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Lady Blue

A collection of five lesbian erotic stories

Editor-in-chief Elizabeth Coldwell By Angela Goldsberry, Encarnita Round, Landon Dixon, Shea Lancaster and Valerie Grey

Lady Blue
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EPUB, 64 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909624436
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 11th July 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Lesbian

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Lady Blue by Angela Goldsberry

Pulled over for drinking and driving, Elise is expecting her lousy night to end in a police cell. But Officer Conwell has other ways of dealing with naughty female offenders, and Elise is about to feel the full force of the law in the most delightful way.


Burmese Bells and Retro Rockets by Encarnita Round

So just what happens at a “girls’ night in”? That’s what Annie is asking herself when she arrives at the party, only for the answer to involve a whole array of sex toys. It seems her hostess, Alex, knows just what to do with a Retro Rocket, and soon Annie is being treated to a hands-on demonstration…


Andie After All by Landon Dixon

18-year-old Jessica has an unrequited crush on her classmate, Andie, but the gorgeous teenager is oblivious to all her advances. Fortunately, modern technology is on hand to come to Jessica’s aid, in the shape of a sexy cybernetic Companion who’s designed to be Andie’s exact double. With a robot lover to satisfy Jessica’s every erotic demand, what could possibly go wrong?


She’s Not There by Shea Lancaster

Whatever you do, wherever you go, there’s always that one girl you just can’t get over. And on long, lonely nights, the memories of that lost love burn bright, reminding you of the hot passion you shared…


Dirty Little Secret by Valerie Grey

Elli wants to go on a trip to the cinema as her birthday treat. But when the lights go down and she’s alone with the woman she loves the most, things get very heated. It’s a hot, beautiful affair, but it’s one that no one else can ever find out about.

Lucy lifted my leg, trying to inspect my ankle as she knelt on the carpet. ‘I can’t get a good look at this. Get rid of the stockings so we can see whether or not you should go to the ER.’

‘I’m sure it’s not that bad,’ I said dismissively. I had already inconvenienced her enough for one night.

‘Probably not, but let’s make sure.’

Too weary to argue, I stood up, trying not to put any weight on my ankle, unzipped my skirt, and shimmied out of it. I grabbed the waistband of my hose and pushed the nylon over my hips and down to my thighs. My fingers brushed Lucy’s as she took over, sliding the hose down to my ankles. No need for modesty amongst girls, right? Suddenly, I felt exposed and embarrassed. I might as well have been naked, standing before her, my lace-clad crotch level with her face. I quickly dropped onto the couch, and nonchalantly crossed my hands over my lap.

‘What do you think?’ I asked Lucy, trying to relax. But inside, I was live wire. My nipples were like diamonds as they rubbed against the lace of my bra. My panties were soaked. I was totally turned on.

‘I think you’ll live,’ she said, gingerly palpating my inner ankle. There was minimal swelling and no bruising. She pressed her fingers against the tender spot and began to rub in a slow, rhythmic motion. Again, I felt a surge of arousal course through my pelvis. I dismissed it; I was misinterpreting Lucy’s intentions. But there could be no mistake when Lucy pressed her lips to the spot she had been rubbing. She looked at me expectantly as her tongue slipped out from between her lips and began to trace circles around my ankle. She was waiting for permission. A flash of the eyes and an imperceptible nod of the head marked my consent.

Lucy slowly licked her way from my ankle to my knee, gently parting my legs and climbing between them. A few scant inches separated our faces and I could feel her dewy breath on my skin.

Then she kissed me. Her lips felt like rose petals, velvety and smooth. My mouth was pliant beneath hers, lips spreading eagerly at the urging of her tongue. Lucy slipped her hands under my ass, pulling me forward, pressing my body against hers, spreading my legs wide.

As our tongues slid over one another, I undid the braid that held her fiery tresses captive. Lucy freed the buttons of my blouse and palmed my breasts, kneading them through my bra, softly at first, then with more urgency when she heard my whimper of pleasure. I managed to pull her uniform shirt free from her pants and made quick work of the buttons. Her shirt found a home on the floor with mine.

Without further ado, she reached behind her, loosened the clasps of her plain, cotton work bra. What lay beneath was anything but plain. Her double Ds jutted out at me, looking delicious, daring me to touch. And I did. They were the first breasts – aside from my own – that I’d ever touched. Handling them was a newfound, sexy delight. They were warm and firm in my hands as I squeezed them, holding their weight in my palms, brushing the nipples with my thumbs. Lucy moaned appreciatively.

In gratitude, she pulled down the lace cups of my bra and sucked one of my nipples into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the hardened tip. When I leant back to shove more of my petite breast into her mouth, my precariously perched rear slid off the sofa and onto her lap. The cold leather of Lucy’s holster dug into my thigh, but I didn’t care. I was preoccupied with the buckle, its hard steel flicking against my engorged clit when I swivelled my hips.

‘Not yet,’ Lucy admonished seductively. ‘We have things to do.’

Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

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