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Body Temperature and Rising

The Lakeland Witches Trilogy

By K D Grace

Body Temperature and Rising
Paperback, 224 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908086877
Format: 198mm x 129mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 10th February 2012

EPUB, 265 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908086884
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 24th November 2011

Category: Contemporary, Erotic Novels, Paranormal
Series: The Lakeland Witches Trilogy

Rating: 4.6 / 5 stars - 5 vote(s).

First title in The Lakeland Witches Trilogy, K.D. Grace's paranormal erotic trilogy set in the Lake District.

Can the power of lust overcome deadly intentions?

Marie Warren, an American living in England, has a magical encounter on the Lakeland fells which ends in sex with a charming ghost – and she discovers she has the ability to unleash demons and ghosts.

Her powers bring her to a coven of witches who practise rare sex magic which allows ghosts access to pleasures of the flesh.

As ancient grudges unfold, a demon named Deacon is unleashed by her new powers. And he will stop at nothing to destroy everything the coven’s high priestess holds dear including Marie and her young landlord, farmer Tim Meriwether.

Only powers unleashed by Marie and Tim’s lust can stop Deacon’s bloody rampage before the coven is torn apart and innocent people die. But is lust enough?

Out of nowhere the clouds descended, blocking the midday sun and the view of the Borrowdale Valley below. The path ahead of Marie vanished in a roil of thick mist. She shivered, then squinted at her compass. Damn it! The weather forecast had promised sunshine for the day, unseasonably warm, it had said, just like it had been all week. She reassured herself that there was no real way she could get lost on Maiden Moor and High Spy, so close to civilization. Then why did the mist feel so unsettling?

       She shifted the pack on her back and tried to remember if this was the route she had taken with her parents. But that was fifteen years ago, and there had been no fog.

The world around her fell silent, as she stepped cautiously forward. She heard no bird song, no breeze, and stranger still; on what was a frequently walked path, she heard no other people. It was as though she were the only person left in the world. As she followed the flank of the fell around, the silence deepened still further until even the sound of her own breath seemed muted in the mist. Goose flesh rose along the back of her neck, and she shivered. A few more steps and the sound of a woman’s voice, half whispered in the mist, stopped her in her tracks.

       ‘Anderson? Are you there?’

       The knot in her stomach tightened at the possibility of this Anderson being lost to his companion in the fog.

       ‘Anderson?’ The voice came again. It didn’t sound particularly frightened. ‘Anderson, I need you.’

       Marie was about to round an outcropping of rock that obscured the path when, directly in front of her, the mist cleared, and she caught sight of the woman calling for this Anderson guy. Her dark hair was pulled back in a heavy pony tail, and her legs extended forever from underneath kaki walking shorts.

       Marie was about to make her presence known when out of the fog, almost as though he had materialised from nowhere, stepped a dark-haired man with a closely trimmed beard. He was broad shouldered, a little taller than the woman, and dressed in a black suite of vintage cut.

       Damn tourists, Marie thought. What the hell was he thinking coming on to the fells dressed like that? Her irritation was interrupted by an intense tingling of heat below her navel that flashed hot, took her breath away and nearly drove her to her knees before it cooled to a warm buzz and skittered down low inside her pelvic girdle. Just then the man scooped the woman into his arms and kissed her with an open-mouthed tongue-fondling that left Marie’s insides feeling like warm toffee. Instinctively she stepped back, not wanting to interrupt the reunion.

       ‘I was worried when you weren’t here,’ the woman spoke between breathless kisses.

       ‘Tara, my love, I came as soon as you called. You must not worry so.’

       She released a sigh that was almost a sob. ‘I have good reason.’

       ‘Of course you do, my darling. But worry will not ease our situation. So we shall do what we must. And I will do whatever it is you ask of me.’

