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Her Boss and His Client

By Tamsin Flowers

Her Boss and His Client
EPUB, 70 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783755851
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 6th March 2014

Category: Contemporary, Menage and More, Romance

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When Dana Lewis starts her new job at a prestigious London advertising agency, she vows to herself that she won’t sleep with her new boss - a mistake that got her fired from her last job. But that was before she was allocated to work on Jack Brent’s team, writing copy for the most devastatingly handsome man she’d ever met. And when he starts playing footsie with her under the table at lunch on her first day, she knows it’s only a matter of time...

Nathan Drake is a travel tycoon and he expects the very best from the agency he employs to create his advertising campaigns. Jack puts Dana on the job and Nathan makes it clear he likes what he sees, whisking her away to his country retreat.

Before she knows it, Dana is burning the candle at both ends - and her new lovers are complete opposites in the bedroom. Nathan is as calm and controlling as Jack is fiery and tempestuous... However, she doesn't want to risk being caught as a two-timer, so she knows she needs to make a decision. But which man should she choose?

Day two. I stopped on the pavement and stared up at the Art Deco building. Only this time it wasn’t first day newbie nerves. It was “the morning after the night I slept with my new boss” nerves. I took a large gulp of the black Americano coffee I’d picked up on the way in and scalded my tongue.

OK. Deep breath, I told myself. Calm your nerves. And into the revolving door. By the time I emerged on the other side, I was a picture of confident professionalism. I flashed my new pass at the security guard and pointedly ignored the glacial receptionist as my heels clicked across the floor towards the lift.

I couldn’t see Jack anywhere when I arrived in the office. Although I breathed a sigh of relief at this, a certain area of my body couldn’t help but express its disappointment. I got straight down to business, briefing the graphic designer on the changes we’d made to the visuals and then I slumped at my desk to finish off my coffee.

In all honesty, I really needed the jolt of caffeine. I hadn’t slept well the night before – in part, because I kept replaying what had happened in my mind and luxuriating in the heavenly soreness that only a good fuck can give you. But also because I kept dwelling on what might happen when I saw Jack again. In fact, what might happen going forward. It had not been my intention of throwing myself straight into an affair with my new boss. And of course, nothing suggested this would be an affair. It could just as likely be a one-off, a sort of “hello-nice-to-meet-you” shag. That would probably be better.

‘Penny for your thoughts, Dana, and they’d better be about work.’

I looked up into Jack Brent’s gold-flecked eyes and bit my lip while my treacherous body went through an assortment of responses – butterflies in my stomach, clenching cunt, increased heart rate and shortness of breath. This couldn’t be good for my blood pressure.


‘Sorry, Jack. The visuals are being redone now, so everything should be ready for this afternoon.’

Then he turned away to talk to someone who’d come up to him with a question. So I had no idea how he felt about the previous evening. Not even a hint. He hadn’t smiled at me or exchanged a secret look. What was I supposed to make of it?

I got on with work and the morning dragged by. The new visuals were done and looked even better than the first set, and I had a quiet lunch at my desk before reporting to Jack’s office.

He quickly checked over the work and then picked up his briefcase.

‘We need to get going,’ he said.

I followed him out of the office to the lift. He pressed the button and an awkward silence followed while we watched the little green numbers changing as the lift came up to our floor. The silence stretched through the lift journey and accompanied us into the basement car park.

‘This is me,’ said Jack, as the lights on a navy blue Porsche flashed in response to his key.

He opened the door to the passenger side for me and I slid into a bucket seat of softest ivory leather. The dashboard had a wooden fascia and my door swung shut with a satisfyingly solid clunk. Jack got into the driver’s seat and wasted no time revving up the engine to a throaty growl. Moments later, we were weaving through the central London traffic as fast as it would allow.

Jack drove in silence, intent on the road. In the confined space I could smell his cologne and, beneath it, his own unique male aroma. I looked at his hands on the wheel; they were tanned and sinewy, his long fingers skittering across the leather grip as he turned corners. I remembered how they felt on my breasts and the thought of it made my nipples push out firmly against the silky fabric of my bra. But as I glanced up at Jack’s face, his stony expression quickly dampened my nascent arousal.

I stared out of the window as the office buildings and shops flashed by. This wasn’t too good. Even if we weren’t going to discuss our burgeoning – or not – relationship, we should at least be able to talk about the meeting ahead.

Stopped at some lights, I sneaked a peek at him and he quickly turned his face away. So he’d been looking at me.

‘Jack, about …’ I started to say.


That was all. Did he mean “no, I don’t want to discuss it” or “no, it never happened”? Whatever he was saying, it certainly wasn’t “yes, let’s do it again”. What a screw-up. This wasn’t going to make working together very easy.

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