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Scandalous Desires

By Alanna Appleton

Scandalous Desires
EPUB, 190 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908917386
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 7th June 2012

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Menage and More

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

An erotic novel featuring mixed themes including spanking, CP, fem sub, m/f, f/f, outdoor sex and upskirt fetishism.

Lisa and Danielle are the owners of Scanties – a lingerie emporium in the recently opened Morrigan Mall. Best friends, they hide a mutual attraction and interest in corporal punishment games, betrayed only by an erotica section that includes various instruments of discipline.

As a heat wave settles on the mall, passions run riot, not only between Lisa and Danielle, but also Walter, the owner of the art gallery; Rachel, the card shop lady who wants them closed down because they’re a corrupting influence; Jack, the young writer who works for Rachel and desires her, and Nomi, the outrageous new employee Danielle has just taken on – who admits to liking girls and being spanked.

As the temperature climbs ever higher, bottoms redden and lives are changed when the staff at Morrigan Mall submit to their most scandalous desires.

Lisa lay face down over the man’s lap, with her skirt pushed roughly up over her lower back. He was pulling her knickers down and she was begging him to stop. It was a futile protest: he wouldn’t stop and she didn’t really want him to. She felt the knickers dragged from her bottom and left tangled around her thighs. She twisted her head, looked back at her assailant.

He had no face – there was just a mask-like blur where his face should be.

He could be anybody. And he had her exposed bottom at his mercy.

Lisa squirmed with pleasure, excitement rising in her.

‘I’m going to spank your bare arse, young lady, and I’m not going to be gentle about it. I’m going to bring a blush to these cheeks that won’t fade for a week.’ His words thrilled her, as she felt an arm tighten about her waist, holding her firm. ‘Struggle as much as you like, you can’t escape your punishment.’

He began to spank her – hard, fast, merciless open-handed smacks across her naked buttocks. After a few minutes she began to struggle, to kick and buck against the restraining arm placed across her lower back. She couldn’t free herself and very quickly her bottom was on fire. She pleaded with him to stop, her struggles more frenzied and her cries getting louder the harder he spanked. But she didn’t want him to stop.

She looked back over her shoulder once more, to see that the spanker now had a face, and that it wasn’t a man any more, it was –


‘Lisa! What’s wrong? Are you all right?’

Lisa came up out of the dream, struggling with the single wet sheet that imprisoned her. Blearily she looked toward the rectangle of light that was the open bedroom door. Danielle stood there, her face in shadow but the concern and panic clear in her voice and posture.

‘Unhhh! Nightmare, I think.’

‘You think? It sounded weird. You were moaning and threshing about, but I couldn’t tell if you were in trouble or having the time of your life.’

‘Just a nightmare,’ Lisa insisted, embarrassed by the very idea of sharing details of the erotic encounter with her flatmate. ‘I’m all right. Go back to bed.’

‘If you say so. But these nightmares are becoming more frequent, and they sound bloody odd if you ask me.’

She stepped back into the lighted hallway, allowing Lisa a momentary glimpse of her before closing the door. Danielle always slept naked and in her panic over her friend’s cries she hadn’t stopped to put anything on. Lisa took in the full breasts swaying as she reached for the door handle, the flat belly and shapely legs, and the little triangle of dark hair between her thighs.

The door closed and Lisa rolled onto her back, exhaling loudly and reaching up to brush damp strands of hair back from her forehead.

She’s right. It’s getting worse. The dreams are getting worse, but how do I stop them? And I can’t tell Danielle; she’ll think it’s sick – wanting to be stripped and beaten. And that faceless face, it changed. It was Danielle! Oh hell, what’s wrong with me? I’m dreaming about my best friend spanking me.

Tormented by confusing thoughts and images, she eventually drifted off into a restless sleep.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Sarah Cole on 8th September 2012 11:18AM

Great to see a spanking story set in the seemingly mundane surroundings of a shopping mall. The characters, from Lisa and Danielle who run the lingerie shop at the heart of the erotic action, to Walter the artist with a penchant for painting recently punished girls and Rachel, whose desires to see the shop closed down are driven more by her own repressed sexuality than true mean-spiritedness, are all nicely fleshed out and there's a real sense of fun throughout the book. These characters really do love spanking and being spanked. I look forward to seeing more from Alanna Appleton.

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