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April Showers

By Michael Wells, Eve Ray, Beverly Langland, Landon Dixon and Michael Bracken

April Showers
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EPUB, 59 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335707
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 7th February 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Gay, Mixed Themes

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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including m/m, contemporary, cougars and jackals, BDSM and cross-dressing.

April Showers by Michael Wells

You can watch the world from your window – or join in. Sometimes the world barges in, picks you up and shakes you, and when it does, you’re forced into taking the ride! When dodgy pipework causes a flood in the upstairs flat, recluse Tom is forced step in and help Alexi, the half-naked, beautiful, and very wet builder. When the water stops, the heat is turned on and a heady, steamy meeting of worlds begins.

A Queer Kind of Caring by Eve Ray

Eric seems a broken man and tired of life when he comes to the old people’s home. But his appetite for young men is undimmed, and he enjoys an Indian summer of passionate sex with his carer, teaching him about all the pleasures two men can enjoy together.


Valentine by Beverly Langland

Handsome Jake Barrett is a bully in and out of the bedroom. He lives with his long-suffering boyfriend, Simon, an exuberant party-loving guy who doesn’t hide his sexuality, unlike Jake. When he meets Valentine, a busty redhead with piercing grey eyes, in a coffee house he gets a painful reminder of his past. She reveals she was once Paul, the lovesick boy who fancied Jake at school and who Jake bullied mercilessly. What happens next is the stuff of Jake’s kinkiest nightmares, and to make matters worse, he discovers that his lover has aided his deliciously humiliating downfall.

Bustin’ Our Balls by Landon Dixon

Kives was wanted on 15 state-wide warrants and a few national ones, and FBI Special Agent Jurgens had a sworn duty to run him down. Only it wasn’t always the lawman who got the drop on the lawbreaker, and when they did run into one another, what they did together wasn’t at all by the book. From coast to coast, chasing their tails.

Memories by Michael Bracken

Ten years together and still as hot for each other as the day they met, two  men spend their anniversary reminiscing about all the good times and the sex. Especially the sex.

These stories have also been published in Boy in Bed.

In a slight daydream, I turned and there stood Alexi, his glorious chest dry now apart from a smear of water across his chest from the sopping T-shirt that hung over his broad shoulder. In one hand was his wet boiler suit, in the other some towels. ‘Sorry,’ he said, ‘the door was ajar. Is it OK to come in?’ Instantly I regretted putting on joggers with no underwear. I knew that Alexi had seen my dick twitch and bounce as I looked at him. His eyes took in my body and, as he looked at my face, he broke once again into his smile that just melted my heart.

‘Sure, no problem,’ I stuttered. ‘Give me your stuff, I’m just about to dry mine …’

He took the one step toward me that brought me within touching distance and gently pulled the wet T-shirt from his shoulder. I grabbed the rest of the damp clothes and pushed them into the machine. Setting the dial, I stood and turned to find that Alexi was right behind me.

‘Thank you for your help today.’ His hand came up and was clamped on my shoulder. ‘I don’t know what I would have done without you. You saved my day, I owe you – big time.’ My mouth opened to bat away the compliment, but before I could get the words out Alexi’s lips were on mine. Soft, full, strong lips that entangled me in their warmth. He kissed with such tenderness and self-contained strength I could do nothing but stand there and slowly melt. Drawing away, he said, ‘Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you’re so stunning. I’m really sorry, you’re probably not even …’

But before he could finish the sentence I wrapped my arms around him and was kissing him with passion I hadn’t felt in years. Our bodies came together, warm skin against warm skin, muscle against muscle. It was like each of us was trying to hold the other tighter than the other. My hand went to the back of his head, fingers pushed into the thick, black hair and I pulled him in as close as I could. The warmth, the heat that was oozing from him was like power being transferred from his to my own body. We couldn’t get enough. Alexi pulled away from me and bent slightly to kiss my neck. Soft, warm kisses that sent a shiver of electricity through me.

As he kissed me, his hands wandered around my back, discovering my muscles and stroking my skin. When his mouth met my nipple, I gasped. Taking the signal of pleasure, Alexi began to slowly trace the outline of it with his tongue. Round and round the wet tongue went before taking it gently in his teeth Alexi bit oh so softly at its erect end. I gasped again; my body bucked, bolts of electricity shooting across my skin. Biting harder, Alexi took the other erect nipple and squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger. I shuddered and grabbed at the back of Alexi’s head and buried my face in his thick hair. With a twist of an arm I sent him down my body, giving no resistance, his tongue and lips never losing contact with my chest. He kissed his way down my stomach and, finally, to my groin. On his knees now, Alexi, chin on the waistband of my joggers, looked up at me with a passion I felt totally. I wanted to be connected to him; I wanted our bodies to be as one. Nimble hands grabbed at the waistband and pulled at them. His mouth was in my groin, greedily licking and sucking; my dick, harder than I can ever remember it being, was caught in the fabric, held by Alexi’s chin, unable to escape. The feeling was exquisite. Hot hands grabbed my dick from its prison, fabric fell to the floor, and Alexi still looked at me. Then, drawing his eyes down to his prize, he parted his beautiful lips and swallowed me. The sensation of being inside his mouth almost felled me. My knees buckled and I grabbed at the kitchen counter to steady myself, drawing deep breaths to stop my head spinning. Heat pulsated from my dick and lifted years of coldness from my bones. With his tender mouth, he pulled from me loneliness and bitterness; playing with my dick, sucking my balls and eagerly discovering pleasures I knew had equally become mine.

I had to taste that passion on him, had to be sure that his beautiful lips were telling the truth. I gave up my position at the counter and let myself fall. Face to face with him, I looked into those deep, passionate eyes and silently begged him to take me. His smile replied; he had got the message. Lips on mine, tongue discovering mine, passion demanding more and more. Strong hands, muscles tensed, wrapped themselves around me and lifted me onto the work surface. Kissing as if we were never to see each other again, Alexi quickly unbuttoned his still-wet jeans. Tugging and pulling at them to ease them from his taut, hot skin, he kicked to release them. His dick, trapped until then, bounced and jumped, happy to be free, hard as stone in his dark triangle of hair. Somehow, from the wet jeans Alexi grabbed a condom. Pausing to rip the packaging with his teeth, he smiled at me. The smile said more than I thought possible … “Is this OK? Are you sure? We’re going to be together now, as one.”

I smiled back at him and raised my legs, wrapped them around his waist and used my strong thighs to pull him toward me. 

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