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Lesbian Lover on Holiday

By Helen Sedgwick, Kathleen Tudor, Tony Haynes, Olivia London and Antonia Adams

Lesbian Lover on Holiday
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EPUB, 44 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335226
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 20th December 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Lesbian

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A collection of five erotic lesbian stories with mixed holiday themes.

Beyond Reach by Helen Sedgwick

A mysterious woman leads the way to the ruins of a Roman villa overlooking Lake Garda. She is fleeting but in the heat of the sun her touch is irresistible. Beautiful frescos appear on the walls, pillars rise up over the olive trees, and a circle of people gather around as her sensual world comes alive.

The Taste of Sunshine by the Sea by Kathleen Tudor

Rachel’s not looking for romance. All she wants from her holiday is a tan and to get over Lacy, her ex. But then she meets Anani who makes a habit of rescuing ‘lost kittens’ and admits to being hopeless at relationships. But can Anani help her to lay her ghosts!

A Dash of Spice by Tony Haynes

Set in steamy sub-tropical India, A Dash of Spice tells the story of Nikki who, while on a business trip to the sub-continent, finds herself attracted to one of her work colleagues.

Initially, Nikki tries her best to fight her desires, however the proposed business deal is struck much quicker than she expects, leaving her with lots of spare time on her hands.

Gradually, Nikki finds the allure of the beautiful Ash simply too much to resist. Thankfully, her feelings are reciprocated…

Lucky Charms by Olivia London

Becky is an ambitious blonde with an infatuation for redheads.  Even when she was growing up the only movies she wanted to watch were the ones starring Rita Hayworth.  When Becky meets Erin, a cranberry-haired cutie in a chance encounter it turns out to be Becky’s lucky, lucky day!

In Search Of An Orgasm by Antonia Adams

All Becky wants to do is experience an orgasm with another woman. Can it be so hard?  Her search takes her from New York to New Quay, and although she has great fun trying, two of her girlfriends think it’s down to technique, she never quite finds what she’s looking for.

And then she meets Lesley, who has a different approach altogether. 

Her hands are the first to touch me, as I knew they would be. I have been able to think about nothing but this for days. Maybe years. Maybe all my life. She touches my shoulder and runs her hand down my arm, stroking my skin. She walks around the table, touches my other shoulder and in the space she left behind, a man stands and copies her gesture; his hands move over my skin as hers do, and all the parts of me that aren’t being touched want to be. I raise my head to look at her but gently she pushes it back onto the embroidered pillow made for me; I understand I am to stay lying down.

She moves around me to stand behind my head, and another man takes her place on my right. From behind me her hands run through my hair, down my neck, over my collarbone and trace a pattern around my breasts. I hold my breath, close my eyes as her fingertips draw spirals on my skin, circling inwards towards my nipples. I want her to touch them; I lie perfectly still convinced that even the slightest movement might make her stop. Her fingers reach my nipples, trace over them, around them, every touch making me long for more until she holds them one by one between her finger and thumb, increasing the pressure until I murmur that I love that, that I love her. She leans down over me, takes my nipple in her mouth, sucks it and bites teasingly as her hands start moving down my body. I am conscious of every touch, sensitive to every movement and my hips are rising off the table with my aching need to feel her touch me between my legs, and as my lips find the soft skin on the underside of her breasts I lick her greedily.

Olivia London

Olivia London's titles for Xcite Books include Lesbian Love Three: a collection of six erotic stories, Healthy Addictions, Woman Friendly, Bobbing for PeachesLesbian Lovers on Holiday, Soul Bumping and Dead Sexy.  She is the author of Loving Liam, Vacation Marriage, Bound by Love and Inviting Trouble: BDSM Romance, all published by Renaissance E-Books/Sizzler Editions.  Her stand- alone story Naughty Girl Notebook is available from House of Erotica.  She lives in Seattle where she drinks too much coffee and prefers fantasy to reality. Olivia may be reached by writing

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