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The Lady Is A Vamp

By Michelle Kelly

The Lady Is A Vamp
EPUB, 75 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783752874
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 3rd November 2014

Category: Mystery & Suspense, Paranormal, Vampires & Werewolves

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Detective Nick Carter is a cop with a difference – not only does he investigate the hidden world of preternatural crime, but he is a telepath, able to read other people’s minds. Dealing with vampires and werevoles comes as an occupational hazard. When a young member of the local vampire lifestyle club is murdered, Nick finds himself involved in yet another case of unnatural dealings – but this time with a difference. He finds himself at the mercy of a prime witness known only as The Contessa, a beautiful and mysterious club member with a real appetite for blood – and the only person whose mind Nick cannot read. As their desire for one another heats up, so does his case, as he battles his growing desire for The Contessa and an ultimately evil enemy force hell bent on bloodlust. 

Crimson Shade was a vampire club, or as it stated on its website ‘a fetish and lifestyle club for those who consider themselves modern-day vampires, be they sanguinarians, energy-feeders, or lifestylers.’ The club site was very quick to point out that ‘real’ vampires, as opposed to ‘mythical’ ones, were neither immortal nor a danger to non-vampires. That part had made Nick laugh.

He strode to the bar, pausing for a second as he sensed a warm, pulsing energy that did not belong in this place. Were. Not a wolf, one of the big cats; tiger perhaps. Nick turned his head in the direction of the thrumming energy and spotted a young man slinking out of the back door. Nick dropped his shields just enough to home in on the guy and felt his fear of discovery. Nothing immediately suspicious. Weres were notoriously easy for a telepath like Nick to read. He gave the young man a slight nod that he meant to be reassuring, but the were’s eyes widened in horror and he hurried out of the door. Nick wondered what on earth a weretiger was doing in a vampire lifestyle club, dressed in fangs and a cape. Perhaps the poor guy was having a serious identity crisis. More likely the clan leaders at the shadowy Paranormal Alliance of New York had heard about the murder and were doing a little investigation of their own. That was all he needed.

Nick reached the bar – a twisted piece of black metal that he personally thought was an eyesore – and eyed the barman, who gulped under his scrutiny; a tall, lean young man, still in his late teens with far too much white make-up on a naturally olive skin, he looked at Nick as if he were the one that was dressed oddly.

‘Can I help you?’ he asked, his voice high and tremulous. Nick flashed him a smile, and then his badge.

‘Nick Carter. NYPD. I’d like to speak to the manager please.’

The barman went genuinely white under his make-up and reached for a phone at the end of the bar.

‘Lord Azriel? There’s a man from the NYPD here to see you.’ He said ‘NYPD’ in the same hushed tones that some people might say ‘vampire’. He listened for a minute, then put the phone down and faced Nick again.

‘He’s in the office. Over there,’ he pointed towards a far corner of the club. Nick nodded and turned to make his way in the direction the barman showed him, saying casually over his shoulder;

‘I may have a few questions for you afterwards.’ The bartender looked as though he was about to faint.

Nick crossed over the room, ignoring the stares and whispers that followed him. He allowed his shields to drop enough so that he could filter through the main emotions in the room that his presence had invoked; there was curiosity and wariness, even hostility, but not the fear of a cornered murderer. Though in this particular case Nick knew he had very little chance of picking up any emotions from this particular perpetrator. He couldn’t read vamps.

Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly is the author of historical and erotic romances as well as the 'Vamp' series, including the best-selling memoir 'Wicked Games'. Her first major crime novel will be published by Harlequin later this year, and she also teaches creative writing for the Writers Bureau and has written two writing guides.

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