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Ultimate Submission

Edited by Miranda Forbes By Beverly Langland, Emily Dubberley, Virginia Beech, Andrea Carver, Cathryn Cooper, Izzy French, Shanna Germain, Everica May, Penelope Friday, Dolores Day, Stephen Albrow, Jo Nation, Mimi Elise, Matt Pascoe, DMW Carol, Landon Dixon, Roger Frank Selby and Alexia Falkendown

Ultimate Submission
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Paperback, 190 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909624917
Format: 203mm x 127mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 23rd May 2013

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EPUB, 198 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335646
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 31st January 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary
Series: Ultimate Xcite

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The ultimate collection of twenty submissive stories that are certain to excite and delight! Bought to you by Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 and 2012, this collection offer a wide range of erotic stories with a central theme of submission and domination.

Enjoy stories by some of our bestselling authors including Emily Dubberley, Shanna Germain, Penelope Friday and Virginia Beech.

All Right On The Night by Jo Nation

Every Wednesday Fenella travels on the Number 42 bus to clean George Hawker's apartment, which is contained within a brand new, sparkling edifice called The Foundry. George is always out at work when Fenella calls, so she has plenty of opportunity to explore the apartment on her own. She isn't really a nosy person, but she can't help wondering what sort of a man George is. There are few clues to indicate any kind of a personal life, no family photographs, no evidence of a social life of any kind either.

George's bathroom is a temptation; as befits such a modern minimalist apartment this is more wet room than traditional haven of relaxation, but for a few minutes Fenella forgets her duties. The decision to drop her guard will prove a fateful one; in a short space of time she will understand both the nature of George's identity and the meaning of pain.

Reunion by Beverley Langland

Would you dare to attend a school reunion? It can be a daunting experience, walking into a room full of people who have their own agenda, whether they're the good girl, the bad boy or the bully. So many stories, so many reasons for being there.

Sarah is in two minds about the reunion; should she stay at home and play it safe or be bold, take a chance and run the risk of feeling let down?

Sometimes fate smiles on you and courage is rewarded. Sarah's decision takes her a million miles from her comfortable – and ever so slightly boring – life, luring her into a world where she chooses to put her fate in the hands of a mistress of discipline.

Web of Desire by Emily Dubberley

An arrogant movie producer thinks that his life is completely under control and, with money, power and young actresses queuing up to lie on his casting couch, most of his colleagues would agree with him. Yet, as the saying goes, pride comes before a fall.

When he meets a mysterious woman with a heavenly name and an equally heavenly body he is immediately attracted to her because of, rather than despite, her dominant nature. Yet he soon discovers that his Angel has a devilish nature - and a desire to be in charge.

In the ensuing battle of wills between alpha male and female there can only be one winner. Whoever eventually emerges as the dominant force can claim to be a true expert in the art of pain.

The Silken Web by Virginia Beech

Clarence has a taste for the finer things in life but, as a humble valet to the beautiful but formidable Lady Jessica Cleveland, he has had to learn to hide his interest in her fine underwear. Already he has been dismissed from his former post with another noble family because of an unfortunate incident with a pair of sillken knickers, yet Clarence still struggles to control his base instincts when faced with such finery.

One afternoon Lady Jessica returns unexpectedly to find Clarence in a compromising position with one of her best silk stockings. Lady Jessica knows that she has to act immediately to discipline such bad behaviour. However, fortunately for Clarence, Lady Jessica is determined not to dismiss him.

Well, with Lord Cleveland being such a disappointment in the bedroom, a lady must find her entertainment where she can!

Waiting for a Spanking by Shanna Germain

There's one thing about marrying a man with big hands; you can't help wondering what they'd feel like if put to good use.

Subtlety rarely works; leaving copies of The Compleat Spanker lying around, dropping vague hints. No, only the direct approach really gets results. Assume the position and wait, even if your muscles start to scream because you know that the pain is all part of the pleasure and there are few pleasures more satisfying than discovering that your husband has hidden talents...

Personal Shopper by Izzy French

Picture the scene; a man in a lingerie shop on a mission to buy some sexy underwear for his wife or girlfriend. Of course, he doesn't have much idea of her size. So far, so normal, but what if you were the shop assistant and you were asked to be a stand in? 

Christina is immediately attracted to the man looking in the window of the shop and she hopes that he will come in and brighten up an otherwise dull afternoon. Today is her lucky day – the shop is about to close and she can send her assistant home and see to the customer personally.

Fortunately she's in just the right mood to be the demure and submissive shop assistant, since she soon finds out that the client wants more than for her to model for him – and, as the saying goes, the customer is always right.

