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Melting the Snowman

By Celia Montgomery, Giselle Renarde, Kay Jaybee, Adam G Wright and Tony Haynes

Melting the Snowman
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EPUB, 63 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335950
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 15th November 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Holidays / Seasonal

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An Xcite Books collection of five festive stories with mixed themes including m/f, f/f, partner swap, exhibitionism, Christmas, winter, winter sports, party, threesomes, office sex, risky business, outdoor sex and cougar.

Melting the Snowman by Josie Jordan

Carrie Mason is a freestyle snowboard coach and she loves her job, especially as her current client is the gorgeous JJ Green – having to rub down his near-naked body at the end of every day is a lesson in self-control. Unfortunately, the way he’s performing at the moment, his sponsors are going to dump him and she’ll be out of work. That is unless she can somehow melt his frosty exterior and unleash the passion that simmers beneath.

Head to Mistletoe by Giselle Renarde

When Jess and Lars wear their novelty mistletoe underwear to Stone and Ravinia’s Christmas party, they’re bound to show it off. Lars starts the naughtiness by spanking Ravinia in her sexy Santa Girl outfit. Jess dares him to reveal his mistletoe and Lars agrees – but only if she shows hers too … in front of everyone!   

All I Want for Christmas is… by Kay Jaybee

Holly has a secret wish. After years of having erotic fantasies about her friend Ivy, she decides that something has to be done before her secret desires drive her mad. So Holly writes a very special letter to Father Christmas. Unbeknown to Holly, however, she isn’t the only one with a kinky Christmas request – Ivy’s boyfriend Owen also has a seasonal wish he longs to fulfil …

Cinderella Gets her Prince by Adam G Wright

He’s behind you … oh yes he is! A strait-laced academic in her everyday life, Fiona acts out her passions on stage. And now she’s been cast as Cinderella in her drama society’s pantomime, she’s planning to seduce Prince Charming – played by her long-time heart-throb, Gareth. If her strategy succeeds, she’ll get a taste of what’s inside his tight white breeches, sauced with vengeance for past wrongs. How will her prince react when he discovers that Cinders isn’t as innocent as he assumed?

Naughty … and Nice! by Tony Haynes

Every Christmas Eve, Sandra, the boss at Sinful Sex Toys, turns her office into Santa’s Grotto and lets her staff take their pick of the naughty Christmas gifts on display. As everyone heads home for the holidays, she finds herself alone with Callum, the sexy-smooth new boy on the team. And a flirty, festive kiss promises to turn into something far more passionate beneath the mistletoe …

These stories also appear in Santa’s Hot Secrets

I love my job. But I don’t know what else I can try. My client, JJ Green, has both the talent and the balls to go all the way, yet he simply doesn’t seem to want to any more. His results have been going downhill all season.

There he is, sitting on the snow with his back to a fir tree. ‘Ten days to go,’ I say pointedly.

I’m not counting down to Christmas – which is in fact tomorrow – I’m counting down to the Snowly Grail Cup. Because the way things are going, this is the day I’m going to find myself out of a job.

I glare at him. ‘Have you even warmed up yet?’

JJ yawns. ‘Not yet, no.’

‘Well, get on with it, then.’

With a hiss of exasperation, he hauls himself up, all six foot of him. He’s tall for a snowboarder. I watch him go through the stretches. Hamstrings, quads, calf muscles. The seat of his baggy snowboard pants pulls tight across his arse as he leans forward to touch the snow and I can’t help staring at it. Which is most unprofessional, I know.

Training a guy as gorgeous as JJ is a major test of self-control. I have to sit next to him in the sauna every afternoon, with only a tiny white towel covering his cock. As for rubbing down his body at the end of a hard training session … One touch in the wrong place and I’m pretty sure I’d start ripping his clothes off.

Up until this year, I’ve only had female clients. A degree of sexism still exists in the snowboard world. People seem to believe a female coach is only good enough to train female athletes. I was all set to prove them wrong, but I’m beginning to think they have a point. I certainly have no idea what’s going on in JJ’s head at the moment.

‘Stiff?’ I ask, seeing him wince.

‘A little.’

‘Come here.’ I perch on a nearby tree stump and hoist his snowboard boot into my lap, so I can work my fingers into his calf.

I like to get hands-on with my clients. This way I get to know every muscle in their body. Sadly, there’s one muscle of JJ’s that I haven’t seen yet.

 ‘God, your feet are massive!’ I say before I think better of it.

He gives a stunned laugh. ‘Are you thinking what I think you are? Go on then, Carrie. Ask me if it’s true.’

It’s the first time I’ve heard him laugh for days, but I push his boot away and stand up, dusting the snow from my gloves. ‘No thanks. I don’t want to know.’

Although of course I do want to know. It’s something I’ve been wondering all season.

Despite the sub-zero temperature, I can feel my cheeks burning. To hide my embarrassment, I pick up my snowboard. ‘Let’s go.’

The conditions today are perfect: clear blue sky and a foot of fresh snow. The cable car is full of skiers in red and white Santa hats. Everyone’s in holiday mode and the noise is deafening.

