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Butt In

By Landon Dixon

Butt In
EPUB, 46 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908917447
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 6th September 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Gay
Series: Hot Tales of Gay Lust

Rating: 0 vote(s).

An Xcite Books collection of five erotic gay stories with mixed and varied m/m themes including menage, BDSM, sci-fi, voyeurism, sex in public and interracial.

Butt In

He was an assman from way back, always gravitating to men’s moons – following them with his eyes in pants and shorts and swimsuits, fondling them with his hands, clothed and bare, fucking them with his cock. And so, when he saw the man laid out on the beach like a Nubian offering to the glute gods, he went weak in the knees and hard in the cock. And he just had to butt in.

Engines of the Night

They were after Mariano. Far off, the high-pitched whine of an engine throttling to top speed, then the shotgun-like blasts of a bigger engine, exploding from cruising to racing speed, echoing through the dark, empty, concrete streets. Revving closer, burning nearer, seeking, doing battle over hot, young men like Mariano who dared go out at night.


He works for Hunk magazine, a glossy monthly publication that profiles handsome male athletes, runs features on various sporting, health, and lifestyle issues. The job doesn’t pay well, but there’s one excellent fringe benefit: the opportunity to ogle hunky men in their deliberately-made-skimpy uniforms and other athletic gear. And when two studly footballers show up for a photo shoot, the pictorial action turns wildly perverted, in living colour.

Massaging the Truth

It was a sleazy, back alley Washington massage parlour with a reputation for “full-service” rubdowns. You had to know the password just to get in. Thompson knew it, wanted the works. And then he knew he wanted so much more.

Agony Uncle

A lot of young men had gone through it – being “interviewed” by “Uncle Simon”, the man who ran the main industry in town, virtually controlled the entire county. It was a rough, rigorous process that resulted in only the right men for the job. The reward? Employment at Uncle Simon’s business, servitude at Uncle Simon’s home.


The rounded peaks of his shining buttocks were only a mere, mouthwatering foot or so from the end of my jacked-up cock. I trembled all over despite the inferno heat, pumping faster, harder, fisting my rod. I gripped my balls and squeezed, twisted. But that was no good, because it raised my dick, that one inch taking me farther away from the lush, dark mounds of my desire. So I pinched a nipple, pulled on it, tugging cock with relentless abandon.

My balls tightened and tingled. Sweat poured down my face and the sides of my body, damp palm flying along my come-hard prick, my heavy breathing and the thwack-thwack of flesh on flesh now filling the supercharged air.

Then I jerked, and jetted, my over-stimulated prick going off in my hand.

For a split second rational thought entered my addled mind and told me to spray away from the sprawled-out dude. But my balls and cock and warped soul were having none of it. I bit my lip almost to bleeding and rained white-hot come down on the man’s ass, splashing his magnificent buttocks, striping the dark meat with white, burning his taut, towering skin with my lust. Jolted again and again, I coated his ass with sticky adulation.

His eyes popped open and he shook his head. He rose up on his elbows and turned and groggily looked at me. I did the only thing I could do, which is what I’d wanted to do all along – I plunged my hands down onto his buttocks and started rubbing. ‘Looked like you could use some more suntan lotion!’ I gulped, rubbing my heated semen into the guy’s ass.

He swallowed and blinked his big brown eyes at me, the muscles on his shoulders and back rippling, his butt cheeks tightening deliciously under my hands. ‘Yeah, uh, thanks, man,’ he said in a rich, deep timbre. ‘But that doesn’t really explain why your dong’s hanging out.’

I looked down. My cock was still stretched out in the open, swaying with the rhythm of kneading hands. I’d forgotten to tuck myself back in. ‘Uh …’

He grinned, teeth gleaming, feasting his eyes on my meat. ‘You like a built booty, huh? I like a big dick, myself. Name’s Doug.’

‘B-Brent,’ I stammered.

Doug rolled over onto his back and gestured at me and my cock. I frowned. His ass was gone from view, out of my hands. But I had to honour the man’s request, after he’d given me so much pleasure. I straddled his body and crawled up his chest until my cock dangled directly over his mouth, hood brushing his lips.

He blew on my cap, and I jerked. He reached his hand around and laced his long fingers around my shaft, and I jumped. He started gliding his warm, smooth palm up and down my prick.

‘Yes!’ I breathed.

‘Yeah,’ he murmured, my cock swelling harder, pulsing in his stroking hand. Recovery time is never an issue with me when I’m in the presence of gluteness.

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