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Game Ball

By Landon Dixon

Game Ball
EPUB, 49 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908917454
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 6th September 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Gay, Mixed Themes
Series: Hot Tales of Gay Lust

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

A collection of five erotic gay stories with mixed themes from one of erotica's best known writers Landon Dixon. Stories include menage, BDSM, voyeurism, sex in public and interracial themes.

Game Ball

He was still upset with himself half an hour after the game. He’d missed the tying goal with three seconds left. But his team-mate, Octavio, knew the score, the big, rugged, raven-haired, copper-skinned guy offering up a post-match pep session that turned losing into winning, gloomy into gaiety. Game on!


Bryan Frinkle loves comic books, graphic novels, and all things Yaoi. But most and best of all, he loves pulps, the rough paper fiction magazines that dominated newsstands in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. His favourites are the hero pulps, whose rugged, wily, earth-shaking, heartbreaking leading men often find their way straight into young Bryan’s very active fantasies. And when he ventures forth to the pulp magazine and paperback book convention, he meets a couple of young men who share his passion – and passions. Even the garish pulps never dished out thrills so lurid!

Men of the Open Road

The road he walked, he didn’t walk alone. With his thumb out, dressed in a tight white T-shirt and pair of blue jeans that showed off his smooth, young, sun-bronzed body, he kept getting picked up by older men. And taken for rides. It was the most satisfying form of travel he knew.

Sunnyside Up

Mark wasn’t exactly overjoyed when his parents suggested he spend the summer on his uncle’s farm. The only consolation was that his cousin two times removed, Jake, was going to be there, and they were both around the same age. Maybe they’d have some good times. And maybe, just maybe, Mark would experience the longest, hottest summer on record.

Blue vs Brown

The streets were where their war was waged, individual battles won and lost on their routes. The FedEx guy in his blue uniform, Ron. The UPS guy in his brown uniform, Don. Every now and then, though, their fire would turn downright friendly, the two hardened road warriors abandoning the uniforms that made them mortal business enemies to engage in a sizzling private truce.

I was still upset with myself half an hour after the game. Everyone else had already changed and gone home, taking the 12-11 loss in stride. It was only a recreational indoor soccer league game, after all.

But I’d missed the tying goal with three seconds left. Faced with a goalie prone out of position, I’d sailed a shot right into the net – the net that hung from the ceiling of the arena to keep balls from flying into the stands.

I gripped the sink in the changeroom and hung my head, too disgusted to even look at myself in the mirror.


I jumped up onto my toes, the swift whack on the ass waking me out of my misery. I stared into the mirror. Octavio was standing there, grinning at me.

‘Still punishing yourself over blowing that goal, huh?’ he said. ‘Mind if I lend a hand?’

Before I could object, the big, raven-haired guy smacked my butt again, jolting me a second time, this time on the other cheek. I was still wearing my game shorts, but that pitifully thin garment did little to take away the sting of the guy’s huge right hand.

Octavio was completely naked. He’d obviously just come out of the showers located on the other side of the sinks and urinals. His smooth, rugged body glistened like copper, his cock sticking almost straight out from between his legs.

I got a weird feeling – in my mind and ass and groin. I stared at Octavio’s long, hard prick in the mirror, my hands gone damp on the sides of the sink, my legs shaking.

And he swatted my bum again, and again. My butt flesh throbbed with heat, like my cock. I was actually getting turned on by the guy’s rough touch, the sight of his naked body and dick.

He got even more touchy, suddenly sinking his bare hands into the back of my shorts and splaying them out on my bare buttocks. ‘Want me to rub it better, baby?’ he joked, massaging my burning bum. He was still grinning like it was all in a day’s work as team captain, his swollen cockhead sniffing up over my ass.

I gulped, my entire body shimmering with Octavio’s hands plying my cheeks. First the pain, then the pleasure, then pain and pleasure together – from a guy! I’d never experienced anything like it before. But, so help me, I was truly getting off on it.

Octavio knew it too. He pulled his hands out of my shorts and then pulled my shorts right down. My bubble-butt popped out nude and lewd right before the nude and lewd dude and his aroused cock, my own dick now fully poled out in front of me.

He clutched my cheeks and squeezed them, kneaded them, his dong bobbing.

‘Jesus!’ I breathed, on fire back and front. The guy’s cheer job was sure as hell working; I couldn’t even remember the score of the game we’d just played.

But Octavio knew the score. He roamed his hands all over my butt, caressing and groping, getting himself a real good feel, and giving one. Then he released my right cheek and grasped his hard-on, slapped my buttock with the iron rod. I yelped, not from any actual pain, but from the blistering intimacy of skin on skin, cock to ass.

Octavio whacked my left cheek with his dick, my right again, really laying down the lumber. I shivered with every sharp, sexual blow, my own cock jumping higher and harder.

Then I made my move, staring at Octavio’s handsome face, his bright brown eyes reflected in the mirror. I grabbed my cock and started stroking, putting it all out there.

We were playing a better, hotter game than soccer now, one on one, and scoring was right at my fingertips. I fisted my cock from tightened balls to boiled-up cap, Octavio smacking my butt cheeks to rippling with his heavy dong.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Furio on 9th September 2012 10:50AM

This is a short collection of five short gay erotica written by a gay man for gay men.
This time Mr Dixon strikes bull's eye with five stories of high quality, well written, raunchy, uninhibited and imaginative. There is some humour as well -as it is this author's habi t- but this time it is just right, not too much. Settings are nice and add to the entertainment.
A fun, light-hearted read.

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