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The Reclining Lady

By Harriet Fitzherbert

The Reclining Lady
EPUB, 31 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908766892
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 12th April 2012

Category: Contemporary, Lesbian

Rating: 0 vote(s).

After Rachel’s Aunt Maggie dies, she has problems getting a fair price for the woman’s collection of antiques, until art curator Hannah steps in. With her red hair and figure to die for, Hannah is just Rachel’s type – and the attraction is mutual. Among Aunt Maggie’s possessions, Hannah finds a long-lost sketch of a reclining nude by Irish artist Jack Yeats. The picture could make Rachel’s fortune – but meeting valuation expert Simon creates a whole new set of temptations, both in business and pleasure. How far will Rachel go to get the best deal?

Then Hannah took control. We were lying facing each other. She pushed my hair back so that she could run her tongue up the erogenous zone between the base of my neck and my ear. She nibbled my lobe, sending sparks through my veins. Her hands moved over my body – brushing my breasts, my spine and my hips, coming to rest on my bottom and gripping it firmly. Every touch of her fingers seemed to singe my flesh. My heartbeat reverberated in my head.

She rolled off the bed onto her knees and gently manoeuvred me to the edge of the mattress. Her thumbs sneaked inside the waist of my pearly-white silk knickers so she could free me from them and inhale their scent.

‘I do love the smell of your fragrant pussy,’ she purred.

Hannah knelt on the floor, her head perfectly positioned to explore between my splayed legs. Lifting my right leg onto her shoulder, she kissed and licked the inside of my thigh until she reached my cunt lips. She brushed aside my untrimmed black hair with her fingers and ran her wet tongue up and down my outer lips until my body trembled with excitement. She lifted my other leg on to her left shoulder; her tongue now seemed to be on fire as she licked and sucked my pubic mound. Her fingers prised my lips apart and her tongue found my clitoris, which she sucked like a cock until it became firm in her mouth. I began to writhe under her ministrations, and when her fingertips tightened on my erect nipples, I could hold on no longer and forced myself further into her mouth, feeling my muscles spasm in orgasmic delight.

Hannah joined me on the bed and lay still, breathing heavily, wiping my juice from her face with the back of her hand.

I turned my head to look at her and smiled.

‘Oh my God – that was worth waiting for. I haven’t come like that for a very long time. Now let me taste your sweetness.’

Hannah crouched over my face, offering me her clean shaven, purple pussy lips. I clasped her well-rounded arse with both hands as I moved my mouth in synchronicity with her animated cunt, back and forth, until my tongue was buried inside her. Suddenly she stopped, her body rigid, as she growled like a lioness taking the king of the jungle and hot, musky juice seeped onto my face.

We lay entwined in bed, the scent of sex filling the room. I pulled her close, kissed her passionately, stroked her hair and pressed my nose into her silky locks, inhaling the heady mix of sweat, sex, and shampoo. I licked the taste of her from my fingers and fell asleep, delighted we had found each other and kindled a spark that had been smouldering without release for far too long.

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