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Teasing the Devil

By Monica Belle

Teasing the Devil
Paperback, 222 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908192721
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 11th November 2011

EPUB, 224 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908192738
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 10th November 2011

Series: Teasing the Devil

Rating: 4 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

There is a hint of the wicked about Julian d’Alveda, a darkness that fascinates pretty student Chloe Anthony. Keen to learn more about his scandalous activities, she joins him at Candle Street Hall in Norfolk, a house with a reputation darker still. Once there, she quickly finds herself drawn in like a moth to a flame, first as his lover, and then rather more as the full scope of his strange obsessions and desires becomes clear.

We never did find out exactly why Julian d’Alveda was expelled. All we knew was that it had happened in the chapel, that it involved a girl from the village, and that it was, above all, dirty.

I pretended to be horrified, just like everyone else. Secretly I was thrilled, but then I always did have a taste for the darkness, and for Julian d’Alveda. He was older than me, very dark, with a strong, slightly harsh face that must have come from his Portuguese father and the blackest, deepest eyes I’ve ever seen. I used to watch him across the dining hall and imagine his powerful, bony hands on my body, doing things to me I’d never had done, rough things, rude things, things polite young ladies very definitely were not supposed to permit. His only failing, in my eyes, was that he seemed rather detached, academic, and far more likely to be found in the library with his nose in a book than out on the playing fields.

Then there was the scandal and any doubts I’d had disappeared completely. I was fascinated, entranced, my imagination running wild as I imagined what might have been going on when Reverend Smith caught them, and imagining myself in place of the girl. In the very tamest of my fantasies I was naked across the alter as he took me from behind, and the things I thought about in my wilder moments – late at night with my knickers pushed down and my hand busy between my thighs – those were enough to leave me blushing afterwards, for embarrassment at my own dirty mind.

I knew I was safe, of course. He was gone, and he’d never taken the slightest notice of me anyway. Why would he? I was that much younger than him, shy, studious and a bit of a mouse, I suppose, with my glasses and my hair up in a bun, my outward image a million miles away from what was going on in my head. True, I did get quite a lot of attention to my figure, but not from Julian.

The scandal happened on midsummer night, not all that long before the end of the summer term. By the autumn we all had new things to think about, and Julian d’Alveda and his expulsion quickly passed into legend. I still thought about him, particularly late at night when the disturbing, arousing thoughts would begin to crowd into my head, but I had no idea what had happened to him and I wouldn’t have had the courage to do anything about it if I had.

So time passed; my last few terms and my year off as a conservation volunteer in India, and university, to leave me a little wiser, a little more cynical. I’d almost forgotten about Julian as I sat in the careers room wondering what to do with myself. Term was over, campus almost deserted, myself and a few other unfortunates who were obliged to stay on beyond the end of term the only students about. The thought of settling into a regular job was depressing. I didn’t feel in any great hurry to start an attempt to climb the corporate ladder, but I was skimming through magazines on the off chance of finding something to inspire me.

I was reading an article on unusual jobs and suddenly there he was, as darkly handsome as ever, with a group of people on a sunny lawn in front of a house built of flints and age-blackened wood. I was sure it was him, but had to check the text to make sure I wasn’t fooling myself. Sure enough, he was showing people around Candle Street Hall in Norfolk, a tour guide for ghost hunters. I’d always imagined him being terribly successful; a politician perhaps or a high-flying banker, with a trophy wife six feet tall and most of that leg. To see him doing something I might easily have aspired to myself gave me mixed feelings; sadness to see my idol fallen, a sudden thrill blended with remorse to think that perhaps he might have been accessible after all. I was also curious, and suddenly wistful, remembering how he had made me ache, how I’d wished he’d even notice me, how I used to touch myself over him in the warm comfort of my bedsit; my top up so that I could play with my breasts, my knickers off or taut between my ankles, my thighs spread to the summer darkness as I thought of myself in the chapel, made to do something at once utterly unspeakable and impossibly thrilling.

Monica Belle's work is always in demand.

- Jade Magazine Book Reviews

Monica Belle

Monica Belle. Oxbridge educated Monica Belle has been writing erotic romance since 2002, including some of the most popular titles from the Black Lace imprint. Always funny, always quirky, and always very naughty, she is guaranteed to hit the spot.

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Mdnight Boudoir on 18th April 2012 3:38PM

I have only just read her latest book Three in a bed and absolutely loved her writing style so I was looking forward to reading this book too. Plus the added factor of living in Norfolk where this book is based; so I couldn't resist!
Teasing the Devil is the combined novel of the 3 books in the series- Candle street Hall, The Bait in the Trap, and The price of Sin.

Chloe Anthony had always fantasised about Julian d'Alveda even in college, why had he been expelled, what was the scandal that rocked the small village? He was still on her mind especially at night even after all these years he was still able to turn her on, so when she saw a job going at Candle street hall as a tour guide she just had to apply.
Sometimes its what you believe you saw not what you actually see and Chloe is swept along by Julian's erotic and paranormal deceptions to encourage more visitors to the hall while he maintains his dark mysteriousness.
The only improvement for me is that I didn't feel enough of a connection between them apart from sex, (which was brilliant); I would have liked to see more of the growing relationship and more emotion between them. Maybe reading the 3 books will give the extra information needed for this great plot; in combining the original 3 books and information that was originally between Chloe and Julian, some information may have been lost to combine the whole story together.
Saying that, there is plenty of steamy hot sex scenes that were well written throughout; and each one absolutely relevant.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chloe's submissive side become reality as she meets the Hall's owner and dominatrix and also her boss where she is introduced to different forms of BDSM, particularly humiliation and spanking.
Chloe becomes deeply involved in more plans than she realises in this skilfully twisted plot, with a surprise double twist at the end that is truly brilliant you certainly wont be able to guess it. A great read for those that love a little paranormal and those that just want to read hot sex, an explosive sexy combination.

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