       There was something in the way the man spoke that was strange. The accent was very British, and yet not. And the way he moved against the woman, the way he protectively pulled her to him, the way his mouth made love to hers banished Marie’s irritation that they’d chosen her path for their reunion. Irritation was replaced by longing that ached down through her torso to mingle with the strange buzz that had migrated to the soft spot between her legs, and the air felt suddenly warmer. The man’s hands joined the reunion. He slid the strap of the woman’s tank top down to spill a bare breast heavily into his waiting palm.He paused to knead it and fondle it as though he had never seen anything more exquisite. Then he took as much of it into his mouth as he could. The woman released a shrill gasp as though cold water had been poured onto her. ‘I can feel it,’ she breathed. ‘We were right.’ Then she held him to her, letting him nurse at her in hungry nibbles and slurps.

       Marie should have left, and yet she stood riveted to the rock beneath her, feeling heavy and pliant, as though something had suddenly filled her and was moulding her and shaping her from the inside with fiery hands. Her breasts tingled at the rub and tickle of the man’s beard against Tara’s tender flesh, at the tug and pull of pursed lips on swollen nipples. She felt almost as though it were her breasts at which he nursed.

       Marie clasped her hand over her mouth to hold back a gasp of appreciation as, from the man’s trousers, the woman manoeuvred the longest, thickest erection she had ever seen. Not that she’d seen that many erections When had there been time? She could almost feel the hot stiffened twitch of maleness against the woman’s hand.

       As the mist floated around them revealing, concealing and revealing again, he slipped his other hand into Tara’s shorts. She caught her breath and nibbled her bottom lip as he found what he was looking for. Then she squirmed and twisted against him, practically sitting on his hand, as he stroked her. The look on her face was one of deepest concentration.           

For a moment the mist thickened around the couple, and Marie held her breath listening desperately to hungry grunts that she felt deep in her belly and to little throaty moans that tingled down low, down where she shifted almost unconsciously into the dampening press of her panties against her labia.

       When the mist cleared again, Anderson was sliding Tara’s shorts down, kneeling to kiss and nibble her calf as he lifted one exquisite leg free from both shorts and a pale lace thong that was definitely not what Marie would consider standard walking apparel.

       He lifted the freed leg higher until Marie was afforded the perfect view of the woman’s distended lips, glistening like the heavily-dewed hawthorn flowers she’d cut this morning for a vase on her kitchen table. Marie was certain her own pout had to be at least as wet. The heat and the buzz between her legs intensified, and the slippery ache overrode the guilt at being an unwelcome voyeur, as she wriggled and strained against the seam of her walking trousers and her much more practical panties.

       Anderson lifted Tara’s still booted foot onto his shoulder in reckless disregard for his pristine suit. He moved forward cupping Tara’s arse cheeks in large kneading handfuls, guiding her into enough of a squat to position her splayed cunt so that his tongue had easy access. Then he buried his face deep into the woman’s pussy, as though he planned to split her in two with his tongue and the wedge of his face. The woman trembled and pressed back hard against the rock, surely just to keep from collapsing under the overwhelming pleasure of what Anderson’s mouth must feel like eating at her so deeply.

       Marie was amazed that, totally surrounded by fog as they were, her view was still perfect, even enhanced. She could almost feel the distended press of the woman’s nipples as she tugged and pulled at them with the hand not curled possessively in the man’s dark hair. She could almost smell the slippery sheen of the woman’s heat coating the man’s beard. And the rise and fall of his chest matched her own hungry need for oxygen. A single droplet of precome glistened on the head of his uncut cock. It lewdly, jutted and danced between his legs like an escapee from his dapper trousers. It boldly proclaimed freedom with each bounce and shudder against heavy balls pressed tight in their own effort to escape confinement.

       It was as if the world in the mist now contained nothing else but the three of them. And the world the three of them inadvertently shared had shifted into slow motion, as though every detail were magnified, intensified and stretched to the breaking point all at the juncture between Marie’s thighs. 