Lot Twenty-One by Andrea Carver

What would you do to raise money for your favourite charity? Go on a sponsored walk? Hold a raffle? Volunteer your services at a shop or call-in centre once a week? Once a month?

A charity auction is always popular, but the lots will need to be spectacular. There are plenty of wealthy businessmen who are willing to put forward high bids, but only for something that really excites them. Would you be willing to put your virginity – a very special sort of virginity - up for sale?

It sounds like a sacrifice, but if you can raise some money for a good cause while fulfilling a secret fantasy, so much the better. Lot Twenty-One is a charitable girl, but she knows that she's going to get something that she wants out of this as well, thanks to the lucky bidder, whose generosity will be amply rewarded.

Public Exposure by Cathryn Cooper

Would you risk public exposure? For a few brave people, the tipping point between concealment and discovery is where the fun starts.

Mallory and Valentine are both looking for the ultimate thrill and are willing to risk everything to achieve it. A local shopping centre becomes a location ripe for exploitation by the daring pair as they battle for supremacy. Who is the dominant force and who is the one being punished?

And the chance of being found out adds a further spark of electricity to this illicit act.

Sparring Partners by Everica May

There can be few more intimate experiences than the one that you have with a sparring partner. As you lock muscles and wits in the gym it would be strange if you didn't occasionally feel a frisson of tension. The kind of tension that might turn the encounter into something less violent, more passionate.

Two partners, one male, one female take advantage of having the dojang to themselves; everyone else has gone home. Outside it is dark. The temptation to feel that they are the only two people left in the world is strong. Anything could happen.

As they trade blows, their bodies shining with sweat, their relationship undergoes a transformation. From now on these sparring partners will see each other in a very different light.

Possession by Penélope Friday

Sometimes it's more important to hide your instincts than to show your hand. This is the problem that faces Ana when she encounters Rafael. She finds it hard not to look his way, to maintain her composure, yet she must keep up her extraordinary acting display if she is to avoid being lured into his net.

Everyone is attracted to Rafael – tall, blond, ridiculously handsome, he is adored by men and women alike, but Ana is determined to present a neutral front. This is far from easy, especially since Rafael is equally certain that he can destroy the edifice that she has so painstakingly crafted to keep him out.

The Gatecrasher by Stephen Albrow 

Curiosity killed the cat is a saying with which Charlotte is familiar, but she doesn't intend to pay it any attention. When she hears that a new lord, Richard Parker, has moved into the local manor she is immediately intrigued, particularly when he is featured on the local news and she sees how good-looking he is.

Rumours of wild parties have been spreading amongst the local population. The new lord of the manor has been vigorously discouraging ramblers from walking near his property and it has been said that he doesn't want his neighbours to know exactly what is going on at his house.

This only adds to the thrill Charlotte feels when she finds herself climbing over the wall of the manor house. It's even possible that Richard Parker will deal with her severely; that's what Charlotte is hoping, anyway. 

The Gift by Dolores Day

Susanna is bored and bored women are dangerous, especially if they have the money and leisure to feel time weighing heavily on their beautifully clad shoulders. Married to the much older Lord Marksbury, whose skills in the bedroom are not so much inferior as non-existent, Susanna longs for a companion who will understand her needs.

Luckily for Susanna, help is at hand in the shape of an old friend, Leonie, Contessa Lambertz, who is happy to recommend someone who has the outgoing nature to help her to forget her unhappy marriage. Arleta is an expert in the bedchamber and has all the skills that Susanna could possibly desire. 

With this liberation comes a surprising conclusion, one that Leonie could scarcely have imagined when she first agreed to help her friend. 

Fairground Attraction by Mimi Elise

Fairgrounds are fascinating places; the sparkling lights, the screams of the riders on the waltzers, the tantalising smells wafting across the field from the hot food stands. And, most of all, the exotic strangers that man the stalls and the rides and bring a touch of light and glamour to the most boring provincial town.

Fairgrounds are also places where risks are taken and people behave with less constraint than they display in their everyday lives. This is a place where you can cast off the uniform of normality and release your wild alter-ego. 

When our heroine decides to submit herself to the skills of the fortune teller she little imagines what the night will bring. She expects to be told that she will meet a tall, handsome stranger, but this prediction hardly describes what will eventually happen to her when she visits the fairground and is taken on the ride of her life. 

Rodeo Girl by Matt Pascoe

Penny is a good girl. She works in accounts. So when she finds herself, sick with nerves and apprehension, waiting to perform onstage as a lap dancer at a gentleman's club, it's clear that some encouragement is needed. 

