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First Day at Work

By Fulani

First Day at Work
EPUB, 21 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907726842
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 10th May 2010

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Menage and More

Rating: 0 vote(s).

An erotic short story with bondage, ménage and bdsm themes from Xcite Books winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand and Jade's Best Erotic Fiction Publisher 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Linzi’s first day at work isn’t quite what she expected. For one thing, part of the warehouse stock is sex toys. For another, the other woman in the office has a very intimate relationship with the manager and the warehouse man. When it turns out they’ll be staying on to receive a late delivery, Linzi finds out that much more than work goes on in her new workplace. And that means she’ll fit right in.


Linzi’s feeling good about herself. It’s not the best job she’s ever had, but getting any job is a lucky break in these times and she’s pleased to be earning again.
Greg, the manager, is the one who interviewed her and who greets her when she arrives. He seems a laid-back kind of guy, maybe in his 40s but casually dressed – suit and shirt but no tie, and looks like he runs or swims or works out regularly. ‘It’s not rocket science,’ he says. ‘Basically you’ll be logging deliveries, taking orders, giving them to the warehouse and then collecting their paperwork on what got sent where so Becky Jane can tie it in with the invoices. You might get roped in on some of the stock checks but Becky Jane will fill you in on the details.’
He seems to put a little more stress than necessary on the words “roped in”.
He points Linzi in Becky Jane’s direction. She’s in the middle of the warehouse talking to a guy sitting on a forklift.
The warehouse is huge, unpainted brick with a concrete floor and metal girders supporting the roof. The goods are stacked on massive shelving units at least twice Linzi’s height.
First impressions: Becky Jane is maybe late 20s. Blonde out of a bottle, with streaks of red and purple in her shoulder-length hair. Tall and skinny, accentuated by high heels. Her pose, one leg turned out slightly, leaning in conspiratorially and her hand resting on the back of his seat, suggests intimacy. Is she, Linzi wonders, a professional tease or are they sleeping together?


Fulani has been writing erotica for around ten years now, much of it dealing with BDSM and fetish, worlds he’s known for longer than he cares to remember. He has published numerous short stories, several novellas, and two novels with, among others, Xcite Books, Pink Flamingo, Renaissance Sizzler, 1001 Nights Press and Sweetmeats Press.


Find him at:
Fulani's limited attention span

And blogging with his partner Velvet Tripp at:





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