This is powerful, sexy writing from the extremely competent K D Grace. The story contains a compelling narrative. And all of it is set in the most beautiful scenery in the natural world. You really will love this book.

- Erotic Readers and Writers Association

Steamy, sexy and some other words that start with S and mean hot things, Body Temperature and Rising is definitely a wild ride.

- Reading The Paranormal

‘... explicit, well-crafted writing. Her best work to date.’

- Violet Blue

This well written, full-length erotic novel comes from the pen of well-established writer K. D. Grace. The book tells the story of Marie Warren, whose encounter with a ghost high on the fells results in some torrid sex. She soon realises she has the power to summon demons and comes to the attention of a coven of witches who practise a rare sex magic which enables ghosts to experience all the delights and pleasures of the flesh.

Easily one of the best books I’ve read!

- Jade Magazine Book Reviews

K D Grace

For K D Grace, penning a good tale is a physical act. When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. Her creativity is directly proportional to how much soil is under her fingernails or how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She’s having a mad affair with a pair of kettle bells at her local gym and an even madder affair with a stainless steel pole in the pole fitness studio just across the street. She’s fascinated with mythology and fairy tales, which inspires many of her stories. She loves to read. She loves anything that gets her outdoors. But she loves writing a story best of all.

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, K D is the author of sixteen novels and multiple novellas and short stories for multiple publishers.

She also writes romance under the name Grace Marshall. 

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Midnight Boudoir on 7th April 2012 10:17PM

This full length paranormal and erotic novel had me gripped from beginning to end as I devoured this book like my favourite chocky bar.
The storyline completely took me by surprise, I thought how can you make a sexy erotic book work about ghosts, would it be similar to the Entity back in the early 80\'s, I was a little worried it may be too corny...oh wrong could I be.....!
I had only read a few short stories from KD Grace before; so I was so looking forward to reading a full novel from her; especially her latest book.

Body Temperature and Rising is the first in a trilogy from this NEW Heatwave series. I adore supernatural and murder mysteries and KD has covered my favourite genres into 1 book...just brilliant.
I really don\'t want to give too much away but I cant sing the praises of this book without giving a little away, just a little teaser.
The whole story is set in the stunning British countryside of the lake district, one of the most beautiful places on earth for me, so immediately from KD\'s perfect descriptions the book felt familiar having been there myself.
From chapter 1 a highly erotic encounter with a sexy ghost changes Marie Warren\'s life forever after discovering she has supernatural powers.
Confused and scared Marie meets a Coven of witches who become her guides where she and Tim Meriwether her landlord find they both have alot in common. The story follows both of them learning to handle their new powers and having to defeat a demon called Deacon who Marie accidentally unleashed into this living world. The Coven knows Deacon well and are fully aware of how evil and dangerous he is as he roams the fells.
Deacon reeks death and fear as he is expertly brought to life in our imaginations by KD; by her easy to read, beautifully written storyline. So Tim, Marie and their new supernatural powers have to face their fears as they try to stop Deacon as he tries to stop them.

There are alot of hot scenes that are all completely relevant and KD Grace makes every encounter sexy and exciting and its never \"just another sex scene\". You can actually feel the sexual tension...or maybe that is real...well how can it not.. steamy sex in caves on the fells...hell yes its every girls dream and fantasy....isnt it..?

This is honestly one of the best books Ive read and I dont say that lightly. I\'m so excited and I cant wait for the next 2 books, its going to drive me crazy till then, but this book gives you a teaser of a small chapter of the next book coming out in October.. I cant wait.

This beautifully written novel and a great mix of good plot and steaminess makes this a great start to the trilogy; I never realised you could write such a great novel mixing both supernatural and erotica without it being corny; I loved every page!

Warning; make sure you have hours to spare as you cant put this book down.

