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Red Hot Reads Three

A collection of six erotic stories

By Beverly Langland, Roxanne Rhoads, Landon Dixon, Penelope Friday, Jade Taylor and Margaret Scott

Red Hot Reads Three
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EPUB, 52 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781907761003
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 29th June 2010

Category: Anthology / Bundle
Series: Red Hot Reads

Rating: 4 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

A collection of six erotic stories with varied themes including ménage, lesbian and bdsm.

Careful What you Wish for by Beverly Langland: 

Cathy meets a beautiful gypsy girl willing to grant her one wish. Inexplicably, she wishes for endless orgasms. After sealing the contract with an illicit kiss, Cathy soon finds her sex life changing. She joins two strangers, Jon and Sarah, in their bed and quickly realises that the couple are heavily into bondage. They lead Cathy deeper into the BDSM world until she becomes entrapped in a never-ending cycle of sex and orgasm. Though reality is nothing like the dream. The Chinese have a curse: May all your wishes come true. If only Cathy had been more careful!... 

Restless in the Storm by Roxanne Rhoads: 

Angie feels the heat in a very unique way and when it storms her ache for release is even worse. Now a thunderstorm is coming and Angie’s husband isn’t home to help her through it. She’s going wild trying to wait for him – he almost doesn’t make it in time. Thankfully he arrives home just before the rain starts pouring from the sky and that’s when the sparks really start to fly... 

Cheeky Girls by Landon Dixon: 

Having a beautiful, bum-blessed girlfriend is one thing. But when her equally bootilicious twin sister comes to stay for a visit, an unrepentant assman finds himself staring longingly at two sets of hot buns, not knowing for sure whose is whose and just how cheeky he can get – and get away with it... 

Loving Them Both by Penelope Friday: 

Hannah has been in love for a long time. With Luke. Hannah has been in love for a long time. With Julia. Tonight, all three of them will be together for the first time; but first Luke and Julia have a shock in store for their shared lover... 

All Grown Up by Jade Taylor: 

Everyone has a crush at school who they never forget. The one who never notices your feelings – feelings you struggling to understand yourself. But not many get the chance to act on those feelings later in life. Izzy is not the shy girl schoolgirl anymore and, like her figure, her fantasies have all grown up. No way is Paul getting away this time. And he’s not the only one... 

Sauna Sex by Margaret Scott: 

Jim and I had always enjoyed the thrill of risky sex, but the idea of inviting others to join us was becoming more and more appealing. What better place to start than in a hot, wet sauna? 

Behind the flickering candlelight, something stirs in the darkness. Hungry whispers call to me. I shake my head, slowly growing aware of my surroundings. Where am I? Why am I? Then I remember! They have me suspended in a leather harness, hanging in the gloom, my body supported in a truss, my arms and legs spread wide. I can see nothing past the circle of candles. I want to scream. They may hear my yells but no one will answer. No one will help. They never do. My comfort is not their concern. Nor are my wishes. They ignore my pleas, these invisible people, yet I know they are there, waiting. They whisper, they murmur in tongues strangely familiar yet beyond my comprehension. I endeavour, but can never quite fathom what the voices say. Sometimes I catch a word, a half-phrase, or believe I do. Perhaps it is the quality of sound or the inkling of rhythm, which fuels my imagination? A cool draft sweeps over me. I always feel the draft before they arrive. The murmurs grow louder, become more agitated. I cannot see them. I never see them. They remain a mere wisp of presence. A glimmer. A shadow. A fading scent. Nothing more. Present but not present, hovering just out of sight. Yet they are real. I know first-hand they are real. Faceless creatures. Insatiable creatures. Watching. Waiting. Wanting.
I shake my head, more in disbelief than concern. Surely, not again? ‘Please, no more. No more!’ As always, they ignore my muffled pleas, and the endless cycle restarts.
I am prepared to admit I am wrong. Not all wishes should come true. If only I had been more careful with my phrasing. If only. Still, I didn’t deserve this. Not this. The heaven I have created for myself is rapidly becoming my hell. Yet, my demise started so innocently – an illicit kiss for a gypsy girl – a small outlay in return for her telling my fortune, for making my wish come true. The girl stood out in the crowded fairground, her bright clothes a striking contrast to the dull canvas of the small tent in front of which she stood. The girl’s blinding smile drew me to her, those wondrous eyes holding me hostage. ‘Fortune for the lady?’
I didn’t put much faith in it, but for some reason I felt compelled to reveal my innermost desires to this beautiful creature. She was no ordinary fortune-teller. I soon realised the girl was no ordinary gypsy. I confess she had me flustered. Thoughts of lesbian sex flooded my head unheeded and her smile alone made my pussy wet. She held my hand in hers and bade me to choose my wish wisely. For some bizarre reason I said I wished for endless orgasms. Endless? Did I actually say endless? I could have said love, or wealth, or a myriad other things. Yet, I chose orgasms. She smiled when I had finished, bending forward to collect her prize. I had never kissed a girl on the lips, but the gypsy insisted the kiss was a necessary part of the contract. As I pressed my lips to hers, I felt a tremendous rush through my body, leaving me flushed and a little giddy. Later, as I walked home somewhat in a daze I had the strangest feeling the gypsy girl had somehow tricked me.
Is it coincidence that I met Jon and Sarah the same evening? They are a peculiar couple. They induced in me the same strange feeling I had felt earlier at the carnival. It was as if our meeting was not chance at all, but had been preordained. They didn’t fool me. I sensed immediately they were sexual predators. Why else were they at Charlie’s bar? Charlie’s is a sleazy club where all the misfits and deviants gather to find like-minded people. I knew of its reputation before I walked in, but I felt a strange attraction and curiosity got the better of me. I guess I look like an innocent, for Jon and Sarah had separated me from the herd in a matter of minutes. I wasn’t fazed. I’m a big girl and thought I knew what I was doing. Jon and Sarah were pleasant company, and I admit they enthralled me with their frank and explicit stories. After one or two drinks, they had me quite aroused and the thought passed through my head that if they invited me, I would go with them.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Lance Mitchell on 10th April 2012 5:52PM

There are six short stories in this anthology, with a wide range of appeal.

I realise that we all have different tastes, thank goodness, so you may rate the stories differently to me.

The first, Careful What You Wish For, was boring. It centres on a woman who has wished for endless orgasms and is cursed by the results. She is strung up in a leather harness and is reflecting on what has happened to her since she was granted that wish.

The other five are really quite hot and sexy. My favourites are Cheeky Girls, which is a lot of fun as well as being raunchy, and Sauna Sex, which comes very close to a personal fantasy.

Such a book doesn\'t take long to read, so give it a try. You, like me, will probably enjoy some of the stories very much, and be turned on into the bargain.

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