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Sick Fancies

Gay erotic fiction

By G R Richards

Sick Fancies
EPUB, 20 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908086457
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 29th January 2011

Category: Contemporary, Gay

Rating: 0 vote(s).

An erotic short story by G R Richards with contemporary, gay and voyeur themes.

When Pip answers an ad reading 'Young Man Wanted for Paid Position', he thinks he knows exactly what he's getting himself into. He would never have imagined the old recluse Havisham had trained his young heir Esteban to break the hearts of beautiful boys. Does Pip fall so hard for Esteban because of his gorgeous body, his callous insults, or is it all about the cold, hard cash?

‘I have a sick fancy,’ Havisham declared, ‘to watch you boys play.’
Esteban rolled his eyes. ‘Do we have to play nice?’
Shrugging his shoulders, Havisham leant down into the chair beside the door. ‘As you wish,’ he replied, leaving me standing on my own. ‘Well, Pip?’ he urged. ‘Aren’t you going to take off your clothes?’
‘Oh. Yes,’ I said. I felt like a fool. Kicking off my shoes, I tore out of my shirt. I dropped my pants. My head was spinning. In this room of dark wood and lush furniture, my sights were set only on Esteban. I pushed my jockeys down to the floor and stood frozen, waiting.
‘What do you think of Pip?’ Havisham asked the beautiful boy on the bed.
Esteban looked up from his magazine. ‘He doesn’t look too diseased, for a hipster twink.’ In his eyes, there was such indifference I wondered how he could possibly get it up for me. Re-evaluating, he added, ‘I guess he’s got nice abs.’
I stood a little taller with two sets of eyes on me. ‘What do you want us to do?’ I asked. I always worked better under explicit instruction.
‘Touch him,’ Havisham hissed. He sounded like something straight out of Lord of the Rings. It was freaky.
Esteban’s cock seemed to sense my approach. As I stood beside the bed, staring down at his thick meat, it jerked up to greet me. It was like my body exerted some magnetic force on his erection. Same thing happened when I extended my hand to touch it. I caught it mid-air. Esteban’s prick was too much like him. It jerked every which way, trying to escape my grasp like an antisocial ferret. I was under starter’s orders. I just held on tighter, cupping his balls in my other hand, until his little bastard of a pecker decided to settle down.
From out of nowhere, Esteban dripped cool, clear lube over my hands and his cock. ‘Should I take that as some kind of instruction?’ I asked. I didn’t like to act like a total bitch, but in that crazy mansion, bitchiness seemed contagious.
‘Stroke him,’ Havisham replied from his chair by the door. ‘Use both hands. Esteban is such a big boy. Take his beautiful wood in both hands and sculpt it.’
I was used to following instructions, so I did as I was told. My hands were slippery with lube as I traced them up his shaft. His whole cock throbbed when I set my thumbs on either side of his drooling tip and gave it a rub. I could actually feel him getting rock hard in the palms of my hands. There’s nothing else in the world that gives me such a great sense of power and possibility.
‘Finger his bottom,’ Havisham called out. I was starting to feel a little like a lounge lizard, having requests shouted out at me. ‘Slip that greasy little digit right up his bum!’
I hoped to find a look of longing in Esteban’s eyes. Fail! I was seriously disappointed to catch him staring at his stupid magazine. Naked guys. What did he need pictures for? He had a naked guy right there in front of him. Me! He said himself I had nice abs. Why couldn’t he look at me instead of his glossy, airbrushed boys? More than that, how could his cock respond so powerfully when he was so detached?
Whatever. It was a paid position. I had to keep reminding myself of that. As I traced my finger in circles around his tight hole, I watched for any reaction on his face. Nothing. He kept right on reading his magazine. His prick told me he liked me playing with his ass. I knew he liked it. Why couldn’t he damn well throw me a bone and just smile?
His asshole puckered as I pressed my slick finger inside him. His cock jerked. I smiled. He couldn’t hide how much he enjoyed what I was doing. When I felt around inside his hot hole, a distinct squeal emerged from his throat. He liked feeling my finger up in his ass. I pulled on his prick with a firm hand. He liked it and he couldn’t hide it. I could feel his meat throbbing in my grip as I climbed up on the high bed.

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