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A Vamp About Town

By Michelle Kelly

A Vamp About Town
EPUB, 67 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783753062
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 5th January 2015

Category: Mystery & Suspense, Paranormal, Romance, Vampires & Werewolves

Rating: 0 vote(s).

Ever since former NYPD detective Nick Carter and 200-year-old vampiress Ruby set up their private agency for preternatural crime, things have been heating up both at work and at play. Yet Nick's refusal to share the ultimate intimacy with Ruby is putting a strain on their otherwise passionate relationship, a strain which may lead her dangerously astray. When a new, mysterious vampire arrives in New York and begins leaving the bodies of young girls as messages for Ruby, her past and her future become inextricably entwined.

Ruby leaned back in her chair and looked across at Detective Nick Carter. He looked delicious in blue jeans and a tight white T-shirt moulded to his chiselled upper body, his face intense as he frowned at a piece of paper in front of him.. Good enough to eat. In Ruby’s case, as she was a 200-year-old vampire, that meant literally.

If only Nick would let her.

He felt her gaze and looked up, flashing her a smile that lit up his whole face and made him look boyish, rather than the hard-bitten ex-cop turned paranormal private detective he was.

‘Just what are you thinking over there?’

She smirked.

‘Can’t you tell, Detective?’

Nick pretended to glare at her. The fact that Ruby was a vampire meant that his telepathic powers didn’t work on her and he couldn’t read her mind. Although she teased him, she knew it was one of the reasons they worked; Nick had been sworn off women for good after he had seen visions in his last girlfriend’s mind of her sleeping with his best friend. Compared to that, he obviously thought pointy teeth and a 170-year age gap a walk in the park.

‘I was thinking,’ she said in the low, husky voice she knew he loved, ‘of coming over there, unzipping those jeans of yours, getting down on my knees and …’

‘Don’t you two ever give it a rest?’

Ruby quickly fell quiet as Bane walked in, his lip curled in disgust. She sighed. Not only did Bane and Nick dislike each other, but the werewolf only came to see them when something was wrong. He was their liaison with the local Paranormal Alliance in New York and, as all inter-Pack crimes were generally dealt with by the werewolves themselves, his presence signified something was going down that would affect them all.

Michelle Kelly

Michelle Kelly is the author of historical and erotic romances as well as the 'Vamp' series, including the best-selling memoir 'Wicked Games'. Her first major crime novel will be published by Harlequin later this year, and she also teaches creative writing for the Writers Bureau and has written two writing guides.

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