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Corsetry for Beginners

A collection of five erotic stories

By Medea Mor, Shea Lancaster, Rachel Charman, Encarnita Round and Jean-Philippe Aubourg

Corsetry for Beginners
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EPUB, 60 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335486
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 17th January 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Lesbian
Series: Lipstick Lovers

Rating: 0 vote(s).

An Xcite Books collection of five lesbian erotic stories with mixed themes including f/f, contemporary, food play, spanking, BDSM.

Corsetry for Beginners by Medea Mor

Lauren runs a successful corset shop, and one day, she receives a request to close her shop for a private fitting for a celebrity client. The celebrity is be award-winning singer Maisie James, who turns out to be as interested in Lauren as Lauren is in her. Soon, the temperature in the fitting room is rising as Lauren gets to know every curve of Maisie’s famous body.

Alison by Shea Lancaster

Sarah is a nurse who has had a typically lousy day at work. Settling down for a nice pint in a pub by the river with a book seems to be the perfect way to relax. When she’s interrupted by a mysterious woman who buys her a drink, however, she throws caution to the wind and accepts. What follows is a surprising, but intensely erotic encounter …

Feast by Rachel Charman

Tonight will be a very special meal. Dry martinis, slippery oysters, rare roast lamb and a sweet, sticky, icy semifreddo – and the body of a gorgeous woman to eat this succulent feast from…

The Gift by Encarnita Round

Rose Marie has no time for anything but her work. So for her birthday, her friends decide the perfect gift would be a little stress relief and, most importantly, a little time for herself. They send her to their local salon for the special stress buster, and although Rose thinks she has other things to do, they do not take no for an answer. Sexy therapist Nina has a way of turning a relaxing massage into something hot and steamy, and Rose discovers an entirely different interpretation to the notion of stress busting.

The New Curiosity Shop by Jean-Philippe Aubourg

It was the tiniest detail about the woman in the shop, which had recently opened in Maggie’s high street, which led Maggie to try and seduce her. But the shopkeeper had also noticed Maggie. And so their dance of seduction began.

These stories have also been published in Lipstick Lovers.


I had just secured the label in place when the telephone rang and a woman with a West Indian accent asked if I could close my shop this afternoon for a private fitting for her client, who was an international celebrity. Suspecting a hoax, I answered that I never closed my shop during the day, but that the lady’s client was welcome to swing by a little after closing time if that was convenient for her. ‘Just make sure she’s here by six,’ I added. ‘If she’s not here by six, I’ll close up shop and go home.’

‘She’ll be there,’ answered the voice on the other side of the line. ‘She looks forward to meeting you.’

After I rang off, I spent a few minutes wondering if anyone would show up after closing time, and if so, whether she’d be someone I’d recognise as a celebrity, or rather some footballer’s wife whose only claim to fame was marrying a man more talented than herself. I also wondered, a little anxiously, if I’d be home in time to watch the season finale of True Blood, to which I’d been looking forward for weeks. Ultimately, though, work demanded my attention; I forced myself to focus on the patterning of the Tudor corset, forgetting all about the celebrity who was supposed to come and see me.

The day was over before I realised it, and at 5.45 – 15 minutes after closing time – I heard a soft knock on the door. I looked up and saw a short, black woman with shoulder-length straightened hair, dressed in black trousers and clutching an expensive-looking handbag. A chauffeur-driven car was parked behind her. Clearly, this was the customer I’d been waiting for.

I rose, unlocked the front door, and stared into a dark-chocolate-coloured face with bright, almond-shaped eyes. It looked familiar, but I couldn’t place its owner until she opened her mouth and said in a melodious Jamaican accent, ‘Hello. I hope you didn’t mind staying open a bit later for me.’

There was no mistaking that voice, nor the accent for that matter. Nor was there any mistaking the nervous smile I’d seen in the handful of TV interviews she’d given following the release of her second album, Say It Like You Mean It. This was multi-BRIT-Award-winning songstress Maisie James. I hadn’t recognised her with her hair down – she usually wore it pinned back in her public appearances – but she looked amazing. And I had no doubt that she had enough money to buy out my shop if she wanted, so I was keen to make a good impression.

‘Not at all,’ I replied, not sure whether to let on that I’d recognised her or not. ‘What can I do for you?’

She frowned as if that was a silly question to ask. ‘I’d like to buy some corsets.’

‘What kind?’ I countered. ‘Overbust, underbust, waist cincher? Period, modern, fetish?’

She smiled, clearly understanding now that her request hadn’t been as straightforward as she’d probably believed it to be. ‘I don’t know. Can you show me some examples of the various styles?’

‘Of course,’ I said, leading her to the back of the shop to show her some samples of my work. ‘I guess the first question we need to answer is whether you intend to wear your corsets as underwear or outerwear.’

‘Both,’ she answered at once. This didn’t make my work any easier, but it did make it more likely that I’d be selling her more than one item. I liked the sound of that. If I was going to miss the season finale of True Blood, I might as well emerge with a handsome profit.

‘Well, then. The second question that needs answering is whether you intend to wear your corsets while singing.’ I was proud of myself for that question, which struck me as the perfect way to let her know that I’d recognised her without getting awkward or gushy about it.

She smiled. She had a gorgeous smile, I noticed, a little shy but ever so attractive. With a start, I realised it was exactly the kind of smile that had once attracted me to Jenna.

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