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The Magician's Lover

Book One in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

By Danielle Austen

The Magician's Lover
Paperback, 214 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909624764
Format: 203mm x 127mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 23rd May 2013

EPUB, 254 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335165
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 13th December 2012

Category: Contemporary, Erotic Novels, Fantasy, Paranormal

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

Shy receptionist Lindsey Wade can’t believe her luck when a chance encounter with world-famous stage magician Angelito Tarrago leads to an affair. But when he tries to convince her that he possesses genuine supernatural powers – and she might too – her life changes for ever.

Pulled between her safe, comfortable life and the glamorous, erotic world of magic, Lindsey delves deeper; uncovering a secret society, long-buried lies, and sides to herself that she didn’t know existed.

Is her lover telling the truth? Could she really be the subject of an ancient prophecy? And who is the mysterious man following her around?

Book One in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy with mixed themes including paranormal, fantasy, mystery and suspense, m/f, f/f, menage and sex in public.

‘This is the girl.’

Angelito looked at the photograph. He was surprised. He hadn’t expected her to look like that. ‘You are sure?’

‘I’m certain. She’ll be there tonight. Don’t screw this up, Angelito. You know how important she is.’

Angelito nodded once, and left the room.


‘And the winning ticket is … Number 42!’

Lindsey checked her ticket. ‘Damn it,’ she muttered. She sheepishly raised her hand and stood up, trying to avoid eye contact with the people staring at her. Mr Carlyle looked her way and smiled, throwing his hands wide apart and proclaiming, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of our first prize, a ticket to see the sold-out Angelito Tarrago show tonight, Lindsey Wade!’

There was a quiet ripple of polite applause as Lindsey nervously shuffled her way from the back of the room to the front, keeping her head down, her dark blonde hair falling into her face as she walked. She suddenly felt very conscious that she wasn’t wearing any make-up, and felt judgmental eyes on her baggy black trousers and her high-necked dull beige sweater. She had only entered the raffle because it was a charity event; her workmates would have guilt-tripped her endlessly if she hadn’t taken part. And now she had won the first prize: one ticket to a magic show. She didn’t even like magic shows. And she didn’t like the man she was now shaking hands with for a photograph.

Lindsey had been working for John Carlyle for the past two years, and it had taken considerably less time than that for her to see the smug old lech who hid beneath the sharp suits. But he was her boss, so she shook his hand, smiled awkwardly for the photo, accepted a kiss on the cheek and walked back to her desk at reception, her face flushed with embarrassment.

She sat down and took a quick sip of water to calm her nerves. Almost on cue, her friend, Cammie, walked over to her with a devilish grin fixed on her full lips, her big brown eyes glimmering with a hint of naughtiness. Lindsey briefly perused Cammie’s outfit and, as usual, was left feeling vastly inferior. Her long, perfectly straightened dark brown hair fell beyond her shoulders onto an outfit that made her look more like a secretary from the 1950s than a modern paralegal: a white shirt with thin vertical grey stripes that disguised her small breasts, the short cut of the sleeves revealing her thin, lightly tanned arms; paired with a figure-hugging pencil skirt that showed off the curvy arse she always insisted on drawing attention to.

‘Look at you, off to see the world-famous Angelito Tarrago!’ Cammie said as she perched on the edge of Lindsey’s desk. She had fun with the pronunciation, rolling the “r” of the Spaniard’s name and making exaggerated gestures with her hands.

Lindsey snorted, staring down at nothing in particular. ‘Do you want to go instead?’

‘I’d love to, but I’m seeing Jason tonight.’

Lindsey had only met Jason a few times, and their conversations had always been very superficial. He seemed nice, though, if a little shallow. She thought that he seemed like a good fit for Cammie; probably a better choice of partner than Cammie realised. Lindsey jumped at the chance to send the conversation away from herself and asked, ‘How’s it going with him anyway?’

‘It’s going good,’ Cammie replied with an accentuated slowness. ‘I don’t think it’s really going anywhere, but he treats me well and he’s incredibly hot and we have great sex, so I can’t really complain!’

