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Paddle Boy

By Michael Wells, Eve Ray, Beverly Langland, Landon Dixon and Michael Bracken

Paddle Boy
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EPUB, 68 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335684
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 7th February 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Gay, Mixed Themes

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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including m/m, contemporary, historical, spanking, menage and uniform fetish.

Paddle Boy by Landon Dixon

It was Pledge Week at the college fraternity – paddling week – and he was making all the frat brothers sore with his showing off. So they decided to make him sore, hitting him right where he called home with ever-bigger and harder tools of discipline, and delight. Pledge Week was his favourite time of year.

Bananas by Dominic Santi

Lust at first sight slams into the net when a Southern California beach volleyball player falls for a hunk who’s allergic to everything from sunblock to lube to latex. As Speedo meets long-sleeves and a hat, the lovers find new ways to get off.

Evolution of Attraction by Katya Harris

Jamie’s always loved women and never thought he would be attracted to a man, but that was before he met Bryan Foster. The attraction he feels for his gay best friend has been building and building, and now they’re sharing a motel room for the night, he can longer deny just how much he wants him. The surprise is that Bryan wants him just as badly, even though he thinks Jamie is just curious about gay sex. Neither of them is ready to admit that what they feel for each other is more than curiosity or casual lust, but by the time morning comes around, they both know what they’ve shared could be the beginning of something wonderful.

Happy New Year DJ Lawrence by Graham Benedict

Lawrence, the DJ owner of a mobile disco, doesn’t think he has a thing about uniforms, or the men who wear them. So the New Year’s Eve gig at a local naval base is just business as usual. Until Gary, the leading seaman, comes back off shore patrol and walks into the club. At the end of the night, when Lawrence finds his van has been snowed in, it’s not long before he discovers that, when it comes to naval manoeuvres, Gary has no qualms about disregarding any rules of engagement …

Lay-by by L.A. Fields

Life’s hard when you’re a college kid living with your aunt to avoid all the teasing that comes from being gay and weighing a good 290 pounds. Except the other kids at college don’t tease Bruce, and the only thing stopping him from breaking away is his own fear. Until his old friend Wade shows up, spelling trouble in all the nicest of ways and promising to show Bruce all the passion he’s been missing. 

These stories have also been published in Boys in Bed.

Andy stared glumly at me a moment. Then his expression hardened. He raised his paddle. ‘Hey, Roger Frauderer, you know what week this is?’

I halted my moonwalk mid-heel and toe.

‘Pledge week,’ Andy went on. ‘Paddling week.’ An evil grin spread across his freckled countenance.

‘Hey, just because you’re sore, doesn’t mean you have the right to make me sore.’

He wasn’t listening. He was advancing, smacking the rubber-dimpled ping-pong paddle against the palm of his hand. ‘Grab the table and take your punishment like a man.’

I dropped my paddle, filled my hands with the inch-thick green edge of the ping-pong table. Andy got in behind me, reached around me, unfastened my jeans with his free hand, yanked them down. He skinned my Jockeys down, to join my pants at my knees.

I looked back at the guy, my pale, smooth, mounded bottom exposed. He raised the ping-pong paddle up high over his head, slashed his arm downwards. I shut my eyes, tensing for vicious impact.

The red dimples just kissed my electrified skin.

‘Ready?’ he taunted, as I spasmed.

‘Bring it,’ I gulped.

He drew the paddle back, whistled it down onto my bare ass. The crack of rubber against skin went off like a gunshot, exploding inside my ears and body. I rocked forward, stung, heat and hurt flashing through my reddened cheek.

Andy whacked my other cheek, harder. I jumped at the fearful smack, sparks shooting all through me. He crashed the paddle down across both my trembling buttocks at once, raising me up onto my toes, making me moan.

‘Hey, Andy!’ Brent called from upstairs. ‘We’re going on a beer run. Get your ass in gear – you’re the only guy whose driver’s licence isn’t suspended.’

‘Lucky boy,’ Andy hissed in my ear. ‘Or unlucky?’

He gripped my rock-hard dick, and tugged. As he blasted my right cheek, my left, both together.

I jerked with the blows blistering my bum, with the ecstasy blistering my body. Semen jetted out of my prick, Andy jacking me, whacking me.

‘See you later,’ he said, tossing his instrument of recreational pleasure and pain onto the table.

He ran up the stairs. As my fingernails scraped the surface of the table, the last few spasms of sperm rocking my body. My butt smouldered, hardly ablaze, needing beating much worse.

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