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Hungry Girls

A collection of five lesbian erotic stories

Editor-in-chief Elizabeth Coldwell By Angel Propps, Kathleen Tudor, Alcamia Payne, Emma Lydia Bates and Elizabeth Coldwell

Hungry Girls
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EPUB, 57 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909624474
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 11th July 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Lesbian

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Hungry Girls by Angel Propps

Jules isn’t looking forward to her blind date, and she certainly doesn’t count on Alex discovering her naughty little secret. After all, wearing a strap-on sex toy to dinner isn’t to everyone’s tastes. But luckily, Alex is hungry for everything Jules has to offer – and during an unforgettable trip to the ladies’ room, she gets to put Jules’s toy to the test.


Heating the Sauna by Kathleen Tudor

Nikki’s the kind of personal trainer who believes in pushing her clients to their limits and beyond. But she also believes in taking some “me time” in the sauna after a session, and that’s where the really steamy fun begins.


The Silent Observer by Alcamia Payne

Voluptuous Bella’s life is turned upside down when she moves into her new apartment and discovers Kitten Dupré, the beautiful femme fatale next door. To catch a glimpse of her unrequited love, Bella sets up an arrangement of secretly placed mirrors, but hasn’t bargained on observing Kitten’s constant parade of lovers. And the tables are soon about to be turned, as Kitten has been using her own private means of observation and it takes just one small slip for the devious feline to inveigle her way into Bella’s affections.


Dressed to Impress by Emma Lydia Bates

Serena knows her girlfriend, Rose, is as gay as gay can be. Yet one night, Rose tells her she wants to go out with a man – and brings out the clothes she intends to dress Serena in. Nervous and aroused, Serena soon sees an evening of fun and mischief ahead as her girlfriend’s “man about town”.


Open House by Elizabeth Coldwell

Lisa’s neighbour, Karin, is an icy Scandinavian beauty who’s done very well out of her recent divorce. She doesn’t even know Lisa exists – or so Lisa thinks, until she finds herself being asked to Karin’s open house party. Initially out of her depth in the invited company, Lisa soon learns that a hot, lusty cougar hides behind her neighbour’s cool, controlled façade.

She was gorgeous: short, black hair chopped into a deliberately messy cut, large, grey eyes, and a very kissable mouth. Her body was lean and long; she wore a plain white button-down shirt, the top few buttons undone, charcoal-coloured slacks and shoes shined so well they reflected back light. Carrie had said my date was good-looking; she had not told me she exuded a sexual energy so raw my toes tingled just looking at her.

‘Alex?’ Nerves made my voice a shade too high and I swallowed hard. I took a step forward to take the hand she held out and the cock swung a bit, reminding me of its presence. That courage came back, making my nerves settle. ‘It’s nice to meet you.’

Her eyes went down, and when they came back up a grin tugged at the corners of her lips. I didn’t have to look down; a small breeze had sprung up and the lower half of my dress had flattened against my body for a brief moment. I knew she had seen the outline of my dick, plump and long, jutting out from my body. What was more, I knew she liked it.

She opened the door for me and we stepped into the dim, garlic-scented warmth of the restaurant. Alex asked for a booth and then guided me to it, her long fingers resting gently on the small of my back. The touch sent tingles up my spine.

The booth sat in a dim corner and the leather-covered sides of it rose high and warm around us. A candle glowed in a small, clear holder in the centre of the table, and I caught sight of my prick arching up as I sat down, then the voluminous white tablecloth covered my red-skirted lap. The tiny flame cast light and shadows across the booth that could not disguise the amusement in her eyes.

We ordered dinner and a bottle of rich red wine. The steward brought the bottle and decanted it, poured and left. The quiet grew deeper; it was an hour before the average dinner rush, one of the reasons why I had chosen the time, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

‘So Carrie says you’re a lawyer. Immigration, is that right?’

‘Yes. And you’re a writer?’

‘Mostly I’m a waitress.’