Lindsey couldn’t help but wince. Cammie was often this brutally honest about sex when she spoke to her female friends, and although Lindsey had known her long enough to become accustomed to hearing about it, she still couldn’t understand the need to talk about something so private.

‘In fact, tonight,’ continued Cammie, ‘I’m going to surprise him and –’ her voice dropped to a little more than a whisper ‘ –indulge one of his fantasies. He told me he’s always wanted to try bondage, so I’m leaving my door unlocked, putting something sexy on, and tying myself up. Then I’ll just wait for him to come over.’ She grinned, almost as if she expected Lindsey would suddenly change her entire personality and start giggling with her.

‘You’re leaving your door unlocked? What if some stranger just walks in?’

‘Then I guess he’ll fuck me instead,’ she quipped, while Lindsey tried not to be offended by Cammie’s throwaway use of that word. ‘But anyway, this isn’t about me. You need to be going to that show tonight. You won it, you deserve to go!’

‘You expect me to go on my own?’

‘Sure, why not? It’s a magic show, not a nightclub. Just sit down and be entertained. You could do with some fun.’ Cammie affectionately touched Lindsey’s shoulder in a gesture of comfort, but Lindsey instinctively drew away, instantly regretting the motion. She liked Cammie; she didn’t want to offend her. She just wasn’t comfortable with personal conversations like this.

‘How long has it been now? Since … Since Eddie, I mean,’ Cammie continued.

Lindsey paused, took a deep breath, and then replied, ‘Three months.’

Cammie took a moment and gently asked, ‘So don’t you think you deserve some fun?’

‘When I think of having fun, the first thing that springs to mind isn’t a magic show,’ Lindsey replied in a too-serious tone.

Cammie chuckled. ‘Seriously Linds, you’ll enjoy it more than you think. Angelito Tarrago is incredible; don’t pretend like you didn’t watch that stunt he did on TV last year with the Sphinx. You’ll have a great time. Even if you don’t, it’s only a couple of hours wasted. And it’s not like you have to pay for it.’ She leant in and stroked Lindsey’s arm and this time Lindsey forced herself to remain still. Her hair dangled in her face, hiding the deep green eyes that shone with a hint of sadness.

Danielle Austen is an ordinary woman; a full-time office manager, keen runner and self-professed nerd who spends her free time either at the gym, socialising with friends or curled up on the sofa with her husband. But unknown to her friends and her colleagues, she is also the author of full-length erotic novels which have been published worldwide in e-book and print by the multi-award winning Xcite Books.



Danielle’s unique blend of complex storytelling, intense action scenes and frequent, varied sexual content has received widespread critical acclaim, with E-Read Erotica Reviews citing Danielle as writing “new creations of literature that are mature, unafraid, and passionately move us as readers.” Her newest release The Ancient’s Destiny – the third and final book in the Prophecy Girl Trilogy – is her darkest and most ambitious book to date; an epic story of love, lust and magic set against the backdrop of the end of the world.


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Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Kate Woes on 28th October 2012 12:13PM

The Magician's Lover is an erotic romance novel with the emphasis firmly on "erotic". Though there is a romance behind everything, this book can't really be compared to the erotic-tinged paranormal romance stories from the likes of Ilona Andrews; instead think more along the lines of the Black Lace line of books where the sexual content is frequent and filthy. And if that's the kind of book you're looking for, you're in for a treat. The sex is very hot and very varied, and I enjoyed certain parts a lot more than I thought I would!

Plot-wise it's an urban fantasy set in modern-day London, primarily centred around average girl Lindsey Wade and her discovery of the existence of magic. Obviously given that this is subtitled "The Prophecy Girl Trilogy" there is a prophecy involved, and though the climax of the romance wasn't a shock, I was still very surprised at what happens at the end.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. The plot kept me interested, there are some good characters - I was particularly fond of Lindsey's friends Cammie and Jason - and the sexual content ticked all the right boxes.

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