Reviewed by: Katie on 6th May 2012 3:23PM

Marie, an American, had recently moved to England and had a voyeuristic experience while on a long walk in the woods. But, her eyes may have deceived her, especially since Anderson, the man she saw in the woods, was actually a ghost. Her encounter with Anderson led to a relationship with her neighboring witches who practiced sex magic. Unfortunately, a demon named Deacon was accidently released and Marie, with the help of her witch neighbors and farmer neighbor Tim, must try to eliminate Deacon before innocent people die.

Starting in the first chapter, K.D. Grace delivers on hotness!

I liked how Marie had moved to England to live a different life, but she didn't plan on her life being as abnormal as it became after meeting Anderson. Her relationship with her neighbor Tim, the farmer, and the witches begins slowly. The character backstory, if any, is very slow to happen for all the characters involved, except for Anderson and one of the witches, Tara. Luckily, there is depth of character with Tim and another witch. I craved more about Marie.

The plot is intriguing. I especially liked the paranormal ghost aspect of the entire story. Also, the plot weaves in a great deal of steaminess, which is for the most part necessary for the plot. Since the story is rather complex, I felt there could have been a bit more focus on the plot and not the bedroom.

The defining moment in the plot happened quickly. I hoped for a bit more set up, but I enjoyed how the story ended. Crossing my fingers that there is more to come in this series and soon!

Body Temperature and Rising is steamy hot with an involved plot. Although I hoped for a bit more character and plot development, the story is still very enjoyable and definitely showcases Ms. Grace's erotic writing. Definitely give this paranormal erotica a try!

BookingIt Grade: B+

Reviewed by: Kelly Roubidoux on 6th May 2012 3:19PM

The title of this book is pretty darn indicative of what you\'re going to get when you read it. For the love of all things steamy, this is one HOT read. Now, before you read any further, I should let it be known that I have a bit of a kink when it comes to paranormal, ghostly sex. As in, I enjoy figuring out how a non-corporeal being is going to manage to have dirty, sweaty sex with a living person. What? It's all about the journey, right? And this journey was both hot and fun.

K.D. Grace has laid some nice groundwork for future books with her interesting coven of sex magic witches. Without giving too much away I'm very curious to see how Tim deals with certain issues and if the connection Marie has with her ghostly lover deepens and becomes more permanent. As for the bad guy, Deacon is the kind of guy you love to hate. He's just vile. Vile and horrible and probably a big downer at parties. I mean, unless it's a demon sex party. In that case, he's probably the guy they all love to invite.

Steamy, sexy and some other words that start with S and mean hot things, Body Temperature and Rising is definitely a wild ride. If you don't like the sexy, stay out of the sex coven.

Reviewed by: JmZ on 19th October 2012 6:42AM

I generally prefer to read classic or contemporary romance and erotica, with very few exceptions. I've read a few paranormal, some of which I've liked, others were way too far fetched for my tastes. But when I read the other reviewers comments about this one, I had to give it a chance. And I'm not sorry that I did, it was a chance well taken!

This book was steamy from the first scene right down to the last. And I loved the suspense that K.D. Grace was able to achieve. She managed to weave and interesting story along with downright sizzling hot erotica that just about melted my Kindle! I cannot recommend this book enough for those of you, like me, who many not chart the paranormal waters, but really enjoys erotica at its best!

Reviewed by: Carol Ruby on 10th April 2012 2:59PM

\"Body Temperature and Rising...\" plunges Marie Warren into a paranormal story of ghostly sex and magic. The endearing people, dead and alive, are a fascinating, sexually spontaneous cast of characters devoted to defeating an evil demon. Accidentally set free, Deacon is set on destroying the coven of witches who condemned him. The coven, along with Marie and Tim, a farming neighbor, are desperately trying to prevent him from returning to the flesh.
Along the way there are numerous and frequent sexual encounters as well as harrowing experiences with Deacon.
You\'ll have to read this fast paced book to find out how they prevail. A very erotic and exciting tale told by the marvelous KD Grace and the first book in a trilogy. I can hardly wait for the next one!

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