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Well Suited

A collection of five erotic stories

By Teresa Joseph, Gwen Masters, Lynn Lake, Dee Dawning and Jordana Winters

Well Suited
EPUB, 50 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907761560
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 9th August 2010

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Mixed Themes

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes.

Well Suited by Jordana Winters

Nothing turns Brooke on more than a man in a suit – least of all after four months without sex. So the menswear department of her local Macy’s seems as good as place as any to end her dry patch. And though Richard is hot in the smart suit he’s wearing, Brooke’s convinced he could look even hotter in another: so it’s to the changing room to check out his birthday suit. 

Flash Flood by Lynn Lake

This holiday to Australia is her first trip out of Canada, and her boyfriend breaking his leg on a drunken prank days before departure isn’t going to stop her enjoying it. After a day relaxing on a nudist beach, she develops a crush on 100% tanned, blonde Australian couple “Kylie” and “Guy” and can’t wait to get back to her hotel to intimately play out her fantasies. But just on the brink of climax, the couple on the neighbouring balcony want to turn the fantasy into reality.

Bananaz Me by Dee Dawning 

It’s not every day that you come home to find your girlfriend giving three of her hottest work colleagues a lesson in fellatio. It isn’t long before the question arises: ‘Why practise on bananas, when they could try it out on the real thing’. Joel is more than happy to play a part in the hands-on sex education. Though they’d best keep the noise down, else the neighbours will call the cops, and they could only end badly ... right?

Crazy has a Name by Gwen Masters

At 30 years old, she has never done anything crazy; she’s careful with alcohol, reserved when it comes to sex and lives her life by others’ expectations. But then she meets the man who will change all of that. The man who will teach her that to really live, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Let just a little crazy into your life and the rewards can be out of this world.

Murder, Whores and Money by Teresa Joseph 

Detective Susan Phillips might not employ the most conventional tactics to solve her cases, but she always gets results. For most cops, stakeouts can be long and boring but, working for the city vice squad, Susan could go all night, especially when partnered with sexy temptress Lisa, who loves the sex with her clients, as much as she does their money. But something serious is going on and Susan can’t play games tonight. It’s a matter of life and death. She needs answers, and she needs them now; she’s going to have to use every trick in her kinky detecting handbook.

‘Are you lost?’ he asked, his voice deep and baritone.
‘I assume you aren’t shopping for yourself,’ he joked as she propped her arm up against a clothes rack.
She quickly glanced down at his left hand. No ring. Good.
‘Maybe I’m shopping for a boyfriend ... my father or brother,’ she rebutted.
‘I don’t think so,’ he replied, and stared at her knowingly.
‘I was on my way home. Tore my stockings.’
She pulled up her skirt showing him the torn stocking.
‘Oh dear. What a shame,’ he said, not taking his eyes off her exposed thigh.
‘That suit is really hot. Or ... I should say – you are hot in that suit,’ she said, her eyes fixed on his.
How ridiculous. She couldn’t believe the words were coming out of her mouth. That was one hell of a pick-up line. She considered that if a man said those same words to a woman he was liable to be punched. How wonderful the things women could get away with.
She reached for a shirt hanging from a nearby rack.
‘I think you’d look really good in this. Why don’t you try it on for me?’
He didn’t even blink. Did this type of thing happen to him often? She didn’t care. She spun on her heel and walked towards the changing rooms.
‘You’re coming, I hope,’ she said, not bothering to turn around.
Her eyes scanned the area. There wasn’t a soul around. She walked to an empty changing room in the farthest corner. She turned and grabbed hold of his tie and pulled him in after her.
She dropped her purse, pulled off her coat and leaned against the wall.
‘What’s your name?’ he asked.
‘Kate,’ she lied, thinking how much her friend would appreciate being directly involved in her latest sexual escapade.
‘Well, Richard. I sure would like to see you minus that suit.’
She made no offer to help him undress. She had no intention of it. She watched intently as he slowly pulled off his tie and slid out of his shirt. His confidence was unfettered. Heat radiated from her sex upwards. The room suddenly felt like it was a thousand degrees.
He was in good shape. With his shirt off his skin was darker than it should be considering the season. He probably paid for an artificial suntan. His chest was wide and his arms strong.
Brooke undid the buttons of her blouse and let her suit jacket fall to the floor. They had yet to break eye contact as if they were in some sort of stare-off. Let him win. She averted her eyes to his crotch as he unbuttoned his pants. His hard-on was obvious. Looked like he had a good-sized cock. She guessed she wasn’t going to be disappointed.
She reached down for her purse, found the inner pocket and the condom inside. She pulled it out and tossed it at him.
She tugged at the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up her thighs until it was tight around her hips. Looking him in the eye again she reached down and stroked herself through her panties, feeling the dampness of the material against her fingers.
‘Very nice,’ she purred at him.
She watched as he pulled his underwear and pants down and let them collect in a heap around his ankles. His cock jutted out in front of him as he fumbled with the condom wrapper.
She hooked her fingers through her panties, slid them down her thighs and kicked them off to rest at his feet. She rotated her hips seductively as her fingers slipped between her moist folds and traced over her clit.
‘You going to fuck me, Richard?’ she purred.
‘Fuckin’ right,’ he growled, the former professional businessman persona having now disappeared.

Lynn Lake

Lynn Lake’s fantasies could fill a book – and have (or, at least, parts of many, many books). Her imagination substitutes for a somewhat dreary existence in the middle of nowhere home to a particularly harsh climate. She’s a frustrated crime writer (few markets) and an unfulfilled SF author (no science background). Her erotic experiences, frankly, look better on paper, where she need not discriminate based on couplings, positionings, flogging devices, and/or binding materials. Rich, thick, wet ink spilling out of the golden nib of a finely-crafted fountain pen onto bright, white, textured paper is a form of ecstasy to her, free of STD’s.

She has a cat and an insatiable craving to express herself. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere, everything, and everybody she meets or sees or visualizes, but mostly from her mind (very often early in the morning when she first wakes up). She doesn’t wait for the wet muse to tingle her in the appropriate places, however; oftentimes she just sits and stares at a blank piece of paper (Hilroy, lined, in a wire-bound notebook) until an idea strikes her and she pen-strokes it, first into a brief outline, and then into a full story (which usually goes through a, minimum, three-draft process). She’s fairly well-read and quite good at mimicking other styles, which helps in the whole process, as does her natural shyness.

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