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A Change of Scene

By Bimbo Ross

A Change of Scene
EPUB, 18 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907761508
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 26th March 2010

Category: Contemporary, Lesbian

Rating: 4 / 5 stars - 2 vote(s).

An erotic short story with explicit sex is an erotica book for women, men and couples looking for lip-biting easy-to-read erotica with explicit sex! Includes partner MF and FF themes.

Delia is dissatisfied with her 10-year-old relationship, while her boyfriend, David, believes a change of scene will rekindle their desires. A job offer in Sydney provides that opportunity. Once there, Delia becomes suspicious of David's new PA, and decides to befriend Zoë in an attempt to 'infiltrate the enemy'. But she is stunned by her own attraction to Zoë and embarks on her first lesbian affair.

Sparks fly, but not the anticipated ones.


‘Suck my cock before we go.’
Delia was sitting cross-legged on the carpet. She had the contents of one of her drawers strewn across the floor in front of her, trying to decide which T-shirt matched which pair of shorts. David had positioned himself so that he was standing in front of her, legs astride, his feet lost amongst the blue tops. The last thing she felt like was sucking his dick. She looked up at his naked form, his hopeful boner. She got up onto her knees so that her mouth was level with his cock, piled some T-shirts under her knee joints, and began to roughly massage David’s dick with her hands.
‘Oh, not too fast,’ he implored.
She sighed and began again. She gently licked him with the tip of her tongue, sending flickering movements across the tip of his penis. Holding his bum in her hands, she then ran her tongue along the length of his shaft, upwards and downwards.
‘Oh, yes, I like that, that’s good, baby, oh do it, do it now, baby, now.’
Sometimes Delia thought that David sounded as though he’d walked straight off the set of a porn movie. She wondered if he practised his lines in the shower beforehand. She could actually imagine it and let out a little snigger.
‘Oh, you’re enjoying this too, aren’t you, sweetie?’
In answer, she took the whole of him into her mouth, could feel his dick reaching down into the back of her throat. She released a little of him in case she choked and then swallowed hard. The sensation drew a gasp from him and it was only a matter of moments before he came spurting into her mouth. Delia swallowed once more, released David’s flaccid penis, and wiped the back of her hand across her mouth.
‘Oh you are so good, baby.’ David ruffled her hair and fell back onto the bed with a satisfied sigh.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Christine Williams on 22nd March 2012 10:31PM

This is a fast paced short story, although it appears to be quite a simple story it has a great twist in the tale. One to enjoy.

Reviewed by: Jenny Wren on 10th April 2012 8:08PM

This is a fast paced short story. Although the story seems to be simple it has a great twist to the tale. One well worth reading.

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