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Surprise Witness

By Roger Frank Selby

Surprise Witness
EPUB, 18 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908262707
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 10th November 2011

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Menage and More

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

An erotic short story with bdsm, spanking, menage and bondage themes by Roger Frank Selby.

When the FBI comes knocking with some awkward questions, late one Washington night, British scientist Tony finds that his voluptuous, BDSM-loving lawyer girlfriend, Amanda, is able to distract the agents to a considerable degree with her ever widening cleavage – but where will it all end? And will Tony eventually be let off the hook? Clever machinations by the smart lady lawyer bring a surprise witness to the case for the defence.

‘Let us move into the Games Room, gentlemen.’ Amanda’s breasts rise as she stands upright, drawing the men out of their seats as if they are attached to her. She turns and smiles at everyone. ‘I’ll lead the way.’

And so we follow Amanda’s round, swaying bottom as she leads us down the passageway to her specially prepared room. At the door she announces her rule. ‘No clothes allowed in the Games Room, Gentlemen.’

Amanda and I, nude already, enter. My cock reaches for the ceiling as I see again the polished wooden object within, smell its sumptuous leather fittings and recall the pleasure it has brought us. It’s a simple device to hold a woman bound in various positions, head and bottom at suitable levels, breasts hanging low in the position she now selects for herself. I help her mount the familiar padded framework and settle her body into position.

At the door, Cuthbertson starts shedding his clothes as if they are on fire.

‘Ah, I’ll just wait out here, if that’s OK, John. Not sure we ought …’ mutters the other agent, eyes wide at the sight of Amanda stretching out over our apparatus. It’s not clear if he doesn’t want to get further involved as a professional, or if he’s just bashful, but he does start to tug at his outer clothing.

Bent over, her bottom offered high, I separate Amanda’s thighs, opening her again to my gaze, and tie the soft white ropes behind her knees where she kneels on cushioned surfaces.

Reaching far forward she grabs high handholds. I help her reach with her other hand, momentarily cradling and squeezing a freely swinging tit.


Ropes around the wrist complete the bindings in her horizontal position, although there is the option of a tight belt that can be drawn down to curve her waist lower and make her arse stick up even higher than it is now. She loves to be lightly bound, but tying the hands of a woman like Amanda is depriving a man of a pleasurable resource.

Stretching forward, hair pinned up off her face, her tits swing high above the carpet. With her head back, her lips are at a very convenient height for a man. I place myself within their reach. Her tongue flashes out and licks the bead of fluid off the tip of my knob. 

Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Raunchy Reader on 10th April 2012 3:44PM

This is a nicely written little crime story with a woman firmly in control. Just how it should be! I really enjoyed this. Mind you, one woman, three men - plenty of hot action - what\'s not to like!

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