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Spanking for Pleasure

By Peter Birch

Spanking for Pleasure
Paperback, 52 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909624092
Format: 203mm x 127mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 28th February 2013

EPUB, 47 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908766373
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 21st February 2013

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Sex Manuals and Advice

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Do you fantasise about warming a woman’s bottom, but don’t know how to find the partner of your dreams? Are you a naughty girl in need of a spanking, but don’t know how to ask for one? Or maybe you’re a couple looking to spice up your sex life with a spot of disciplined roleplay? Spanking for Pleasure will guide you through a spanking scene from first contact to rosy afterglow, offering tips on settings, tools to use, costumes to wear and much more.

Peter Birch has over 20 years’ experience on the fetish scene, and is the author of many articles on the pleasures and practices of CP, as well as the First Spankings collection.

Spanking can be a purely sensual experience, shared between lovers as part of foreplay to enhance each other’s arousal and with no question of who’s in charge. In that case it’s all about physical stimulation, which we’ll come to presently.

For the majority, spanking involves at least some level of power exchange, taking pleasure in control over your partner or in surrendering your own control. Again, that can be purely physical, with the stronger partner doing the spanking because they can and the weaker taking pleasure in their helplessness. More often, the power exchange is an least in part a mental thing, with one partner subordinate to the other by choice and so willing to accept physical chastisement. That can mean being under your partner’s command, for their pleasure and usually for punishment, an ideal that appeals to the great majority of spanking enthusiasts, whether they’re the ones dishing it out, receiving it, or both.

How real that punishment becomes is entirely a matter of personal choice, but much of the fantasy and ritual that surrounds spanking comes from the idea of one person punishing another, usually, but not always, for some specific act, be it real or imagined. There are endless variations on the punishment scenario, limited only by your imagination, but most of them based on the classic spanking ritual of prelude, exposure, spanking, and aftercare. These often overlap, but each deserves its own section.

Before you start, it helps to understand your target, and why spanking a bottom is such a turn-on. From the spanker’s point of view it’s easy, as you are paying intimate attention to a very sexual part of your lover’s body, while you may also take pleasure in cruelty and control, which of course is fine as long as it’s appreciated. What’s going on in the head also has to be right for the one being spanked, and feelings of intimacy, surrender, vulnerability, and embarrassment can all play their part, but spanking is a very physical thing and the effect on the body is crucial as well.

From a purely physical point of view, everybody ought to be able to enjoy a spanking, even the most uncompromising dominant or the consummate prude. Without wishing to get too technical, the human genitals and anal area are served by both neural networks and respond to physical stimulation by increased blood flow, leading to the physical symptoms of arousal and, potentially, to orgasm. It is possible to be spanked to orgasm, although rare. Spanking also causes changes in body chemistry, most importantly the release of endorphins in response to pain, reducing sensitivity and bringing on feelings of wellbeing. Because of this, smacks get less painful and more desirable as a spanking continues, while hard smacks, or smacks with an implement, can be unpleasant at first. A considerate spanker starts gently and builds up, and if you are planning to use implements I recommend a hand spanking first, as a warm-up.

Different areas of the skin also evoke different responses. The soft, fleshy part of the bottom, where the cheeks turn down to the thighs, is particularly sensitive to erotic stimulation and is known to spankers as the “sweet spot”. The further you move out from the sweet spot the less sexy the spanking, although the crest of the bottom produces the best sensation if you want somebody to feel they’re really getting it. Smacks applied to the hips and the upper part of the bottom are less pleasant, and you should avoid areas where the bone lies close to the surface. Never use a hard implement on the upper part of the bottom, as it is possible to damage the coccyx. Having your thighs slapped stings and is usually considered less erotic, but some people enjoy a strong mental reaction. Gentle slaps to the breasts and genitals can be arousing, also across the face, but that’s not really spanking.

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