JJ sits beside me, staring at the steep peaks above. His eyes are hidden by his goggles but I can see the tension in his jaw. He’s 22 years old and he should be living the dream. So why is he so damn miserable?

This is the guy voted “The One to Watch” in Whiteout magazine three years back. A year later, he landed a major sponsorship deal. He picked up three more sponsors last year, thanks to a top ten world ranking. But see him ride lately and you wouldn’t know any of that. Passion: there’s no passion in his riding any more.

He’s doing this tapping thing with his knee. I press my gloved hand over his thigh. ‘Stop it!’

He lifts his goggles to his forehead and gives me a belligerent look. His eyes are the same clear blue as the ice up on the glacier. He really is in a filthy mood and I ponder this for a moment.

For a while last year, he dated one of the female pros – a stuck-up little bitch called Annabelle – but they split up last summer. Could that be the problem? That he’s a hot-blooded young male and he’s not getting any?

Anyway, ten more days and it’ll all be over for both of us, unless I can somehow get him out of this rut.

‘What’s up with you?’ I ask quietly.

He avoids my eyes. ‘You don’t want to know.’

‘I’m your coach. I need to know.’

‘I guess I’m just not in the mood.’

I struggle to hide my frustration. ‘So you’d better damn well get in the mood, because everyone else is training like mad.’

His expression hardens and we sit there in silence. Crap. What can I do apart from give up? Because he clearly has.

A wicked idea forms. I take off my glove, slip my hand under his jacket and into his snowboard pants, closing my fingers around his cock. ‘My hand’s cold.’

JJ sits bolt upright.

‘What?’ I ask innocently.

He shoots an alarmed look around the cabin, but we’re swinging above snow-frosted treetops and thankfully everyone else is admiring the view. JJ’s gaze returns to mine. I tug gently at his cock and his blue eyes register his disbelief.

‘Bloody hell!’ I say softly. ‘You are a bit stiff, aren’t you?’

When I tug harder, his lips part and he slumps back in his seat. Then the cable car pulls into the mid-station and I snatch my hand away.

I feel slightly light-headed as we exit and I know the altitude is only partly to blame. ‘Shall we go on up to the top?’ I ask.

‘OK,’ JJ says in a strained voice.

The next lift is a small cabin that fits up to four people. JJ and I scramble for an empty one and the door clunks shut before anyone else can get in. We lean our snowboards against the window.

‘I’m going to ask again,’ I say. ‘What’s up with you?’

He throws me a nervous glance. ‘You really don’t want to know.’

‘You said you weren’t in the mood, but you’re in the mood now, aren’t you?’ I reach for his cock again. Through the thick nylon of his pants I can feel he’s still semi-erect.

Kay Jaybee

Kay Jaybee wrote the novels Making Him Wait, (Sweetmeats Press, 2012), The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), and The Perfect Submissive (Xcite, 2011), as well as the novellas Digging Deep (Xcite, 2013), A Sticky Situation (Xcite, 2012), and The Circus (Sweetmeats Press, 2011). She has also written the anthologies The Best of Kay Jaybee, (Xcite, 2012), Tied to the Kitchen Sink, Equipment, (All Romance, 2012), Yes Ma’am (Xcite e-books, 2011), Quick Kink One and Quick Kink Two (Xcite e-books, 2010), and The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 1st Ed 2008, 2nd Ed 2012).
Kay has had over 60 short stories published by Cleis Press (inc. Best of Best Women’s Erotica 2, Best Women’s Erotica 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012; Best Bondage 2012, 2013, Sweet Love, Gotta Have It, Sweet Confessions), Black Lace (Sexy Little Numbers, Sex and Music), Mammoth (The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica), Xcite (inc.Ultimate Sin, Boy Fun, Power Play, Threesomes, Finger Music, Tricks For Kicks), Penguin (Oysters and Chocolate; Erotic Stories of Every Flavor), Seal (Oysters and Chocolate; Nice Girls, Naughty Sex), Smut, (Smut Alfresco), and Sweetmeats Press (Immoral Views, Punished).

Kay is currently working on The Retreat, the sequel to The Perfect Submissive.

Giselle Renarde

Giselle Renarde is an award-winning author of erotica and LGBT fiction. This queer Canadian writer has contributed short stories to more than 100 anthologies and authored dozens of books, including Anonymous, Nanny State, and the Wedding Heat series.

Her transgender lesbian romance The Red Satin Collection took top prize in the 2012 Rainbow Awards, in the category of Best Transgender Romance/Erotic Romance. Giselle's single-author anthology of transgender fiction and poetry, My Mistress' Thighs, received an honourable mention in the same category the previous year. Her work also appears in Tristan Taormino's Lambda Award-winning anthology Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica.

Ms Renarde loves a geeky girl and lives across from a park with two bilingual cats who sleep on her head. When she's not writing, she's usually up to something good... or up to no good.

Find her at:

Her website:

About her:

Her Twitter:

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