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Chrysalis Series Book Collection

By Elene Sallinger

Chrysalis Series Book Collection
EPUB ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783753314
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 24th November 2014

Series: The Chrysalis Series

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From Xcite Books comes ‘Chrysalis’, a bundle of three erotic and romantic stories by Elene Sallinger, winner of the Festival of Romance’s 2011 ‘New Writing Competition’.

After the breakdown of her ten year relationship, Claire Ryan joins a book club for romance readers, where she meets the dominant Evan Lang. Still recovering from the death of his submissive wife, he reluctantly takes Claire under his wing, teaching her his ways and introducing her to his lifestyle. Battling with his newfound feelings for Claire, Evan is forced to confront his past to keep his new love as she tires of his distance from her.  

Mona Von Hove and Wade Stalls have known each other all their lives – but their age difference has kept them apart all these years. When he finally admits his feelings to himself after trying to keep her away, he finds her comforted in the arms of another man. They both know they’re right for each other, but is it over before it’s even begun?

Bridget Ross has a shameful secret – and has suffered for her crimes all these years. When her path crosses with Connor Reynolds, a man sharing his own tragic past, they are forced to face the ultimate question; can they escape the past, and is their love worth fighting for?

Elene Sallinger

Hailing from Washington, DC, Elene Sallinger first caught the writing bug in 2004 after writing and illustrating several stories for her then four-year-old daughter. Her writing career has encompassed two award-winning children's stories, a stint as a consumer-education advocate, as well as writing her debut novel, Awakening - a novel of erotic fiction that won the New Writing Competition at the Festival of Romance 2011.

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