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The Accidental Harem

Book Two of The Reluctant Master Trilogy

By Bertram Fox

The Accidental Harem
EPUB, 92 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783754526
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 16th January 2014

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Erotic Novels
Series: The Reluctant Master Trilogy

Rating: 0 vote(s).

Rose is in love with her handsome young lawyer, and hates to have him learn about her fantasies of being bound and tortured into submission. But when she find him spanking his secretary over the desk, it seems they might have more in common than she thought. And when she learns that they're actually master and slave, she can dream that he might have room in his life for another. As the three of them work together to save her from her dangerous husband, friendship grows into affection ... but will the Reluctant Master want to trade up to a harem?


‘I’ve sent the letter on the Hungerford case to your files. Tidy it up, scan those witness statements and attach them, and print it for the DX. Have Mrs Bulmer’s papers on my desk in time for her appointment.’

The firm of Sarlow & Partners was old-fashioned enough to run to a secretary for each lawyer, and Larry Smith, their youngest partner, to whom they already referred as their rising star, fully appreciated it. He admired the young woman with the handful of papers, as she stood hesitating in front of his desk, with a frankness that would have been offensive in a less charming man.

Another woman would have called her fat: to a man’s eyes she was pleasingly curvy, in a snug blouse and short skirt, her long auburn hair tied back in a swaying ponytail. When he didn’t dismiss her she said, ‘Is that all, Mr Smith?’

‘No, it’s not.’ He held up a typed page spotted with red pen underlinings and circles. ‘This is quite unacceptable, you still haven’t improved. I’m going to have to do something about it.’

She caught her breath, and her face flushed. ‘I’m sorry, sir, I’ll try harder.’ Without prompting, she moved around to the side of his desk, where he had put a box file conveniently by the edge, and bent forward to lie across behind the computer screen. When she settled her hips onto the box her toes barely touched the floor, her plump behind lifted higher than her head. She reached back and hitched up her skirt to expose a small triangle of black lace between her soft white curves.

Larry grasped the waistband of her briefs and drew them with luxurious slowness down below the fold of her buttocks. His right hand kneaded and stroked her rump in happy anticipation, lifted, and dropped with a ringing crack.

He swung his hand with delight, savouring the bounce of each hard impact, the hot-pink prints that were merging into a uniform blush, his victim’s gasps and squirmings. Amazing to think that a few months ago he’d despised men who hit women, and reckoned that this talk of BDSM was just a cover for abuse. And now he was spanking a lovely woman sore and loving it; and judging by her wriggling hips and the scent of arousal wafted up by his slapping palm, she was enjoying it too. ‘What’s all this, slut? This is supposed to be punishment.’

‘Sorry, sir,’ she panted. ‘It’s just, I love that movie so much, I quote it to people to prove subs are strong. And that scene where she makes the bed neatly, then puts a dead bug on the pillow – that’s perfect service. Take good care of Master, but give him something to punish you for.’

‘If you’re thinking about films, I obviously haven’t got your attention.’ He picked up a wooden ruler. ‘Now, this may sting.’

‘Oh yes, please, sir!’

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