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Sexy Lesbian Stories - Volume Three

By Izzy French, Tabitha Rayne and Amanda Stiles

Sexy Lesbian Stories - Volume Three
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EPUB, 35 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783751259
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 19th September 2013

Category: Erotic Novels, Lesbian, Romance
Series: Sexy Lesbian Stories

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Whether you like women to take control, play the submissive or are just keen to read about hot ladies exploring their sexuality to the full, these stories are guaranteed to tease and titillate.

The Trip of a Lifetime by Izzy French
Claudia flees the office after discovering that Jon, her boss, has been filming and broadcasting their sexy fun on the internet – a step too far for Claudia. Collapsing in a cab she realises she has left her laptop behind. She and Anya, the taxi driver, return to the office. Uncertain about entering the building alone Claudia asks Anya to accompany her, feeling comforted by the other woman’s closeness. Together in the lift they embark on some sexy fun of their own, and Claudia soon discovers she is far more satisfied to be filmed in flagrante in the office this time around.

Roses and Figs by Tabitha Rayne
Artist Selena gets more than she bargained for while painting a portrait of the magnificent Rose – a new and voluptuous client who is determined to share her love of figs ...

When I Am Niki by Amanda Stiles
Celia is employed as Melissa Jeffrey’s personal assistant, but in the bedroom their roles are very much reversed: that’s when Celia becomes Niki. Mel’s the kind of woman who likes nothing more than to be dominated and Niki is happy to accept the challenge, along with her collection of personified toys!

These stories first appeared in Wanton Women published by Xcite Books.

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