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Spirit Lovers Two

A collection of five erotic stories

By Giselle Renarde, Roxanne Rhoads, Kitti Bernetti, Elizabeth Coldwell and Roger Frank Selby

Spirit Lovers Two
EPUB, 67 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907726354
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 27th April 2010

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Mixed Themes, Paranormal

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A collection of 5 paranormal-themed erotic stories...

Widow’s Walk By Giselle Renarde: In all the time Marley's produced and starred in his web-only paranormal series, Ghost Hunting on a Shoestring, he's never encountered a spectre like this one! Lottie haunts the Widow's Walk of a New England house, where she waits for her lost-at-sea fiancé to come home. As Marley discovers, rumours of Lottie's despair have been greatly exaggerated. She wants a man – any man – and this girl takes what she wants!...

Halloween Surprise By Roxanne Rhoads: Alcina and Estra are ready to enjoy everything Halloween has to offer them – food, fun, and, most of all – the pleasures of the flesh. After enjoying each other’s bodies for hours they decide it’s time to find a man. Luckily for Michael he’s the one that happens to cross their path. After quickly deciding that he is exactly what they were looking for, they convince him to take them back to his place for a wild Halloween ménage ‘a trios. He ends up getting more than he bargained for with a sexy, but shocking, Halloween surprise...

Third Time Lucky by Kitti Bernetti: Sally can't seem to forget her old lover. Maybe it’s something to do with the day he jilted her at the altar. Something makes her journey back to the same old church every year to try and exorcise her demons. But for Sally, a mysteriously warm evening and a careless stroll through the eerie churchyard catapults her into a sinister world she had never imagined, one which co-exists on the fringes of our own. The extraordinary and unsettling lover she encounters there offers her delights she can only dream of, but what does he expect in return…?...

The Washstand By Elizabeth Coldwell: The Victorian washstand is a real bargain, but Ros never wonders why it might be quite so cheap – until she's woken by splashing noises in the middle of the night. Soon she is being visited by a ghostly figure with an exhibitionistic streak. But who is he – and how far will Ros have to go to grant him the release he craves?...

The Tree by Roger Frank Selby: An accomplished but plane-wrecked aviatrix, stranded on a desert island, would have a bleak sex life – one would imagine. But as all hopes of her rescue fade, naked in a leafy glade, she finds solace among the branches of a strange tree surrounded by exotic mushrooms. And who could resist toying with and sampling mushrooms shaped like … that? Her waking relationship with the tree, its soft boughs and her playthings become woven into increasingly vivid dreams of a Viking invader. The mighty Bork and his longship crew are on an eternal quest to ravish her, until finally, reality itself is called into question.

