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Let it Snow

By Kate J. Cameron

Let it Snow
EPUB, 67 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783755516
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 20th November 2013

Category: Contemporary, Erotic Novels, Holidays / Seasonal

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Stuck in a tiny west Texas town during a snowstorm is no way for Jolynn Ryan to spend Christmas Eve, and she is not happy about it.  But with her private plane grounded due to weather, she and Scott Hallmark, her drop dead sexy pilot, will just have to find other, more intimate ways to amuse themselves and keep each other warm.


Knowing he had me, Scott walked over to the automatic doors, which slid open silently. Then he took my elbow as we started out. I started to object to being manhandled when the force of the approaching storm hit me square in the face. His hand tight on my elbow was the only thing keeping the wind from nearly knocking me over. Already the parking lot was slick with ice and snow, and I begrudgingly began to accept Scott’s opinion that the conditions were just too dangerous.

Fortunately, I had had the good sense to dress in a heavy canvas coat, sweater and jeans with my boots to attend a deposition at a west Texas ranch. Granted, it was a tight sweater, but still … My usual high heels and short skirts would have been as out of place in that setting as a long-haired hippie liberal at a gun show. I hunched over and pulled my coat tightly around me as we made our way to the Suburban.

Not long after we drove away from the airport, Scott left the highway and pulled into a small parking lot. The sign out front told me this was an all-purpose grocery store, café, liquor store and hunting supply. Guess in a place this small, everything had to be multipurpose. The town hall probably doubled as a hair salon …

‘We need a few things, plus I figured we could get a hot meal to go for tonight. You comin’ in?’

I slid out of the passenger side, and followed him into the café. A unique combination of smells hit my nose as we walked into the warmth. The odour of leather, gun oil, and a wood fire mingled with the tantalizing scent of home cooking. The café was not much, just a wood-panelled room with a long counter and several tables and chairs scattered around. But on one wall was a long bench situated beside a rock fireplace, containing a crackling fire. On the other wall, a large opening led to the rest of the building, which must be the grocery/liquor/hunting part the sign had mentioned.

The plump older woman behind the counter smiled broadly as she saw Scott. ‘Well, look who the storm dragged in. I wondered if you were going to make it out in time.’

Scott grinned back. ‘Not quite, Martha. Weather came in just a little faster than I expected. Figured I would head back to the cabin while it blows itself out. I need a few supplies … and is there any chance of getting something to eat?’

Martha winked at him. ‘I saw the weather radar and figured you’d be back, so I fixed your favourite – hot chicken and dumplings, coming up.’ She paused. ‘One order or two?’

Scott smiled again, though I noticed it was a little tight. ‘Make it two, Martha. Ms Ryan is going to stay with me tonight. No room at the inn anywhere in Nolan County.’

If Martha had any thoughts about that, she kept them to herself. ‘Absolutely, Scott.’ She looked at me and smiled. ‘Made the dumplings myself. The perfect comfort food to warm you up on a cold night. I’ll get it ready for you right now so you can be on your way.’

Scott turned to me. ‘Why don’t you wait here for the food while I grab a few things?’

I reached into my purse, but Scott stopped me with a hand on my arm. ‘No. Dinner’s on me to make up for your … inconvenience.’

Was that another smirk I saw? I glared at him again, and sat down on the bench by the fireplace to wait. Scott walked away toward the grocery without another word.

Martha watched this little exchange with interest. ‘Hmm,’ she said quietly. ‘I’ll see to those dumplings.’ She started into the kitchen, then paused and looked at me. ‘I’ve known Scott a lot of years. He’s good people, miss. Just so you know. And his cabin is nicer than most. There’s worse places to spend Christmas Eve, I suppose.’ With that, she pushed through the swinging silver door and disappeared.

Christmas Eve? I mentally threw on the brakes, shocked. Holy smokes. Time sure flies when you are an overworked single attorney.

I sat in the chair, staring at the flames, and tried not to think about all the work I had piling up back in Houston, holiday or not. With a groan, I pulled out my cell phone. I needed to call my secretary and let her know the change of plans, but to my dismay, I saw that I had no signal at all. Then I realised that with tomorrow being Christmas, and a Saturday to boot, the firm had closed early today anyway. No one would be expecting me to be anywhere until Monday. If I was being honest, the thought of being off the grid for a while was actually pretty tantalizing.

Martha came back out about 15 minutes later with a styrofoam box, right as Scott strode back into the café, shaking the snow off his coat. ‘Groceries are in the car. We need to get moving.’

I stood and walked back over to the counter. Martha noticed the cell phone in my hand.

‘Let me guess, no signal.’ At the exasperated noise I made, Martha chuckled. ‘A clear signal is hard to get on a good day out here, much less in a storm like this.’

Scott must have guessed my intention. ‘I got in touch with my flight coordinator before we left the airport,’ he said. ‘I asked them to notify your office of the delay, and that it may be a day or two before we are back.’

‘Thank you,’ I said, somewhat mollified.

Martha set the container on the counter. The smell coming from it was heavenly. ‘The styrofoam should help keep dinner warm for you,’ she said. ‘Dessert’s in there too.’

‘Ah, Martha, you are a peach,’ Scott said, and he leant his long torso over the counter and kissed her on the cheek. He put some cash on the counter and picked up the food. ‘Stay warm tonight.’

Martha smiled affectionately at Scott, and then me. ‘You two do the same. Be safe out there. And Merry Christmas.’

I couldn’t help but give Martha a smile in return. ‘Merry Christmas to you too.’

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