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Voodoo Fetish

An erotic novella

By (artist) Fulani

Voodoo Fetish
EPUB, 89 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909624528
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 11th July 2013

Category: Contemporary, Paranormal

Rating: 0 vote(s).

Eloise has left Haiti for England, believing she’s left behind her the weird sexual experiences and voodoo rituals that shaped her time on “that island”. But an encounter with a dead witch in a London graveyard lets her know the spirits still have need of her, and the miraculous healing powers she can channel during intense, BDSM-themed sex. Can Eloise and a group of like-minded fetishists help save the life of a girl who’s tried to raise a demon, and can she free herself from her obligations to the mysterious Baron Cimitière?

‘You OK?’

Eloise started at the voice. Looked up, confused, to see the same guy who’d been in the cemetery before, wearing a tracksuit and hoodie. The one she’d thought might be looking for someone to rob. Close up, his brown eyes showed concern. They were intelligent eyes, ones that had seen a lot. Eloise had the sense they’d seen things no human was ever supposed to see.

She broke eye contact, feeling a flush come to her cheeks. She was lying on the grass in front of the gravestone, curled into a foetal position. And she was … No, actually, she wasn’t naked. Though when her fingers went reflexively to the buttons of her blouse, they seemed to have been undone.

‘I … I think so. Thank you. I’m not sure what happened to me. But I’ll be fine.’ Wondering if he was going to call an ambulance, which would probably make her life more complicated that it had just become.

‘I saw you here the other day.’ It was a flat statement. ‘There’s only one reason anyone comes to this particular grave.’ He didn’t pronounce “particular” with all four syllables, but as “partiklar”. An almost Dickensian style of speech. ‘I was here an hour ago, but there was a fog. I know that fog. You walk in; before you know it you’ve lost your way. When the lady’s having communication with someone, that often happens. Just to keep things private-like.’

‘So …?’

He laughed. ‘So you’re not the only one? Of course not.’ He offered Eloise his hand but she declined, rolling over to sit up.

It took her a while. She felt weak as a kitten.

‘Yeah, that often happens too.’ He sounded almost amused. ‘Those conversations, they take a lot of energy out of you.’

‘And you’re here because …?’

‘The same reason as usual. I need some graveyard dirt for a working. I usually get it right here; explain to the lady what I want it for so she’s not pissed off at me. I came down, and there was the fog, and now there’s you looking wasted.’

She was recovering her composure, if not her strength.

‘Don’t mind me. I’ll be going home in a minute.’

But he wasn’t listening. Instead, he looked intently at the ground around Eloise.

‘So what’s all this stuff?’

The “stuff”, when Eloise examined it, was creamy in colour, slippery to the touch, gelatine-like in consistency, and dissolving into the ground as she watched.

‘Beats me.’

She could make a very informed guess about what it was, but didn’t want to share it.

Ectoplasmic semen.



Fulani has been writing erotica for around ten years now, much of it dealing with BDSM and fetish, worlds he’s known for longer than he cares to remember. He has published numerous short stories, several novellas, and two novels with, among others, Xcite Books, Pink Flamingo, Renaissance Sizzler, 1001 Nights Press and Sweetmeats Press.


Find him at:
Fulani's limited attention span

And blogging with his partner Velvet Tripp at:





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