‘Let me know when you’re done setting up the equipment,’ he whispered to Brenda. Although the old New England home was abandoned and falling into disrepair, Marley didn’t want to make too much noise. They hadn’t secured permission from the legal owners to be on the property. At best, they were trespassing. At worst, police would consider it a break and enter.
Ah, the legal ramifications of fame and fortune! Well, perhaps not fortune. He and Brenda were out of pocket on travel and equipment, but they saw the fruits of their labour more and more with every broadcast. Marley and Brenda hosted a self-created, self-produced web-only paranormal investigation programme called Ghost Hunting on a Shoestring. As the name suggests, they conducted their explorations of reputedly haunted houses with as little gear as possible. All those EMF devices and thermal cameras cost big bucks, and they knew most viewers couldn’t afford that shit. Hell, neither could they!
The show developed a cult following early on, but ratings sky-rocketed after they caught on film what seemed to be a shadow figure in his great-uncle’s guest bedroom. Ever since, consumer demand insisted they seek out the mysteries of the unknown in more prestigious locations. Problem was, they couldn’t seem to get permission for entry. They’d done a few B&E’s on dilapidated buildings back home, but when viewers started e-mailing them about Stately House, they knew they had to check it out with or without official authorisation.
In a hushed voice, Brenda said, ‘Everything’s set to go. We’re coming on dusk. Let’s try to do the intro in one take, OK? Keep to the script. No screwing around tonight.’ Brenda was especially tense on investigations, particularly now that their veiwership was on the rise. Before, it was all fun and games. Now, it was business. And if there was one thing Marley knew about Brenda, she was ruthless in her business pursuits.
Brenda pressed the record button on the tripod cam as he powered up his handheld. Plastering a huge smile across her face, Brenda started the intro. ‘Hello and welcome to another great episode of Ghost Hunting on a Shoestring. I’m your host, Brenda Walluschuk, and this is my partner in crime, Marley Grieves.’ Turning to him with an unnatural grin, she went on, ‘Marley, why don’t you tell our viewers about tonight’s investigation?’
‘Thanks, Brenda.’ In truth, he hadn’t looked at the intro script. He preferred to wing it. ‘We’ve been getting tons of emails from you guys, telling us we have to check this place out. To prove we actually listen to you, here we are in beautiful New England to investigate Stately House.’
With a glare, Brenda asked, ‘And what kind of activity can we expect to see out here tonight?’
Marley ignored her and turned his handheld camera on the still-furnished attic room. ‘The big claim revolves around the room we’re standing in right now, on the third floor of Stately House. This is called a widow’s walk. Many New England houses were built with rooms like this for the wives of men who’d gone out to sea. If I turn the camera out this window, you’ll note the ocean on the horizon. All across the territory, women would stand at windows like these, watching for their men’s boats to come in safely, and then waiting for them to come traipsing up the path back to the house.’
Brenda always claimed he was hogging the spotlight. She took over. ‘This very room belonged to one such New Englander – a young woman named Lottie Stately. Lottie’s fiancé was a seaman named Walter. Just after their engagement, the young man set sail, promising his vessel would return two weeks prior to their wedding date.’
Marley finished off the story. ‘A fortnight before the wedding, Lottie set herself down by this window and stared out to sea. A week went by, and then two, and then three. There was no news about Walter or his vessel. After a month, it was presumed lost at sea. We know of Lottie’s despair from her journal and records kept by other family members. The girl stopped eating and wouldn’t take any water. At the tender age of 21, she died of a broken heart.’
‘Since then,’ Brenda continued, ‘the figure of a woman has been seen in this very window. Common belief is that it’s Lottie on her widow’s walk, still pining for her lost love. There are also reports of being touched or breathed on, especially from male visitors.’
Marley clicked off his camera, and Brenda followed suit. ‘Nice job,’ he said to her. ‘I think we can cut it.’
‘Fine,’ she snapped. ‘Don’t think I didn’t notice your total disregard for my script.’
‘So noted.’ He knew his way was better, and Brenda must know it too or else she’d convince him they needed a second take. ‘How do you want to work this? Call out to the spirits and see what we get?’
The idea of making contact seemed to improve Brenda’s mood, and she clapped her hands, then wove her fingers together. ‘Can you imagine if we get a response?’
With a genuine smile, Marley turned on both cameras and their digital voice recorder. They started with the basics. When they got no answer introducing themselves to any spirits present, Brenda went on trying to engage any entities by reading Lottie’s doctor’s medical report in the days leading up to her death. When she went on to cite passages from Lottie’s journal, Marley felt a breath on his neck and turned fast around. Nothing there. His bare arms went goosepimply as he looked all about the widow’s walk.

Kitti Bernetti

Kitti Bernetti lives in London, the city she loves and spends inordinate amounts of time in the coffee shops of Soho and Covent Garden dreaming up stories. She finds writing erotica totally stimulating as it leaves her free to set her tales any time, any place, anywhere.

Kitti has written ghost stories, sci-fi, historicals, crime, paranormals, sheikh tales and richly rewarding romance. Reviewers have said: 'The sex [in Desert Nights] is hot, the story compelling, and the writing well above par. If you're looking for a quick read to excite you, pick this one up!' (ManOhMan), and 'Kitti knows how to pen a full bodied book like a fine wine, and in this case, she has managed it. Regency Nights is just that, it fills the senses with its excellent prose, sensual, and highly erotic sexual scenes.' ( Kitti is delighted to be part of The Secret Library and is already working on another novella this time set in the sultry backstreets of tropical Singapore.

Author website

Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

Giselle Renarde

Giselle Renarde is an award-winning author of erotica and LGBT fiction. This queer Canadian writer has contributed short stories to more than 100 anthologies and authored dozens of books, including Anonymous, Nanny State, and the Wedding Heat series.

Her transgender lesbian romance The Red Satin Collection took top prize in the 2012 Rainbow Awards, in the category of Best Transgender Romance/Erotic Romance. Giselle's single-author anthology of transgender fiction and poetry, My Mistress' Thighs, received an honourable mention in the same category the previous year. Her work also appears in Tristan Taormino's Lambda Award-winning anthology Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica.

Ms Renarde loves a geeky girl and lives across from a park with two bilingual cats who sleep on her head. When she's not writing, she's usually up to something good... or up to no good.

Find her at:

Her website:

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