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Beau For A Bo

A collection of gay erotic stories

By Landon Dixon

Beau For A Bo
EPUB, 53 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908006219
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 26th September 2010

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Gay, Mixed Themes

Rating: 0 vote(s).

A collection of five sexually explicit erotic stories with gay themes including BDSM, multicultural and outdoors.

Beau For A ’Bo:

1933. The Depression. Times are hard, like the men. When a hobo saves a young man from a boxcar banging, he wonders if it was worth the effort. Then finds out for sure – no pain, no gain.

Heavenly Body:

His girlfriend gave him a telescope for his birthday. And the stargazer opened up a whole new erotic universe for him, close to home.

Office Poly-dicks:

Barron had been with the firm only six months, but even in that short time, he’d impressed the partners with his intelligence and work ethic, his clean good looks, warm brown eyes, and heavily-muscled physique. One partner, in particular, had quickly become the studly overachiever’s biggest fan.

Road Trip:

Chad and Cody were as close as two boys could get. So they resolved to make perhaps their last summer together a memorable one. An epic road trip was in order. And on the road, they discovered they could get even closer yet.

Dark Journey:

The man had a proposition: ‘You can drive as far as you can hold off coming.’ It was going to be a bumpy ride.

These stories have also been published in Hot Tales of Gay Lust Paperback ISBN 9781907761454 eBook ISBN 9781907761461

There were all kinds on the road. This kid was one of the strangest, and one of the prettiest. He had a delicate, oval-shaped face and plush, red lips, slender hands and fingers, smooth skin tanned a tawny brown. My cock hardened in my pants looking at him and his wiener like my appetite whetted looking at a load of red-hots at a ballpark.
He shoved me in the chest, making his cock jack up and down. I grabbed his girlish shoulders and shoved him down to his knees. His fingers were light and agile, pulling my hard-on out of my pants before I could even stop him, had I wanted to.
His hot hand on my pulsing rod was like a sweet, jarring slap to the mush. His hot, wet mouth engulfing my bloated hood and half of my swollen length was like a warm wave of sunshine washing through my shimmering body. I grabbed onto his ears and jerked his face into my groin, driving my dong right down his throat.
He gagged, blowing snot out of his gasping nostrils. But he clutched my buttocks in a death-grip, not even letting me take a step back. I pumped my hips, fucking his face.
It was searing heat and bathing dampness and velvety tightness, plunging back and forth in the kid’s mouth and throat. My cock bent, dove, the kid sealing tight with his lips. Sucking.
I flat-out slammed his face, my fingernails biting into his ears, his biting into my ass. My balls slapped against his pert little chin. He blew steam over my groin, the glistening length of cock that actually squeezed out from between his lips, before gliding back in again. My body temperature rocketed, pouring molten cock into that young man’s coke furnace of a mouth and throat.
I couldn’t hold it, the pressure too intense. I was going to blow.
The kid sensed it. For all his young years, he knew men, well.
He jerked his head back, and my prong popped out of his mouth on a tidal wave of hot spit and air. ‘Fuck me! Fuck my ass!’ he moaned. He caught my bobbing cap between his teeth and bit into the shining knob.

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