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A Cad and Seducer Two

By Julian Vosper-Smith

A Cad and Seducer Two
EPUB, 18 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908192202
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 19th May 2011

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Humor
Series: A Cad and a Seducer

Rating: 0 vote(s).

Julian Vosper-Smith is a cad and a seducer, a wit and a raconteur. Every man wants to be him and every girl wants to shag him, and now you too can share in his success. Follow his amusing stories and helpful advice as he imparts the wisdom of his ample experience of sexual self-indulgence, whether it's the best systems for picking up poppets, or handy hints for escaping the wrath of jealous partners. Always ready, as suave as he is sophisticated, occasionally down but never out, Julian is the perfect inspiration for every up and coming young man about town, while some may regard his behaviour towards young ladies as somewhat discreditable, he can be guaranteed not to leave them dissatisfied.

Life had been getting rather tricky down on the Riviera. Not that it was all bad, because I’d managed to persuade my French filly, Giselle, that the reason I’d tied up my English filly, Jasmine, and stuck the handle of my clothes brush up her bottom was that she, Giselle not Jasmine, wasn’t fulfilling my needs. All rather complicated, I’m sure you’ll agree, and it took a bit of fine tuning to get Giselle back into bed.

Then there was Davy, whose flat I was staying in while he worked his passage back from South Georgia, on a tramp steamer apparently, and having to fight off the advances of the Bulgarian third mate, who wanted to bugger him. For some reason Davy blamed me for this, and while I don’t really see how I can be responsible for the sexual predilections of Bulgarian seamen, things were sure to be awkward when he got back. Lastly there was the appalling Aldo, Giselle’s fiancé, but he was so damn cocksure I don’t suppose he’d even considered the possibility that his faithful little darling was having the occasional portion of English sausage.

In fact she was getting rather more than just that. Having got over her little Gallic tantrum about Jasmine she’d taken to kink like a duck to water. That’s why I was teaching her the benefits of a good, old fashioned English spanking one sunny afternoon. She was over my knee, her pretty red summer dress turned right up over her titties and the little white panties I’d persuaded her to wear pulled well down.

She was enjoying herself so much she kept asking for more, although her bottom was already as red as a cherry. I’m not completely incapable of self control, and I was thinking of how she’s explain the colour of her bum to Aldo, but it was rather a juicy session. I had my arm curled around her so that I could play with her pussy while I smacked her bottom, and once I’d got her there she made hardly any fuss at all about being lubed for a buggering. So up I went, with Giselle kneeling on the bed and my cock in to my balls.

It wasn’t her first time up the bum, but it was the first she’d been handled properly before getting it, you know the form, warmed up with a spanking and plenty of lube applied to make sure John Thomas fits in the coal hole. She absolutely loved it, and was soon playing with her pussy and begging me to smack her bottom as well so that she could come over getting the full English, as I call it, spanked and buggered at the same time. Well, what’s a chap to do?

Unfortunately I got a bit carried away, as one does in these circumstances, with the result that Aldo would have had to be as blind as a bat not to realise she’d been spanked. It was no good trying to pretend she’d been a naughty girl and ended up over Mummy’s knee or anything - her parents live in Martinique – but she assured me she’d manage to keep covered up until her cheeks had returned to their usual pale olive colour. I didn’t believe a word of it, because if there’s one thing Aldo can’t resist it’s showing her off to his friends. That’s why I was at the back of the apartment building a couple of hours later, in the two-seater with the engine running, and just as well, because I’d barely let the clutch in when three most unpleasant looking fellows arrived at door, and at just the same moment as Davy.

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