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The Price of Sin

By Monica Belle

The Price of Sin
Paperback, 76 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781783750160
Format: 203mm x 127mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 2nd August 2013

EPUB, 77 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908192769
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 15th September 2011

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Menage and More, Mixed Themes
Series: Teasing the Devil

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The man who called himself the Inquisitor had watched me and Julian having sex, and no ordinary sex. His blog confirmed it the next day, with my blushes growing hotter by the moment as I read what he’d uploaded.

       “Another encounter! There were three of them this time. They’d been in the folly, and must have been conducting a ritual, or perhaps preparing for one, but I didn’t get close enough to see what was going on until later. The girl, who calls herself Chloe, was arguing with a man I’d not seen before. I couldn’t hear at all clearly, but I did catch several arcane terms. Julian d’Alveda himself then appeared and demanded that the strange man show some photographs he had on his camera. He did, and while I do not know what those photographs showed they mollified the girl, making it evident to her that she had been in the wrong.

       “Julian d’Alveda then spanked her. Yes, I mean it, an old-fashioned spanking, across his knee with her bottom bare while the other man watched, something possible only among a group of exceptional intimacy and very odd moral standards, but when you worship Satan I suppose that sort of thing is only to be expected. So is what happened afterwards, because when the third man had left it became obvious that Chloe was excited by her punishment, a true daughter of the Devil! She not only sucked D’Alveda’s cock, but bent over for him to give her anal sex.”

       That was it, a hurried entry no doubt written immediately on his return, but he’d taken the time to post some pictures; one of the three of us together, another of me over Julian’s knee with my legs kicking and my bare red bottom on full show, and a third worse still, of Julian easing his erection between my bottom cheeks and my face set in abandoned ecstasy. I could only stare, silent as I took in the awful details of what had been two of the most intimate and intense moments of my life, a spanking in front of a stranger and having my anal virginity taken.

       I am an exhibitionist, but this took showing off to a whole new level, robbing me of every scrap of dignity, every last vestige of privacy and mystery, but while I was truly appalled I could feel my arousal bubbling up inside me. It was so strong I felt weak and collapsed back onto Julian’s bed, not sure if I wanted to scream in mortification or stick my hands down my panties and bring myself to orgasm.

       Julian didn’t seem to mind at all, delighted with the extra publicity the posting was sure to draw for Candle Street Hall and apparently oblivious to the violation of his own privacy, and mine. Only when I sat down did he react, joining me on the bed to fold me in his arms and kiss me gently on the forehead. At that I gave way, unable to hold back for all my outrage, responding to Julian’s kiss and letting my thighs slip apart as I lay back on the bed.

       He got the message, as always, his hand sliding between my legs as he gathered me in to kiss and caress my body. I was feeling deeply ashamed of myself even as my panties were pulled aside and his fingers entered my body, but I couldn’t stop myself, allowing him to pull my dress high to bare my breasts, to kiss and touch where he wanted until my legs were wide apart in urgent need. He mounted me, pulling his cock from his fly and rubbing it in the wetness of my sex to make himself hard, then slipping up inside me.

       I closed my eyes as he began to fuck me, thinking of how I’d looked, first spanked and then buggered, the one in front of another man for my deliberate humiliation, the other supposedly private, but both witnessed by the Inquisitor and posted on the net for all the world to see. At that thought my body gave a little jerk, and again as I ran the awful thought through my head, with Julian’s cock pumping faster and faster inside me as I revelled in my own shame. I was going to come, and that knowledge in itself made my feelings stronger still, to think of myself coming to orgasm over the thoughts of thousands upon thousands of people gloating over the sight of me being spanked and then buggered.

       The tears were rolling from my eyes as I came, but it was bliss, long and sweet and hard, giving way not to guilt or self-recrimination but a strange, helpless feeling as Julian clung tight to my body until he had finished himself inside me. Even then we stayed together, neither speaking as I clung to him with a need more desperate than ever before, and as my muddled senses slowly came back together I realised that not only was I completely in love with him but I depended on him to hold me together.

Monica Belle

Monica Belle. Oxbridge educated Monica Belle has been writing erotic romance since 2002, including some of the most popular titles from the Black Lace imprint. Always funny, always quirky, and always very naughty, she is guaranteed to hit the spot.

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