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Knight and Trask: Secrets and Spies

By Toni Sands

Knight and Trask: Secrets and Spies
Paperback, 200 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783756087
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 24th April 2014

EPUB, 130 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783756094
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 25th April 2014

Category: Historical, Mystery & Suspense

Rating: 0 vote(s).

Set in the 1990s, this is a swift-moving sexy story of two spies who dare to break the rules and risk disgrace, all for the sake of love. Special agent Katie Knight and her oppo Trask are thrown together on a training exercise in the gorgeous Loire Valley. Their mutual attraction is heightened by a near-death encounter for Katie, when she’s rewarded by a very personal encounter with Trask. All too soon they’re out in the field again. Back in London, Katie indulges herself with a sensuous massage session before her next briefing. With places to go and targets to woo, Knight finds herself at an embassy party, acting as a honey trap. Trask’s blue-eyed boy image is in danger of cracking when he and Katie are scheduled to cover the same cases. Pressure increases as they struggle to keep their hands off each other and continue to bring A-List criminals to justice. 

Tours Airport. And Katie could have done without a flight to London when, to her amazement, she suffered from a severe case of missing him already. She slumped back in her seat, eyes closed, willing herself to stop thinking like a lovesick teenager and start thinking like the tough cookie she’d needed to become in order to work for Elite Force 3. She’d trained as an army officer after gaining a degree and had subsequently been headhunted. She enjoyed her work. Thrived on danger and life-or-death decisions.

She told herself she’d get over it, opened her eyes and accepted a morning paper from the steward. When she got home, she’d book a massage at Bainbridge’s health club. A short walk from her apartment would bring her to the famous store. On the way out, she’d call at their food hall for smoked salmon and rye bread, maybe a bottle of white wine. Katie normally banished alcohol when home alone but the events of the last few days surely warranted a little consolatory indulgence? She’d hardly jump into the sack with Trask or anyone else again soon. Despite his cryptic “missing you already” message.


‘It’s a pleasure to see you again, Miss Knight.’ Angela, on reception, smiled up at Katie. ‘I’m afraid Charlotte isn’t working today so I’ve booked your massage with Raoul. Is that all right with you?’

‘He’s new to me but I’m sure he’ll be fine. I’d like a sauna first.’

‘Of course. Someone will come for you in a moment.’

Katie had the sauna to herself, exactly how she liked it. She went through the routines, pushing herself to stay on her slatted pine bench until, desperate to cool down, she plunged into the ice-cold splash pool, this time with no treacherous fronds of weed to detain her. Afterwards, she luxuriated in a warm shower before wrapping herself in a fluffy white robe and going through to the treatment cubicle.

Raoul appeared as soon as an assistant had draped Katie’s lower body with a thick, white towel and left. The tall man with the ebony skin and liquid-caramel voice took her to a different place. He untied the knots in her shoulders and dissolved the tension he told her she hoarded in her thighs. His fingers, thumbs and palms played Katie like a harp, dissolving her anxieties and pushing her to the edge of a fantasy where she knew Trask awaited. Don’t go there.

‘Hey,’ said Raoul, pausing. ‘That’s not supposed to happen.’

‘So why don’t you make it go away?’

‘I thought I just did,’ he whispered.

‘Raoul, I know the intimate kind of stuff isn’t exactly smiled upon, but could you, just this once, make an exception?’

‘Do you mean what I think you mean, ma’am?’ He removed his hands from her shoulders.

‘I do. Absolute discretion, of course.’

‘Of course.’

Katie turned over and closed her eyes. If she couldn’t have Trask inside her again, she’d have the next best thing. Some very intimate attentions from a masseur with whispering hands would enhance her well-being and send her out into the field with all senses fine-tuned. She’d be safer if operating at maximum efficiency. She stretched. Relaxed. Waited. Stirred.

‘Sheesh, that feels wonderful, Raoul.’ Katie sucked in her breath. ‘Mmm … smooth as silk but maybe a little … yes, a little faster now. Ah. Yes. Ooh, yes. You’ve found the spot. You. Are. Magic.’

Toni Sands

Toni Sands is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and has won numerous writing prizes. A former Black Lace short story writer, her stories have been featured in many Xcite collections. Her novella Traded Innocence was published by Xcite Books in 2012.

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