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Mistress Satina's Slutmaid Academy

The Diary of a Dominatrix

By Alexia Falkendown

Mistress Satina's Slutmaid Academy
EPUB, 45 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908766540
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 2nd February 2012

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Femdom

Rating: 0 vote(s).

A collection of three erotic stories with mixed themes including BDSM, CP, fem dom, f/f, TV.

Serpentine tongues excite hard cocks, wet pussies and spanked butts at Mistress Satina’s famous Slutmaid Academy in Brighton after her evening punishment parade in the ballroom. Her Academy discipline routine of bare bottom canings for errant slutmaid trainees is followed by soothing “afterglow” parties in her boudoir for their spanked butts where Mistress Satina ensures that more than the slutmaids’ reddened bottoms get creamed when the lights are turned down low.

Weekends are always interesting when I have a full class of six trainees attending my Satina’s Select Slutmaid Academy at my elegant Regency residence in Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Square. They arrive from London on Friday afternoon and Adelaide, my collared submissive and academy supervisor, soon has them sissydressed and ready for my inspection when I make my first entrance at evening assembly in my bijou ballroom.

I insist that trainee slutmaids commence their scheduled weekends of intensive disciplined training by submitting to Adelaide’s strict but enjoyable feminisation routine: a sensual bubble bath followed by body depilation and creaming (I abominate hairy slutmaids), a manicure, and a facial. Only then are they ready to be tightlaced into their form-shaping satin corset, and step into their custom-made slutmaid’s uniform from Rosalind Woods. Adelaide supervises each postulant slutmaid as she masters the feminine art of facial make-up and checks her dress prior to my inspection. Woe betide a slutmaid (and Adelaide) if I am displeased with her appearance.

I make my entrance on the dot of 8 o’clock and six tightlaced and newly curvaceous slutmaids, feeling deliciously feminine in their satin and heels, make a low curtsy and chorus in greeting, ‘Good evening, Mistress Satina!’ Adelaide has them charmingly dressed in their black satin ruffle maid uniforms with short flouncy skirts that show off frilly white petticoats and allow a tantalizing glimpse of black satin-and-lace “slut-hole” knickers. Their fetching sissy ensemble is completed by sheer black, lace-topped seamed stockings held tautly against their newly creamed and smoothed thighs by their corset suspenders.

I like to compliment each slutmaid on her turnout and course progress. Sometimes, however, I must discipline a sissy slut for wayward behaviour during the previous weekend and give her solemn notice to present herself for a bare bottom spanking the following evening.

For serious misdemeanours I give a naughty slutmaid 24 hours warning before caning her in front of her assembled sisters at my weekly Saturday evening “punishment parade”. The wait heightens her apprehension, allowing her to anticipate the impending pain and the humiliation of baring her bottom in submission before all.

I am a strict disciplinarian, but I am also a loving mistress. I reward a novice slutmaid who has been diligent and amenable in her studies the previous weekend with a sensual lovestrapping on Friday evening. Stripped to her figure-hugging white corset that enhances and shapes her sissified body and displays the beauty of her rounded bottom, I have Adelaide bend her over and tether her to my punishment block in the ballroom. After lowering her knickers, I give her squirming butt a hundred teasing lashes with my velvet-suede flogger, occasionally flicking her jewels dangling enticingly between her legs or pausing to caress her slutcock to tumescent arousal. Such sensual coordination of caress and sting brings her writhing body to a euphoric pitch that can only be satiated by Mistress Satina’s satin-gloved hand stroking that heated throbber to its ecstatic peak of spurting slutcome.

There would be no slutcock ecstasies handed out by me this Friday, however. But there would be a severe caning for a tearful slutmaid on Saturday. 

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