She grinned. ‘The waitress at the place I ate breakfast is a dancer. It’s this city, I think. Everyone has a dream and they come here to make it come true. It’s part of what I love about my job, seeing people reaching for their dream.’

If I hadn’t been smitten before I was then. She moved a tiny bit closer to me. Her body heat pressed into my side and I let my body relax so that I was reaching for her without moving. She sensed that subtle shift and her lips opened in a soft smile that revealed small, even teeth.

Her hand brushed my leg, a casual little sweep that lit up my nerve endings. Her wine-scented breath blew across my cheek and my nipples tightened until they were almost painfully erect. The fabric of my dress chafed at them deliciously and her fingers toyed with the hem of my dress.

‘Are you ready?’ The waiter stood poised by the table, eyes glazed with boredom and his pen poised over the pad he held. I had the juvenile urge to giggle at the irony of the words he had used, but managed to order my meal quietly instead.

Her fingers had left my thigh but the warmth of them remained. We chatted while we waited for our food, idle little talk that passed the time. Alex was amusing and we had a lot of common interests; my fears of being bored had ended as soon as I put on my harness but, sitting there listening to her talk, I almost forgot I was wearing it.

Until our food arrived, that is. Alex spread her napkin across her lap and said, ‘Try this.’ She forked up a mouthful of tender sea bass in a rich sauce and brought it to my lips. ‘Don’t chew, just let it lie on your tongue,’ she instructed. I did and her other hand went under my skirt, made delicate little passes across the tops of my thighs, playing with lacy edge of my stockings. ‘Now,’ she said softly into my ear and a shiver shot down my spine as I closed my eyes and chewed and her hand went to my cock.

I could feel the powerful pump she gave my dick; it drew the bottom of my dress up tight against the back and sides of my thighs. The flavour of the food, the scent of her cologne, and the graphic nature of her hand motion all combined in a moment of sheer decadent pleasure.

She didn’t stop with one bite, she kept it going. She put food in my mouth and her other hand stroked under my stockings, one clever finger snapping them up, sliding along the leather of my harness and stroking my dick. My pussy ached and throbbed. With each pump the base of the cock abraded my clit, sending spasms of desire through me. I clenched my fingers into tight little fists and tried to arch my back against her hands but she stopped completely. Chastised, I sat quietly still for her and she rewarded me by continuing the exquisite torture.

‘You need to powder your nose,’ she said softly and I wasted no time in standing up and leaving the table.

Emma Lydia Bates

Emma Lydia Bates is a soon-to-graduate English student who wishes she could spend all of her time writing erotica instead of job-hunting and preparing for Finals. When not in front of her laptop, she can usually be found reading Old English poetry or watching Doctor Who.

Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

Alcamia Payne

Alcamia became a full-time writer in 2008 and now spends all her time scribbling and amassing notebooks of ideas.

A bestseller, she enjoys writing gutsy sexy stories and thinks it’s great erotica - once a fringe phenomena – has, at long last, been pushed to the front of publishing. She’s an ardent advocate of choice in reading, believing it’s high time women and men had the freedom to fully explore their sexuality through well-written prose by some terrific writers.

When she’s not penning racy books she’s beavering away under one of her other pseudonyms as a mainstream romance and paranormal author. Asked what kind of writing she likes best? She says there’s no one answer; whether it’s historical, romance, science fiction or a supernatural twist she loves it all, but retains a special affection for spicy romance with punch.

Rather an innocent and a somewhat old-fashioned girl, recently someone asked her how she can write such edgy material without having experienced it? Her answer, “sex and love are instincts we all have. A science-fiction writer has not voyaged into deep space, but can write convincingly about aliens and other worlds. The success in penning credible books is being able to get inside a person’s skin, research your material and be inventive.”

Alcamia has been published in countless anthologies and loves penning novellas and novels across the entire erotica genre range. When she’s not scribbling she loves restoring vintage clothing, trying to cook French patisserie and enjoys mega-long walks in the countryside and along the beach.  An avid collector her home’s bulging at the seams with books she can’t part with, which she believes is what makes it so hard for her to find her own Mr Darcy with a twist.

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