She is relieved to be rescued by her far more experienced colleague, Candy Cane, who leads her to a deserted dressing room, mixes a lethal cocktail and offers some welcome advice. After a couple of glasses Penny is invited to explore her creativity and, to her surprise, she finds that the cocktail has worked its magic. 

Candy knows exactly what to do with her body and invites Penny to find her inner exhibitionist which, after a shaky start, she does. Just one masterclass with Candy is enough to expose a wild side that she never knew that she had. The genie is out of the bottle and the audience is in for a performance that will have them all begging for more. 

The Boss by D. M. W. Carol

He is so arrogant, so sure of his authority. He struts as he moves around the office (his own little fiefdom) and his alpha male attitude is guaranteed to bring out the worst in any employee who questions his power. The Boss had better be careful because he is soon to find his status as top dog being seriously undermined. 

One of The Boss's workers is a woman, unimpressed by his machismo, his legendary temper, his overbearing attitude towards her colleagues. She wants to teach him a lesson he won't forget. She plans his humiliation even as she sits at her desk.

It will be on a Friday, when the working day is over and the staff visit the pub for a quick drink before going home. As they depart for domestic bliss, she will be left alone with The Boss. Back in his little domain she will make sure that he is no longer king of the office jungle. 


It was a reunion of sorts, although Sarah didn’t recognise any of her classmates. Paula, her ex schoolmistress was nowhere to be found. It seemed that she too had moved on. With the absence of a familiar face, Sarah felt estranged and out of place, even after the effort she had made. Even so, she still hoped to recapture the excitement she once felt. Maybe she nurtured unrealistic expectations. Perhaps too much water had passed under the bridge after all. She scanned the room once again. The eyes held the same need but the faces had aged or been replaced by younger, fresher ones. Still, the old school gymnasium hadn’t changed much, even after all this time. The lingering smell brought back happy memories, evoked the sense of belonging that so eluded her.

Not that Sarah had the right to complain. She had made her choices, and in the main was happy. She had married since her last attendance, was now the mother of two lovely young girls, had even managed a successful career despite of that. Outwardly, Sarah had fulfilled every goal. Perhaps too quickly, too easily. Now she lacked ambition, had lost her zest for life. When the emptiness grew too great she had to remind herself that she lived a comfortable, contented lifestyle – had the love of her family. Yet, it was the feeling of contentment that so scared her. She was still young after all. She should be travelling the world, living life to the full.

Of course, other things had changed. She had put on more than a few pounds for one, carried with her heavier emotional baggage, felt shackled by the same success she once craved. After the demands of career and family she had little energy for herself. In short, Sarah felt tied and tired. So it came that Sarah decided to take a short but deserved break. Each year she received an invitation to the School Reunion. Each year she threw the envelope into the refuse unopened. This year she accepted. Sarah realised going back was a risk, knew she had a propensity to filter bad experiences, to remember only the good. She felt the risk worth taking. So she slipped on her school uniform, determined to recapture the past. Though her resolve was fading fast. It had been so long ago – a different time, a different world to the ordered existence she now lived. She mingled in the crowd, uncomfortable and alone, the waistband of her short pleated skirt strangling her determination. Although it wasn’t the biting pain she found most discomforting. It was something less tangible – the burden of guilt she carried. She had deceived her husband, had told him she was on a business trip when in fact she was in search of… Sarah shook her head – she didn’t know what exactly.

Sarah felt guilty also for her need to attend, for donning clothes more suited to her elder daughter. A thirty-year old woman dressed in school uniform may be interpreted many ways, none of them flattering Sarah decided. She knew dressing like a young girl was provocative, overtly sexual – especially here. Part of her needed to recapture her youth, to feel sexual once more. The ruse worked. She could feel eyes staring – ogling – men, women, boys, girls, pupils, teachers. Some of the older schoolmasters even paused, blatantly sizing her up before spotting her pink form badge and moving on, disappointment written on their faces.

Although Sarah enjoyed the attention she recognised the real thrill was her feeling of renewed freedom – of not being mother, wife, boss, chief-cook and bottle-wash. For one night at least she could put aside family and friends – responsibility of any kind. She needed to lose herself in the past. She had even tied her fine blonde hair into bunches, donned a brand new pair of white panties, changed expensive tights for socks – had figuratively wiped the slate clean, become a virgin once more. Dressing this way had been a cathartic experience. Yet, the need to do so frightened her. For a long time afterwards she dare not leave her hotel room, and when at last she gained courage enough, only under cover of a raincoat.

Shanna Germain

Shanna Germain claims the titles of Leximaven, Wanderluster, Girl Geek, Vorpal Blonde and Schrodinger's Brat. Her work has appeared in places like Best American Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica, Best Erotic Romance, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance and many more. Visit her wild world of words at




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