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Temptations 3

Edited by Miranda Forbes By Beverly Langland, Cyanne, Alcamia Payne, J. S. Black, Landon Dixon and Penelope Friday

Temptations 3
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Paperback, 96 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907016301
Format: 198mm x 129mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 16th November 2009

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EPUB, 96 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907726767
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 16th November 2009

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Mixed Themes
Series: Temptations

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Some temptations are just too good to resist! Enjoy a varied selection of short stories in this 96 page collection.

In Media Res Beverly Langland

No Pan Kissa Cyanne

Room Service Alcamia

The Travelling Circus J.S. Black

Amour Noir Landon Dixon

You Might Like It Penelope Friday

Dan started to insinuate his toes past the side elastic of my panties. I felt the material bunch to one side, felt air on my hot flesh, felt Dan’s toe in my wetness. I abandoned all pretence of coyness. I held on to his foot, drew his toes deeper into me. Art slipped from his chair and sat next to me on the floor. In one quick movement, he had undone Dan’s fly and had my husband’s cock out into the open. I expected Dan to object. He didn’t. Art grasped the base of Dan’s hardening flesh and began to move his hand up and down. My eyes grew wide. I had mentally prepared myself for the expected threesome, but I had never imagined the two guys would get it on. I stared in fascination as he gently squeezed Dan’s balls. Art’s eyes bore into mine, challenging me to say something. His lips brushed against my ear, and his teeth softly nibbled my earlobe, sending shivers all down my side. I shuddered as the shockwaves of orgasm ran through me.
I had little respite before Art’s hand was in my hair. He drew me down onto Dan’s cock, guided it towards my mouth. I bent my head down over him, licked the little dripping mouth, running my tongue-tip round the underside of the head before I swallowed him, lightly dragging my teeth back along his shaft as I withdrew. Dan loves it when I do that. Then I began the process of slowly bobbing my head back down over him, taking him into the back of my mouth, rasping the rough underside with the edge of my bottom teeth. Art’s hand pressed down on the back of my head as I descended, but I resisted. The idea of him ‘forcing’ me onto Dan’s cock excited me. Disappointingly, Art didn’t respond, instead he let me continue at my own pace. However, he did go behind me to lift my skirt. I was gushing in expectation by then, convinced he was going to fuck me. Sure enough, Art peeled off my soaking panties. I lifted my knees to help him, felt a finger enter me, then another and I pushed back against them. I pushed between Dan’s thighs running my tongue up his taut scrotum anticipating the feel of Art’s cock. Instead, Art was back at my side, lifting me and edging me forward. I realised he wanted me to straddle Dan. For a second time he took hold of Dan’s cock, holding it upright while Dan carefully manoeuvred me onto him like an expensive piece of equipment until he was fully embedded. I could feel Art’s fingers squashed between us kneading Dan’s balls.

Alcamia Payne

Alcamia became a full-time writer in 2008 and now spends all her time scribbling and amassing notebooks of ideas.

A bestseller, she enjoys writing gutsy sexy stories and thinks it’s great erotica - once a fringe phenomena – has, at long last, been pushed to the front of publishing. She’s an ardent advocate of choice in reading, believing it’s high time women and men had the freedom to fully explore their sexuality through well-written prose by some terrific writers.

When she’s not penning racy books she’s beavering away under one of her other pseudonyms as a mainstream romance and paranormal author. Asked what kind of writing she likes best? She says there’s no one answer; whether it’s historical, romance, science fiction or a supernatural twist she loves it all, but retains a special affection for spicy romance with punch.

Rather an innocent and a somewhat old-fashioned girl, recently someone asked her how she can write such edgy material without having experienced it? Her answer, “sex and love are instincts we all have. A science-fiction writer has not voyaged into deep space, but can write convincingly about aliens and other worlds. The success in penning credible books is being able to get inside a person’s skin, research your material and be inventive.”

Alcamia has been published in countless anthologies and loves penning novellas and novels across the entire erotica genre range. When she’s not scribbling she loves restoring vintage clothing, trying to cook French patisserie and enjoys mega-long walks in the countryside and along the beach.  An avid collector her home’s bulging at the seams with books she can’t part with, which she believes is what makes it so hard for her to find her own Mr Darcy with a twist.

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