotel, had cost them a fair amount, and they were used to being more persuasive. They were a good double act, with Jenna, all dark hair and wild voluptuousness, contrasting dramatically with Daisy’s petite frame, blonde and neatly put together. They were like Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly, people often commented. Sadly, they lacked the money of either.

‘No one’s going to make a decision that quickly,’ Jenna said, surveying the room. All around them, business men and women were gathering: some were entrepreneurs looking for capital, others investors, looking for that new, choice deal. ‘They need to go away, maybe show the products to their wives, think about it, then come back.’

‘We made good contacts,’ Daisy agreed, having another sip. She liked her friend’s positive attitude. They’d met years earlier at university and, despite both going into different areas, Daisy into design, and Jenna into marketing, they’d always remained friends and were, during the not infrequent periods when neither had a boyfriend, occasional lovers. Theirs was a special bond, based on friendship, respect, and trust, along with a dollop of mutual sexual attraction.

They’d had the idea one afternoon on a West End shopping trip, when neither could find lingerie and nightwear they particularly liked. Over tea and delicate pink-frosted cupcakes in the café of a chi-chi department store, they began to figure out how they could work together, and their excitement had grown. They would create a range of beautiful, sensual but ultimately grown-up lingerie and nightwear that would look and feel luxurious but was still affordable. Now they had their first prototypes, they were determined to make their joint effort work.

‘And there’s the gala dinner tonight,’ Jenna reminded her. ‘Who knows who we might meet then?’

As she said this, Daisy spotted an extremely handsome man across the room, tall and slim, in his late thirties, with a ready smile and an easy manner. He had blond, boyish hair, piercing blue eyes, and a soft golden tan. ‘Who’s that one there, the one in Armani?’

‘I have no idea, but good God I’d happily die finding out,’ said Jenna.

‘That’s Kieran Devlish,’ volunteered the man sitting at the bar next to them. ‘Devlish Capital Investment. Very wealthy guy.’

‘That’s Kieran Devlish?’ Jenna said. ‘I contacted him three times trying to fix an appointment, and never once did I hear back from him.’

‘He’s from South Africa, originally,’ the man went on, clearly pleased to have such an attentive – and beautiful – audience. ‘Made a fortune in e-commerce at an early age, and now invests mostly in eco-resorts, conservation issues, and sustainable energy. Whatever he touches turns to gold, though. He’s a busy guy, and in great demand.’

‘Devilishly hard to get hold of,’ quipped Daisy.

‘Where’s he headed?’ Jenna asked, her eyes following Devlish as he crossed the bar floor, pausing to work the room, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries like a benevolent king greeting a crowd. ‘You know something, Daze? This could be our last chance.’

They drained their drinks and reached for their bags, ready to pounce.

‘He’s heading for the lift!’ hissed Daisy.

‘Follow that man!’

They rushed after the investor and made it inside the lift just as the doors closed. Kieran Devlish smiled as the two stunning women, as different as night and day, joined him.

‘Mr Devlish. I’m Jenna and this is Daisy, and we’re co-founders of Daisyjen Lingerie. I emailed you several times about making an appointment here.’

‘That’s right, that rings a bell,’ he admitted in a soft but sexy accent. ‘I’m sorry, but lingerie really isn’t in my sphere of operations. The only thing that interests me is how to get it off.’

‘Why don’t you open your mind and give us a chance?’ Jenna persisted.

‘Ten minutes of your time,’ Daisy added. ‘That’s all we need.’

‘I was heading for my hotel room for a nap before dinner,’ he told them. ‘Ten minutes? With two beautiful women?’ The doors opened at his floor. ‘Let’s make it fifteen.’

Inside his suite, they sat around a coffee table, the two women opposite Devlish on the sofa. Jenna flipped open her laptop and began to show him their website, with examples of their made-to-measure lingerie, and, most importantly, detailed instructions on how to measure for bras and underwear to ensure a perfect fit.

‘I love what you’ve done here, and it all looks very pretty, but, as I told you earlier, lingerie just isn’t my thing.’

‘Why don’t you show this to your wife, and get some feedback from her?’ Daisy suggested, offering him a card.

‘I don’t have a wife, I’m afraid. Or a steady girlfriend, for that matter. Too much business and travel. And I just don’t know one bra from the other. If you seriously expect me to take this any further, I’d need to study the merchandise.’

The two friends looked at each other and, in that look, they both understood implicitly what needed to be done, and how to go about doing it. Even if he did turn them down at the end of it, he was so damned hot, they’d have had fun trying.

‘That can be arranged,’ Daisy said, unfastening her blouse and letting it slip off her shoulders to reveal a delicate pale lemon-coloured bra. ‘Look at the detailing here?’ She leant forward, allowing him a peek at the stitching.

‘Our research showed that a lot of women have problems with fastenings, finding them itchy and awkward,’ Jenna explained. ‘So our bras have different ways of removal.’

As she said this, Daisy unhooked an invisible clasp that was holding the two cups of her bra together, just enough to reveal her cleavage, before hooking it together again.

‘Why don’t I get us a drink?’ Devlish suggested, shifting in his armchair. ‘I could sure use one.’ He went to the refrigerator and produced a bottle of champagne, which he opened with a flourish. ‘This has to be the best presentation I’ve seen all convention.’

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

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