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Home Movies

By J J Monroe

Home Movies
EPUB, 96 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783751952
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 31st October 2013

Category: Destination Erotica

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A sexy new title by J J Monroe

When two worlds collide on a modelling shoot on an exotic Caribbean island sparks will fly. Gorgeous bodies + stunning locations = superheated sex.

Sarah Lawless is the next great thing in the modelling world but she is running bruised from a sex tape scandal. Charlie Fish is the indie movie boy making waves in Hollywood. Fish has a strict no dating clients’ rule and Sarah has sworn off men but with chemistry this intense there can only be one outcome and when their two worlds collide on a modelling shoot on an exotic Caribbean island sparks will fly and they will get their sizzle on. Gorgeous bodies + stunning locations = superheated sex. You don’t have to be Einstein to work this equation out.

Unable to let go, Fish breaks his golden rule and invites Sarah to join him on the set of his next movie. It’s a small part but it could make a world of difference to her but when the part calls for Sarah to kiss another girl she throws caution to the wind and steps up. Charlie can’t stand the heat, though, and loses his head in the Caribbean. Is being wild about the girl going to be enough to fix a broken heart or has he lost Sarah forever?

This is such a bad idea. Every fibre of my being is screaming that this can only end badly, so why can I not hear any shouts of protest from my own mouth? Why aren’t I storming into the bathroom and refusing to come out until he turns off the camera? Oh why indeed? Shall I tell you the answer, because it must be obvious. Deep down inside behind this serene exterior is a horny little slut. Now, who am I kidding with the serene exterior garbage? Look at me. Look in the dictionary for the definition of sex kitten and you’ll see a picture of me looking right back at you. I know! Who am I to complain? I’ve got the looks, with the long, blonde hair and the killer blue eyes; I’ve got the body. It’s clearly been built for sin with all the curves, and these breasts – well, let’s just say that since they started growing my life just hasn’t been the same. So, really, is it any wonder that I am here in this hotel room with my boyfriend and a digital camera that he has just happened to “borrow”? I could walk away. It wouldn’t be that difficult to do, but now he’s looking at me with his baby blues and I’ve always been a sucker for a boy with ripped abs. But the real problem is I’m feeling horny as hell.

He’s been working out some and I’ve been doing some working out of my own. With this body wearing this lingerie and the way he’s looking at me, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out where we’re heading. He gives me a look and I see all that pent-up desire and animal lust all mixed up and I can feel the drip, drip of my own desire starting to soak through my panties. This is bad. Someone better call the fire brigade because we’re about to burn this house down.

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